There is not enough time in the world to name all the horrible things i go through for this man.. and why I HAVE NO CLUE!! If i was smart id just pack my **** and leave! He hates kids!! he's mean to my kids who want nothing more than to play with thier daddy! everything he has ever done wrong is ALWAYS blammed on someone else! "Oh the windows kicked out of the kitchen, because your son pissed me therefore its not my fault!" WTF ever dude i want to punch you in your mother loving face!!! your trailer trash your ENITRE family is ******* worthless!! I'll rant more later I'm making myself angry!

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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

He sounds like a total piece of ****. If you are with him because you are financially dependent on him try anything to get out! Save up, work at Mcdonalds.....anything.