I Wish My Boyfriend Would Die.

Well..I'm 13 and all but I still hate my boyfriend but at the same time I really like him. He was nice, loving, wonderful. Now he's a jerk. My boyfriend "Paul" is 16 but I loved him anyway. He has a friend named Joey. Well he lives very close to me so I went over to his house and was..spying? No not stalking! Just waiting for him to come out. I was bored mind you. Well he "played along" he would come outside pretend to chase us (my friends too). Well he was fun. But one day Joey came outside and threatend one of my friends with a knife. While Paul just stood there! Later that day, Joey told Paul's mother that we were banging on their doors and walls. And that we were stalking them! I'm sorry but thats a lie. Paul just plays along and that was fun! But then Joey just had to tell Paul's mother. Who, went and told my mother. I told her we did nothing of the sort. She belived me, but now Paul's mother doesen't like me much. So you're thinking "What! Paul didn't do anything! It was Joey" but the truth is Paul didn't stop him. He was just like sure whatever. On top of that he broke his own window and we think he blamed us. So I don't know if I should keep him or not. I really love him and all but he's a huge jerk sometimes. I need help! Second chance? Or not? Oh by the way I'm mad at him so I'm going to spill his secrets.

1. Paul is a big *****.

2. Paul secretly likes the teletubbies (No I'm not kidding!)

3. Well Joey has a sister. And the sister was talking to Paul and Paul asked her if she would like to have sex with him. I'm mad!

4. Every night Paul rubs his umm...parts. (He says it makes them bigger, don't ask)

5. Paul says when he grows up he wants to be a pimp.

6. He's a huge pervert! He asked me to have sex with him. (Reality check, I'm only 13)

7. He secretly adores Rhianna and Beyonce. I mean like he wants to marry them.

So he may be a pervert but he's hot and nice. But ever since I got together with him he's just been a big jerk and an even bigger pervert. So like I said before..what should I do?

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

to be honest he sounds like a normal 16 yr old :) ...except the teletubbies thing... but we all have our guilty pleasures right? I tell you when I was your age I had sort of the same problems. the guy with the knife? stay away from him. but don't leave someone you love just because you think he may have blamed something on you. I hope things have turned out well. I realise you probably posted this a while ago, but i hope it still helps :)

leave him men come and go