Im Going Mad With Stress!!! Help

I've been with my boyfriend a year and a half. We're 18 and have a 3 month baby. Ever since a few months into the relationship, he has been horrible to me. I found out I was pregnant but he would give up smoking or even smoking weed. When the baby was born he said he had quit but I found out he had lied. He started going to town spending £100 a week drinking as soon as he turned 18,while I was stuck at his house struggling to sleep from heart burn and other pregnancy problems. He didn't come to any appointments apart from one scan and that's because it was the only one he thought he was meant to be there for ( I'm scared of needles and had to go to loads of blood tests on my own) he laughs at me when I cry. he ignores me and winds me up so that I can't cope, I've never been violent but I've even started hitting him to get atleast a response, apparently me punching him in the arm in floods of tears is still hilarious. The worst thing is he has no job and no income at all so I've been working since my baby was 4 weeks old which has completely ruined my bond and I miss him every day :( I'm trying to get a house and have my driving test soon but when I get scared or need comfort he ignores me.
He IS a good dad and I think I still love him but he reckons if I was with any one else they would have dumped me (because I always nag him and I'm stressful) I want to leave him but when I tell him to go he laughs. Calls me pathetic! I just dont know what to do I feel like running away but I can't. Truth is, I will never get someone better...
lje12 lje12
May 14, 2012