Please Help Me, I Don't Know What to Do

OK, so every summer I have to go visit my mother so me and my boyfriend are not together during that time so we chat and tak on the phone a lot.Our reationship is usually very fragile during this time seeing as my boyfriend has to work a lot to save up to go back to school during the year and he gets stressed and takes it out on me when we DO get to talk. For example: I recently got a new phone and seeing as I don't currently have a job since I'm about to move to college I figure I'd have one of those frustrating and funny messages where it goes "Hello? ....... I'm not here right now,please leave a message" and he's nearly bitten my head off and had 20 minute fights with me over the phone because he fell for it.

Anyways, the thing I need help with is this:

so after our second 20 minute fight we start talking about living conditions (he lives with his parents and wants to move out). So then he tells he found this great place;close to school, own room, cheap rent. But then he mentions that I still have to met one of his chick friends that I cannot stand. I'm not that slow, I put 2 and 2 together and ask him "WTF? You want to move in with her?!" Let me mention that this girl has asked a guy whome she KNEW was in a relationship to sleep in her bed with her because she was "lonely",she brought my boyfriend randomly a cheesecake she made for him, and recently while I'm still gone they went together to a ballroom dancing event. I tell him "No." and that he should respect my comfort zone and I don't want him living there.He gets angry and starts asking me if I have the money to pay for an apartment for him and that I care more about my comfort zone than his personal health. I had actually talked to people and encouraged him to look for cheep places before I left, but he didn't want to. I found 3 cheep places/people to live at/with! I told him that after being together 2 years and constantly telling me he was going to marry me and would do ANYTHING for me, all I want him to do is not live there.Now let me say here, he's also a cumpulsive liar (he admitted it to me) and now he starts telling me he shouldn't have told me the truth about this and he should be appreciated that he did (?!).

I told him to make him decision if he's going to stay there or not by today and that I couldn't be with him if he disregards me and lives with her and her roommates.The problem is I love him.

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what a jerk! i guess ur going to have to decide what ur limitations are, like if he goes against you and does move will u stay with him? i think you should just let him know once or twice calmy how u feel and why u feel that way and if he still moves i think you should leave him because he wont respect your wishes.... i think if you only tell him once and then let him make his own choice you will see his true character... good luck!

Sorry my spellings bad, I only misspell when I'm upset.