Hey Im Alex. This Is My Story.


Im Alex and this is my story.

I met this guy online, his name was Andy and he wanted me to be his houseboy. Houseboy means someone who takes care of the house, like cooks and cleans. i was only 17 when he asked me to move in with him. I was in georgia and he was in New York. I knew my parents would never let me move to new york, so I moved out of their house and moved into my sisters house. I stayed with her for a week untill everything with Andy was settled. He bought my ticket to new york, and boy was I happy. When I arrived into his house, he had scattered papers across the table, which he told me I would clean up for him. I relectantly said yes, and proceeded through the rest of the house. We had sex that night, after sex we went to eat. We came home from the dinner and watched Bruno, yes Bruno. Christmas came up, my parents had already knew I was in NY, and asked me to spend christmas with them. I asked Andy, if it was ok and he told me no, because he couldnt live without me. I said ok, maybe i will meet them later and told my parents no. My birthday came up, January 30, and my parents asked the same question, Andy gave the same response. After about a month went by, I had my first domestic violence. I had left the car to go pick up food inside the resturaunt, and Andy was left inside the car. I thought it would be funny if I run up to the car and start hitting the window really hard, well it wasnt smart or remotely funny. After my stupid prank, I got in the car. He looked at me for a sec. then slapped me across my face. I didnt think he was that shooken up, and I started to laugh really hard. After a while, I realized what he had done. I became really depressed, and he, he didnt care. And the next day, I cleaned up the dirty apartment, and went to the computer. All my favorite websites such as facebook, youtube, twitter were all blocked, netgear firewall, and guess who blocked it? ANDY. The only website that was open was this one, EP Link I hope you like this story so far. Thanks for reading it.

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Why do you still stay there. He is a spoiled jerk. Move on with your life.