Why Is He So Arrogant - Am I Really That Needy

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year... ever since the beginig there were problems... he was homeless.. i didnt know that at the time we first met... he didnt have a real job... also didnt know that... he was still messing around with his ex... didnt know that... his ex also used to be a friend from childhood... he has a son who is 5 now and he dosent even pay his child support... he was arrested 3 times because of that and cuz of some misterminer... i forgave him for all that and just dicided that we were going to get threw this... i was going to be by his side and help him... no matter what i did he always ended back homeless jobless or in jail... one day i had enogh of it and broke it off and he did to saying he was stressed and what not... i move to PR to start fresh... about a week gose by that i dont talk to him... i turn on my computer to check my email and bam theres an email from him... he said i love you so much u mean so much to me blah blah blah im going to change moving to florida going to school there blah blah blah... so i stpidly write back... baby i love you i miss u i wana be with u... and threw all that im crying like crazy cant even see the computer screen... we start talking and get back together. Im excited cuz he actully is taking the steps to change and be a better person and then all of a sudden it changes back to how it was.... hes going out with is friends getting drunk going out to eat even tho he still cant pay his child support or the cout for the misterminer and just now we were talking i was happy and he just said im annoyed why r u in puerto rico i want u here and i tell him... im working on myself to become a better person iv already told u... blah blah blah he tells me that it annoys him that i compared him lieing to me cheating... this all happened when he ended up in jail the second time and i left to pr i didnt know why he was in jail and it turned out he had made up a whole story about him going to court and having everything fixed and life was fine and dandy... i found out from his family friend that he had made up that story and in the mist of my family telling me to let him go and move on heres this guy he is a great person caring hard working has his own everything ... i cheated.. and im not saying it okay to cheat all i am trying to grt thrw him is that he hurt me buy lieing and it felt just like when i told him i cheated on him... not saying cheating was okay... i want him to know the pain and disgust and disappointment i felt when i found out... i didnt cheat on him because i wanted to teach him a lesson or anything that happend and i take responability for it... but for him to tell me that that was nothing like what i did and blah blah blah makes me feel like he thinks its okay what he did... today im telling him hay ur on vedio chat with me pay attention to me i know u cant see me cuz i dont have a cam but im still here and i can see that ur doing other stuff and it bothers me just foe these few mn just pay attention to me... he tells me i need to back off and that im too needy... what the heck i just want to know he loves me
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Move along girl! If he can't pay his child support now, imagine in a few years if you have a child with him, you wont get support either. Men who don't pay their child support should walk around with red flags on their heads so we know to stay away.