I Hate My Boyfriend With The Passion

Theres a sour taste in my mouth its called love sick or maybe I'm sick of this so called "love".
Every morning I arise and the question comes to mind why are we still here? Now that is not normal if your in a loving relationship. I have this passionate disgust for him and it's very sad. He isn't even a man hes a *****. Everything he does gets me angry.I can't stand to be with him anymore. I have no attraction towards him and I want to move on. His personal characteristics to his persona looks bother me. We are not complimentary towards one another. Crazy thing is he hates me as much as I hate him.I wish he would just leave. I regret ever coming into contact with him. Worst decision of my life.
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I hate mine and I love mine. I feel disgust, hate and sadness whenever am near him. I also wish he would just leave. One day he did and then came back. I don't know how to break up with him, its pretty sad

Well mines finally left and i actually feel like it finally the end this time its meant to be but dont worry you will struggle with this cause after all a bad relationship is truly an addiction its true when they say you cant love till you love yourself so dont worry it normal you must have some dislike or hate in a relationship its part of who we are but when it is abusive emotional or physical then now your worth and walk away

I actually laughed when I read this. Because I feel the same exact way. I despise my boyfriend. Everything he does is annoying. His face is annoying. When I go out to eat and take a box home, if I don't eat it by the time he gets home, I'll literally throw it away so he can't have it. I enjoy it so much when he sees the box in the trash with food in it and says why didn't you put it in the fridge. Whoops.

haha yeah mines will go through the trash and eat it no shame hes a pig.
ah but today is Christmas eve and he isnt even here with me or our baby he got drunk yesterday lied to me and slept over his parents house and his mom over there doesnt like me and enables him hes such a little ***** im so angry he treats me and his son like were second family so i change the locks to th house they could keep him im don with him im moving on. what about you why do you hate your boyfriend so much I'm Erika by the way nice to meet you