Selfish Boyfriend Or Am I Crazy?

I have been so sick all week to the point of almost needing to be hospitalized due to asthma. I woke up in the middle of the night (next to my bf)...I was weak and extremely out of breath...I started to cry because of how awful I felt. My crying woke my boyfriend up and he got up to get me water and mumbled "oh my god, I need to sleep" as he left the room...when he came back he was obviously annoying and complained about not having enough room in the bed as he went back to sleep. No concern/caring of how I was going, meanwhile I was contemplating going to the hospital due to my inability to breathe. Granted, he has been helping me for days, making me food, tea, etc. I just felt so hurt by his attitude in the middle of the night. I just feel like if you genuinely care for someone, you would be concerned if they weren't breathing, and less concerned about your own inability to sleep. Am I wrong? I just wonder if he actually loves me, because I wouldn't act like that if someone I love is sick. Feedback please! By the way, he is 26 and may be one of the most immature 26 year olds I have ever met, always complaining and wants everything to come easily to him. I love him, but wonder if it's time to go because he is selfish and self-absorbed. In this instance, I felt like everything revolves around sickness wasn't about how I was but about how it was affecting/interfering with his life.
JadeLane JadeLane
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Sorry to hear this. Men are sometimes blissfully ignorant to things, and don't mean to come across as selfish, or uncaring, but can often do so and really hurt our feelings. Men are programmed in a certain way; eat sleep and sex are their life's musts and they don't function well without. He probably was exhausted : but being a man, and a tired one at that, his ability to keep his thoughts in his head to save your feelings just cannot always happen. I don't really think its anything personal , but men do like the running around done for them so he's probably a bit grumpy that he's doing all the caring right now... You know how they can be, just like children!! Give it a chance, you may feel better when you're feeling more healthy, and give him a serious chat. Don't come down too hard on him, just gently explain that you were already feeling sad and his lack of support made you feel worse. Chin up and hope you feel better by now xx