Hes A College Graduate, No Job, Constantly Depressed And Bringing Me Down Too

hi everyone. i would like to vent for a minute and get some opinions. I have been with my boyfriend for over 4 yrs, when we met he was in college, and i thought that was great because i had finally met someone who i felt was driven, and accomplishing something. which was different from my past relationships. he was also working part time as well. well to make a long story short, he picked a stupid major (english), and because of the poor state of the economy he cannot find a job. he has been unemployed for almost 2 yrs. he says constantly he is applying at all these places, yet i find it hard to believe that not one of them have called over the course of two years. he will be 27 next week, i am 31. we do not live together he still lives with his parents, which is fine with me because im not footing any bills, and he never asks me for anything. because he cannot find a job he has been irritable, crabby, and has had an attitude, he rarely calls or texts me, and when he does, he is short with me. he is becoming hard to be around and he is hard to talk to, i feel very uneasy around him like i have to watch what i say. he is more sensitive than a woman i swear. on the other hand i am not nearly as sensitive.his parents are also having problems wtih him. he has been hospitalized for depression in the past, and lately he has just become a negative force in my life and its brining me down. i stay with him because i try to be supportive and i dont want to leave him because he is down enough as it is, but at some point this has to stop. i dont want to be selfish, but i dont know what esle to do. this relationships is dying slowly. i dont feel the same.
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Sep 21, 2012