I Hate My Boyfriend

i have been dating a guy for two years. he is so jelous and hates when my job includes me talking to guys, maybe i should inform u about him he works at a resturant and his last serious relationship was with a hostess, four years later things did not work out, two years later i come along. its my first job and i was a hostess now were dating. so odviouslly he has a thing for hostesses(there have been other hostesses just not serious) it seems like his only was of meeting girsl is at this resaurant. he likes young ones to! like 16+  he has assured me that i have nothing to worry about because he loves me. so i walk ina suprise him and he is leaning against the front dest about a foot away from this hostess face. when they see me they look so surpriesd he jumps farr from the desk and they wont stop talking(covering what they were doing to make it look not bad) he tells me he was defending me. well why did u have to be so close to her??? he was always flirting with me and leaned against the desk when i worked there, i felt special. not anymore. now he is mad at me because i had a problem wit it. i know he is gunna cheat with a hostess just waiting... so i ******* HATEMY BOYFRIENd!

girl234432 girl234432
18-21, F
Mar 16, 2009