To Bad So Sad

I used to be absolutely crazy about him and now 7 months into it i can see how things turned bad two months ago.  now he verbally abuses me, mentally abuses me and there is nothing i can do until our lease is up...2 months to go to freedom and may the relationship gods never grace my life again.....

gesuralozer gesuralozer
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2 Responses Jan 31, 2009

hi you dnt no me but jst carnt blive tht ther is some1 who went through wot i went through, i 2 had a realy realy bad relationship full of anger and abuse. i 2 sat it out untill the contract was up was the longest and hardest 6month of my life but it finerly came and i told him u av a week 2 find sumwer to go as im leavin was the best feeling in the world.hope everything worked out for you girl xoxo

I can so relate , read my story I Had a Bad Boyfriend.