I Just Have To Ignore My Bf To Stand Him

I hate his tattoos, his table manners are so bad I won't eat with him, I hate the way he dresses like an 18 year old instead of a 46 year old, his speech is poor, he's uneducated, he can't hold a conversation about anything of any substance, he finishes my sentences, he mumbles, he's so-called depressed which is just an excuse for being self-pitying, he lets people walk all over him, he hangs out with people half his age, he can't be on his own, he says ridiculous things which I won't even acknowledge, he laughs at my interests because they're academic and he doesn't understand them, he's rude on the phone, he takes no exercise, is scrawny with moobs and a belly, is always checking himself out in the mirror, has no savings, no plan for the future, makes the same terrible jokes and tells the same half dozen stories, hardly ever sees his kids because he won't stand up to his ex, doesn't own anything except an enormous plasma tv and a motorcycle, he snores, is always in my space and smothering me with attention, he's uncultured, unwilling to explore and debate issues, turns every conversation into one about himself, thinks his life worse than a Dickensian workhouse if he knew who Dickens was, bites his nails to the quick, doesn't watch sport, never goes to the theatre, never suggests anything to do together, revs his motorcycle too loud, thinks it's still cool to hang around outside the chip shop with his bike mates all night, is irresponsible with the speeds he rides at, is common, wimpy, wet, I would never introduce him to any friends and I can only tolerate him if I ignore him most of the time.

But I've made a promise to myself to stick with it because I bail on every relationship I have.
pawpa pawpa
36-40, F
Jun 21, 2012