Cant Get Rid Of The Loser..........

first of all I'm so embarrased to say I've waisted 8 years of my life and counting witht this peice of ****. I Tell him i dont love him, he is not the man for me, he's a loser and I hope he dies and he still wont go away. I am a very responsiable and respected person with a killer job, and he spends his life on the couch and sells drugs. He took me to the jewlers last x mas to buy me a pair of earrings.....(first gift EVER) went around bragging to everyone that he bought them for me and hasnt made one payment on them yet......COST ME 1800.00.....i dont know how to get rid of him, he lives with me in the house that I bought.............he calls me every name in the book on a daily basis ....Ive called the cops on him on several occasions and I have no rights ???????????????? he steals from me and my son, he lies every time he opens his mouth, I have no idea where he is and what he's up to most of the time. He talks about EVERYONE like they're a peice of ****.he tries to tell me how to parent my son while he has a 14 year old daughter he hasn't done a dame thing for her whole life. He makes my life a stressful living hell.....I paid for his brothers funeral 5 months ago and he said he'd pay me back.....NEVER HAPPENED.and I'm 100% sure the wrong brother died. I had to take my car off the road because he drove it all the time with no licence....if I said no he'd threaten me. He is without a doubt my most hated person on planet earth and I hope he dies a slow and painful death. I HATE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART.......oh and he's moved his equally ****** up mother into my house twice behind my back who I also had to call the cops on for trying to fight me in my living room....along with other people he's also moved in. on top of it all he's CRAZY and needs some serious help. I don't know why god hates me and what I ever did to deserve such a monster living under my roof. he really deserves an award tho for his acting skills, man was he charming when we first met .........BRAVO
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I have the same exact problem.. I call the cops, his P.O everything. He only loves me whe he is afraid of going to jail. He mistreat me and every single way and doesn't leave. I hate him so much.

I don't know you, but don't be embarrassed. We all have our stories, but 8 years is a mighty long time. Stop bitching and either get rid of him or accept and love him for the **** you know he is. Choose, my love ! Get an good attorney, service him an eviction notice or stay and pay for your own wedding. I am not trying to come off as **** being that it seems you are living with one, but the only problem I see here is you. Make a choice if you are truly unhappy. No excuses, life is too short to allow yourself to be in a situation you do not want to be in . Sell the house and go ghost!

All the best to you.


OMG,he sounds.just like mine!!but no drugs or family I have been with this looser for 14 years he is BI POLAR. He came into my life and never left.he does the same to me name calling try's to push me around,he has hit me a few times.doesn't do anything but lay around and jacks off.he lies,his stories always change
I to can't stand this thorn in my side.I feel for you.I hope that we both get rescued from these pieces of dog poop so we can be happy again. I'll pray for you.peace be with you sister.πŸΎπŸ˜‰

I am in a similar situation and I am looking forward to freeing myself again from this nightmare!

I live in a similar situation, but only thought mine was the worst til I read yours. I feel so bad for you, but I can maybe give you some helpful advice. Depending on what state you live in you can call the police the next time he or his mom become violent or threatening with you. They will come and make them leave as long as you agree to file charges and request a temporary restraining order. This will prevented them from coming back for 2 wks until there's a hearing for a permenant injunctin. They will tell u to begin eviction proceedures immediately. With their help you can get out of this horrible mess. I wish u the best.

very similar to my situation :/

wow ! in your own house. i barely can keep a roof over my head and have lost family n everything iver losers like this one. call the policio back n

You need to seriously get that bum out of your life. He's getting in the way of your successful life.

man that felt soo good to vent a bit.....thanks for letting me. I have NO FRIENDS for two reasons, because I'm embarrased to bring anyone around and because EVERYONE thinks he's CRAZY...:) SO i never GET TO LET IT OUT