Its been a year 1/2 together, and most of the time we argue, cops been called 30 times, house trashed, holes in walls, all that goodness,, we took a month break and it help, also for the fact i wasn't dancing(im an entertainer) then i go to work and its back to the arguing, i mean i understand the fact that he cares about me n dosent want anyone touching me, but i met him at my job, hes soo insecure, as am i, i said awful things to him to flip his mind, but i need to make more then average $$$ , i have alot of tattoos i got around 17 that in in the process of removing that cost $800 a month, plus living experience, its difficult, i know dancing is the easy way out and shameful, but im good at what i do, like im not screwed up, im actually alsotaking my g.e.d test next week, im trying to better myself.
Im only 22 n hes 27, hes unemployed, but he husles pool and makes enough to get by, hes actually a great person, gets along with everyone, tho I'm not so much..we fight all the time, its never ending, absolutely no respect either, i care for him but have an urge to leave him move out, hes been putting so much pressure on me,,e about my job, he hates it but i need it financially, most of his family arnt fund of me also his friends im the problem, i no it, but gosh it isnt like ur making $$$ supporting me, ugh, what should i go? Adive, p.s srry for ranting on xp
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My Opinion: This is a toxic relationship and it will not get any better even if you quit your line of work for him he will forever hold that grudge against you. My advice to you is to start weening yourself away from him, and hopefully one day you'll meet someone that can give you what you are searching for.

Thanks for your reply, your definitely right, im going to put distance between us, i no its not going to last anymore longer:( we been through the hardest times, but its just healthy to go our own way.

there are two ways to do it 1. Go cold turkey or 2. Wean out slowly - but don't lose sight of the goal.