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normaly I dont talk about my personal life, normaly I find myself not talking at all anymore. ile cut to it, im 16 years old.. I know im young but trust me when I say what I have been through in my life does not put me in the place of a child. my s/o and I have been together almost 2 years now, and just like most relationships, ours was perfect when we first got together, I was so love struck with this guy I didnt even know what to do with myself, and the worst part was that I met him on myspace, so we realy didnt know anything about eachother. he ended up cheating on me 1ce a month, he would tell me all the time when he would leave and every time he left me my heart sank more and more. he no longer called me beautiful, he no longer said I was pretty, in fact he went as far as to take pictures with her on his phone, in hopes I would leave. Now days I wish I could have taken th oportunity befor we were yo get any closer. he ended up drifting farther away from me as time flew by. but my love for him kept pushing me to stay, the last time he cheated was a month after my dad had passed away. sence then we've been fighting almost every other day for a year... and the iceing on the cake..he got so drunk that he stayed up all night, and when I caught him doing something wrong he lashed out at me and punched me in the stomach...he has said and done soo much to me. im not asking for advice and yeah im still with him, and yes we hate eachother... but if your like me with a boy like this. and you want him to change for you trust me when I say he wont. je will promise on his own mothers life and he still wont change...any self respecting woman would know the best thing to do is leave. easyer said than done but so much more worth it than being ****** misrible
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Wow,you're so young and it seems like you're in a similiar situation as I.I hate giving advice but I understand when you say you just want them to change for you! and its easier said than done.But mayb you should try to get out before it gets even more complicated such as getting pregnant and living together(LIKE ME) I knew my bf cheated on me numerous times and I stayed hoping he would change and now we live together and have a son so I just smh.I should have left @ no ties.

its been hectic being with him and living with him for 2 years now

Oh my sweetie! You're only 16 so please don't let him ruin you.If it's getting to bad and hes not changing.Please leave...You have your whole life ahead of you...

What about your parents?