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One would think that being with a man for 6 years that I would feel safe, one would think. There are certain things that I expect out of a man to feel safe, things that I'm not getting. The breaks on my car are I'm sorry It's our car. So with it because our car I expect him to handle certain things when it comes to our car. A couple of days ago I noticed the car was making a weird noise. He goes "I have to figure out what that noise is, it's been making that noise for a few days now". Now I'm going to give him a break for that because i know he had been working non stop and had little time to get it checked out. He lost his job Wednesday, so he asked his friend, who is a mechanic to come over and check out the car. While he is checking out the car I was sleeping since I had just gotten out of the hospital the day before and was in a lot of pain. When I wake up of course they both are doing what I expected them to be doing which was playing video games. When i came into the room I told his friend "thanks for fixing the car". In the back of my mind I knew the car wasn't fix. Even though I appreciate his friend fixing the car when it goes down the fact that they both have to first play video games and then wait until the last minute to go look at the car and figure out what is wrong kind of irritates me. It irritates me because by time they get done playing video games it is too late to go get the supplies needed to fix the car. Now today I need to go to the bank so I can pay the bills, and I also had to go to a meeting today to set up my classes for college. Now it's almost 3 p.m and he is still sleeping. I thought by me letting him know that I had these things to do that he would have been up a little earlier to get the car fixed so I wouldn't have to drive around with the possibility of having an accident because of the bad breaks on the car, i thought. Since I didn't want to nag him even though I really needed this down this morning, I just simply asked him last night "so what time do you think you will be up tomorrow". His reply "When I get up". I then was more direct and asked him when did he think his friend would be able to fix the car. He said "I guess the next time he gets some free time". Now I know how long it takes his friend to get some "free time". So now I'm REALLY irritated because his friend came over at 7p.m and could have fixed it but instead decided to play video games and my boyfriend encouraged it instead of saying "hey man, can we play games later, I really gotta get this car fixed so my girl can get to work". I could be out driving and all of the sudden the breaks decide they don't want to break, and i get seriously hurt, or worse hurt someone else. Does he think about this???? NOOOOOOO!!! I get sooooo irritated when I hear about men going above and beyond for their women when it comes to making their women feel safe. For instance my co worker took off half a day to get his wife's car tuned up because she was going on a rode trip and he wanted to make sure she was safe. Now that is something I could have done myself but the fact that he wanted to make sure everything was right made it all that more special, oh and let's not get started on the welcome home cake he baked her when she returned. The cake looked like a two year old made it but it was the thought that counted.The best mine can do is play video games and get around to fixing the car when he feels like it. I have been on this site EVERYDAY writing. I feel like sometimes I am being a little ungrateful for everything else he does, but when you are in the last year of deciding either it's going to be marriage or going our separate ways I can't help but to think about EVERY single thing I want in a husband, because if he doesn't feel concerned enough to have the car in safe driving condition for me what makes me think that he will be so quick to have the car fixed when we have children. I need a husband who can take care of home, not one who is more concerned about playing video games. Sometimes I feel like i am asking for too much, but then I think maybe I'm not. I know we're young, but I just feel that even at the age of 24 he would be a little more mature than he acts. I feel like If I would have met him later on in life he would have been the perfect husband material, just not now. Oh great he is up, maybe now he can go get the car fixed....after he finishes playing his video game.
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he is not man enough to be the husband and father you need<br />
you can do better and you will :)

SMH,gir! UNDERSTAND...The same thing with my car(our car)I just put down the whole down payment and make the payments.But my bf drives the car 99 percent of the time.When it needs a oil change,brakes,engine light comes on.He act like he cant take it in bc he at his friends house all day..annoying!