He Fancies Himself More Than Me!

 hi all,

 I am 28 and my other half is 22,been dating for 2.5 years. Its starting 2 take its toll now. Age does make a difference no matter what anyone says. Things I hate about him:

-we have to go halves on stuff

-never eat out-only 'take-aways'

-no presents or talk of going away

-never goes out clubbing or barring with me or has a casual drink with me.

-would rather not go out if it meant he had to walk to town to meet.

-he is obssessed with the gym,mens bodies,body building and steroids.

-doesn't engage in sex-once a month if that.

He loves to bicker and is NEVER wrong, its ALWAYS my fault. If he doesn't get his way he goes totally mardy. Lately he has been playing PS3 constantly and his room is a mess yet this is a guy who does keep personally clean and used 2 spend money and time on his appearance. He is not at uni, works but only few days and seems to kiss his mothers behind.

I hate him and take pleasure in putting him down when I can!

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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I am not with him anymore...thank god! THough he did email me last year asking to 'talk' about what went wrong. I should send him this link. Maybe he would get it then. I think he was simply too young and just not into what I wanted.

Hmmmm...no money, no sex? What exactly does he do for you?

Look i am a guy me and my girlfriend and I have been together 5years she is 36 and i am 29...it is not easy..I know it is hard. we are both at the gym.. and go out and party so i can see it both ways as for worring what other guys look like that is wack.and the sex thing time for you to get the steppin

Sounds like he's using you....no offense.