Cold Hearted? Or Is This Reasonable?

Hate is such a strong word. Its pretty ironic that i now hate my boyfriend because at one point in my life hwas all i ever wanted and i loved him more than anything. We have been together for 3 years and 2 months. He is way too emotional for me and suddenly everything he does annoys the hell out of me. I hate seeing him because he is annoying, i dont like having convos with him because he is sort of an idiot. All he likes to do is childish things when i actually want to be serious with my life and get things done. Im busting my *** at college and a job, trying my hardest in a leadership society, and still squeezing in some time for my friends at night. My boyfriend is older than me and all he does is play video games, hang out with friends, and work at a beer distributer. Thats it. I NEED A MAN. Maybe i just have no sense of sensitivity but this kid is just so emotional about everything, i never cry, i never show weakness. Call me cold hearted, i dont give a damn. I want him to grow up and stop being such a *****. He annoys the **** out of me and always tries to one up me.... especially on matters that dont have anything to do with him... like my own family and things like that. Ive come to the point where i like nothing he does, even the sight of him irks me. But for some reason im still with him. Time to give up? or is there hope?
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

I think the better question dear is why would you want to be hope if you feel that way?

When I was around your age, I was with someone and had similar feelings that only got worse. Believe me, if you really feel like he isn't what you want and he's irritating you, it's time to move on. And he'll cry and whimper and whatever but...yeah. It's better than the eventual blow up that COULD happen.

Kinda in the same boat but I had a kid with mine so it's harder... If it's not right then be independent and move on, before its harder to deal with!