Men Are Dumb, I Am Dumber...

I question my decision to stay with this man every day I'm with him.  There have been several instances that should have pushed any normal person past the tipping point, but for some reason, I make excuses and stay.

Episode One: Showdown with dad - my father hates the fact that I'm with my current boyfriend.  It might be that my bf is 12 years my senior.  It might be the fact that my bf is a man ***** when it's not in a relationship (I've been tested for STD's and thank god have none).  It could be that he drinks and rides his motorcycle.  All things I recognize as serious problems for a father to be able to get past.  When I started dating him, my father cried and begged me not to do it, then begged me not to move in with him.  Granted, this is a rebound relationship from a solid, very loving seven year relationship that ended aburuptly and blindsided me, so I didn't really know what I was getting myself into.  I should have listened to my dad.  He barely even talks to me now.

Episode Two: 9am the first morning I live there - I officially moved in on a Saturday.  He decided to celebrate by going out on his own.  He didn't get home until 9am the next morning.  He gave me some bullshit excuse about passing out in his car at his brothers grave.  To this day, I have no idea if his story was true.

Episode Three: "You shouldn't even be here." - He told me that at a Christmas Party that WE were invited to.  He is a biker and likes all of the biker **** that comes along with it.  That especially includes biker ****** who show off their ******* and ***** like it's no big deal.  He was looking at pictures of topless chicks from a biker rally and I said it wasn't ok.  He flipped his **** and started calling me retarded.  I got pissed, pushed him, hard, and ran out crying.  I came back in, ripped his cig out of his mouth and told him he was going to deal with me.  Now, he was very shitfaced at this point, he tells me I'm just like my dad and I ****** up.  He then proceeded to hang all over one of his own friends girlfriends.  We then went to a bar where he started a fight with one of my high school friends for "talking to his woman", which I found sort of ****** up considering he was talking like he wanted me out of his house only an hour before.

Episode Four: "I'd like to chew on you." - His way of saying he wants to eat someone out.  He said this to a bartender while I was standing two feet away.  I apologized to the bartender, made him finish his drink and drove him home.  I screamed at him the whole way home and for a good hour once we were there.  He tried to tell me to leave and said he was going to call the cops.  I told him good luck since he can't call out on his phone and he'd have to use my cell to do it.  He apologized the next day and supposedly remembered none of the ride home or screaming.  I don't trust him to go out on his own anymore.

On top of all of this, he has a 12 year old daughter who is about as tall as I am (I'm very short).  He believes that just because we're the same size, we should have all sort of **** in common, when in fact, and I know, I'm going to hell for saying this, I hate his daughter.  She's a spoiled rotten little playing one side against the other brat child that can only be the product of a mommy who's a ***** and lets her wear to much make up but do little else and a daddy who's a drunk and buys her love because he ***** up so much.  And I pay for everything she eats.  He has no responsibility for her whatsoever when she says with us every other weekend.  I made a very concious decision not to have any kids, it's part of the reason my last relationship went bust, but apparently, it doesn't matter if I don't want the responsibility, I've got it because I'm with him.   

So, I'm fairly certain at this point that I'm just totally out of my mind.  Every other female he's been with in the past 2 years has left him in under 8 months.  I've just pasted 8 months with him.  And he was **** on by a pycho ***** for 7 years.  She broke his nose, beat him up on a regular basis and destroyed the new house he bought for her, so you'd think he'd have some concept of how to treat a person, but no.  I just have no idea what I'm doing anymore or why I'm even doing it.  All of my energy goes into trying to make him happy, when he doesn't give two ***** about me.  I wish I could have the part of my brain that makes me stay with him surgically removed. 

After this relationship is over, that's it.  A man, if he's a man, is going to have to work his *** of for at least a half a year to even get a date with me.  If you learn anything from what I just wrote, learn this: It does't matter what sort of ****** situation you're currently in, get to know your knight in shinning armor.  It's quite likely that if you take a closer look, you'll find out his armor is made of tin cans and his horse is actually two guys in a horse costume. 

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gosh i thought mine was bad!! LEAVE.