Living With A Nasty Narcissist

We haven't been a couple for that long but quickly bonded over spirituality and family/life ambitions. In the beginning he presented himself as a kind, thoughtful and peaceful person, what attracted me to him was his ability to remove me from everyday ****, petty things, guess I put him on a mistake! Our daughter is now 6 months but even before she was born the mask began to slip. I am now n maternity leave and I am sole responsible for sitting bills, food shopping, cleaning, bathing, feeding and clothing baby as well as playing, teaching, travelling with baby, I practically do all his coursework for a course he is supposed to be studying, i write his work emails.....the list is endless. I think the last time he made me any kind if food was months ago, nor even a cup of tea. Just constant requests of things he needs. I ask for a lightbulb to be change a month ago! This morning he asks for me to empty his curty stinking gym bag and wash.his kit and I for once say no cos he still hasn't done the things he was supposed to do. a month ago. He is now omnitel talking to me days he will do everything for himself from now on cos I do nothing for him! Went n tide the house to show me he can do a better job than me even tho he works, washes only his clothes...but no change there he never washes mine or the Babys. He goes n gets himself dinner and nothing for me, I have never ever done this him. We argue about how inconsiderate he is and after a barge of insults and stories about how hard life is for him he finAlly apologies and says he will change, but its funny how he only says that once I've cried my eyes out. He makes me feel physically sick I don't luke having sex with him cos deep down I am still resentful of all themes he has hurt me and still not changed. I'm a first time mum trying to be a good housewife and all I get is kicked down. Is it better to ask him to leave,I I can't love someone si obsessed with tiger own unjustified feelings. God reading this back makes me realise how much I hate him! U hope he chokes on the brandy he's drinking, *******!
BabyGirrl BabyGirrl
May 23, 2012