I Hate Him Because He Doesn't Realise How Good He's Got It!!!!!!!! Seriously I'm Not Being Vain!

There's so much really, but we've come back from another evening our with me in tears and him ignoring me and I'm just beginning to wonder why am I bothering?? I am the one with a job, I clean, I'm quite attractive (there's def a 3 rungs of the ladder between us) I'm clever (cambridge - he went to a polytechnic) I'm sarcastic - he doesn't get it, while I'm writing this I'm wondering why we're together, but weirdly I really love him. WHY???? I just don't' understand when I'm drunk I think '**** it' I'm gonna sort myself out and be happy but as soon as I calm down I'll just want to make friends. Even tonight I tried to sort stuff out even though it all started with him saying I was acting distant and like I wasn't even with him, so, I turned it around and was uber friendly and affectionate but that wasn't right either. He said I was Jekyll and Hyde and it just makes me feel like I can't do right for doing wrong. What does he want??? They say women are difficult but i know what I want and I just don't seem to get it right as far as him. Should I finish it?? Am I flogging the proverbial deceased horse? It's all so confusing and I'm 31 so I'm worried that I'm running out of time! I'm not made for kids or whatever but I would like to feel wanted and appreciated!

Help girls, I don't know what to do, I'm a ridiculous sentimental and I really want the happy ever after, but am I kidding myself? BTW he did just get a job after 8 months, so that's something!!

Charly xxx
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Men can be selfish, arrogant, and down right stupid....But of course we can never help who we love but the question I think that needs to be asked is does he really love you....try to weigh the bad and good...things you love about him and that he does for you and then the things you cant stand about him and the times he is not there for you....then I guess you will know