Dont Give Up!!!!

So I'm 23, I have 2 girls.. my first just turned 4 and my second is 6 months. My oldest is by a different dad, who was abusive, a compulsive liar who pretty much put me through everything from cheating on me with of age and under age girls, to trying to sleep with my sister nd having his Mon they to fight me. I've read numerous stories from women/ girls. Best advice... do not settle if anything feels wrong! You cannot and will not change a person as bad as you want to even if you love them until it hurts!!! Save yourself from the heartache and even future kids! Loneliness is easier to deal with then heartbreak, and watching a baby cry... Be strong and independent... Anymore ad vice let me know.. thanks glad to talk
bridawn89 bridawn89
1 Response Feb 1, 2013

Thank you :) sometimes late at night, or after several nights alone, it gets hard to realize this. You're totally right, and it's awesome that you posted this!