Love And Hate

You see the sad thing is i love my boyfriend, so much that i would give my life for him... yet all he cares about is p0rn and call of duty. I pray every night that he will come home from work and at least give me a kiss or anything before he starts to play his ps3. But i guess thats too much to ask... we havent had sex in months and i honestly cant remember the last time we really kissed or cuddled... we dont even sleep in the same bed . I gave up all my friends for him and changed my whole life and now i have no one to talk to.We have a son so i have tried everything possible to make it work.... so instead of praying that he will give me any kind of attention, i am now praying for the strength to leave him.. im scared because i am a stay at home mom with no income and im just soo lost.. i dont know where id go or what i would do.. im losing hope and im afraid that my life will always be this way... filled with pain, longing, and loneliness
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kristy07 kristy07
26-30, F
Dec 16, 2012