i have been with a guy currently for 6months... i knew him through school and we met in a local pub when i was 16 (i know underage naughty whatever)i was in a seperate relationship with him last year, which only lasted 3 months. there was around 4 months between relationships, where we did not speak.

in the first relationship, i was so happy to begin with, but then grew bored (harsh i know) but i couldnt shake the feeling i was missing out on something, so without further ado, i ended it. then, 4 months later we began talking again, and got back together. i was happy because i felt i had made a mistake in dumping him, and for a while things were dandy... but soon i became emersed in that same feeling; what was missing here? i liked talking to him, being with him...having sex, but there was just SOMETHING. i began looking at other guys and feeling more for complete strangers than my own boyfriend! he was boring again! when he spoke i just had no interest, he wasnt dull or stupid, i just fazed out when he would talk to me. when we have sex i closemy eyes instead of looking at him, i dont feel anything close to what i did and i dont know why!

i may be correct in thinking that you are wondering why i dont just dump him... but heres the explanation:

1. he will go skitzo(crazy) and his friends will hate me, whom i regularly go out with becuase my girlfriends are in relationships with them (awkward)
2. what if i feel like i made a mistake again and want him back? because he will not take me back again, i know.
3.i feel so TRAPPED as to what to do! i literally cant explain my emotions.
4. he'll hate me, i still want to be friends(****** line but true) and i'll miss any friendship i have.

for some reason i hate my boyfriend, and excuse my language but he ****** me off soooo much. what do i do?! someone just tell me,

from, a 17year old with obviously no life (finding weird sites is my speciality obviously)
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Emotionally, one of you (or both of you) are just not in it. I know how you feel. You love someone because they're a great person, but you loathe them for not being able to have that connection with them. I think you're better off finding what else is out there. Just like before, you guys separated for a bit and then got back together when you thought the timing was right. If it's right, then again it will come back to you. If you guys were meant to be, you'd be!

I had the same problem just like u with my boyfriend but i chosed to be happy i broke up with him cuz if he loves me he did everything to make me happy but unfortanly i was boring with him i missed him when we broke up but when i remembred how i was i stay like i am & about ur friends if they r ur friends they will accepet ur decision & be happy for u it s ur life u r young & if they won t hung out with u again trust me u ll find other friends other boyfriend other love just find ur happiness & live in the way u like cuz life is short u must live erveryday like it s the last day in yr life ;)
Ps : i hv 17 too