This is the totally wrong title I couldn't find the right one. I guess the right title would be " I want to like him". Any ways there's this boy who has been my best friend sense the 6th grade we are so close. He's smart, treats me with respect, is on varsity baseball, is cute he's perfect. We even dated for 8 months. On the 5th month of us dating I realized that I really didn't like him like that and broke up with him on the. 8th ( it broke my heart to break his heart).i found myself liking this big time party boy that i dated for 3 months but then it ended badly. He just never treated me like a princess like Patrick did. But for some weird reason I CAN NOT make myself like him like that. I don't wanna be that annoying self destructive girl that's all into bad boys that don't treat her right. But for some reason that's all I'm drawn too.
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You're pretty young, obviously Patrick was too boring for you, but this party guy wasn't sweet enough. This is what dating is all about, figuring out what parts of guys you like then piecing them together to find the right one. Next time, look for a sweetheart with a wild side. They exist. :)

A lot of us are. I have no idea why this attracts us. Maybe it's the challenge of it all.