Ughhhh Stupi Little *****

I hate my bofriend because he's a man child , Call when he feels like it he's always busy and plus hes the biggest ******* you could ever meet he's sooo stupid I hate is voice his eyes the way he chews the way he laughs the way he walks and his stupid little retard smile . Ughhhhhh and the way he always lies or says that he's not going to do something and than does it without telling me until the last minute. He's stupid and I can't stand him and AHHHH you might say just break up with the little punk I wish I could but he lives across the street from me...His mother gave birth to the worlds biggest *****, he never thinks about anything other than sex and sex and oh ummm sex he's like a horny puppy all the time and that's highly annoying , Everything makes him mad even the tinyest joke will set him off , And you might think he's this sweet guy yeah through the honeymoon phase but once you get out of there he's a jerkoff and I hate him for it ....
Kristina21 Kristina21
May 19, 2012