I Hate My Lazy, Unproductive, Fat *** Boyfriend .

It all started August of 2010. I was 15, he was 19. I was immature, childish, in highschool. We had just met on Xbox Live.. Never once meeting this guy we really hit it off over the phone, decided to date, he came to visit me from California all the way to Utah. Everything was cute, lovely, amazing. Then after 2 years of having a long distance relationship we decide to move in together to go to college together. I'm 17 now.. I graduated highschool a year and a half early sO I'd be able to go to college quicker so we can go to school together.. I have a job, am a certified yoga instructor and already look for another full time job. . I clean, cook, wash, anything that needs to be done I do , or else it never gets done. This guys doesn't help around the house for shot, he's always out with his friends, this guy is 21 fukin years old and doesn't even have a GED DIPLOMA ! He's not going to college like he told me he was, Ive been pushing him about getting his GED for a year already. EVERY SINGLE DAY he wakes up for work one hours before actually having to be at work, (he usually goes in at 2) and doesn't get hOme till eleven , then having to find out he's going to hang out with friends afterwards. I invite him out to eat, he asks if his friends can come. We go for a walk, he wants to go say hi to his friend, point is , he wants to include his friends in everything WE DO AS A COUPLE. I work , come home and clean The entire room, he gets home, I ask him to fold his clothes, he's too tired but hes not tired enough to hang out with his friends 3 hours after work ? Since we still live at my dads house the plan is to move to our own place in 2 weeks.. I've been bugging him the entire time he's been here to go look at houses with me.... I always end up going alone. Why ? Because on his days off IT'S ALL ABOUT HIS FRIENDS. I seriously hate him so much... I don't understand why I even agreed to move in with him, I'm so depressed,ever since he got t
Here, the job I once loved I now hate, my yoga practice is pretty much down the drain, I've been breaking out like crazy.. Before he got here I literally could never stop smiling.... My cheeks hurt from smiling too much.. Now all I do is frown and cry all the time ... I keep telling him I want him to leave but he always think I'm kidding.. Don't get me wrong we have an amazing connection.. But not when it comes to helping eachother out.. I don't know what to do with myself.. Put up with it or find roommates ?
Milemny Milemny
18-21, F
May 21, 2012