Saving Money And Moving Out Asap, In A Nightmare!

Things started off great and very progressive when I first met my current boyfriend.  We made great friends and would spend hours chatting and hanging out in the beginning.  Things progressed in the relationship and then we moved in together.  Granted, there were probably plenty of red flags I should have paid more attention to, but I didn't so yes I screwed up.

The move in together wasn't so bad at first, but things just got progressively worse and worse.  Anytime he has the slightest problem with something he has a fit, throws a fit, throws things, yells and screams, it may not have anything to do with me, but he still just goes on and on in such an aggressive tone about the stupidest things.  Sickened I am, scarred I'm not, he's so full of hot air. 

He's absolutely disgusting lifestyle wise, strings things all over the house leaves random things just laying around, beer cans and ashes everywhere and to top it all off he has no job and gets money from others, not me fortunately, only rarely.  I cannot say I'm the neatest person, but he's just generally gross, I may leave a few things lying around here and there, but he creates the ultimate disaster.  Anytime we finally get it clean, its a mess again within half a day.  I can't keep up with it, I work all the time, day and night, the last thing I feel like doing when I come home is clean up after his lazy ***.

What's worse, the mess is always blamed on me, even though 95% of it is his absolute mess.  Then he condescends, belittles, and irritates me with his bullshit words putting me down.  Does he suppose I feel he's right?  Doesn't matter you can't argue with him to prove him wrong (even if he truly is, if its blue he will insist and truly believe its red), you can't even ignore him and agree with him just to get him to shut up.

Such a loud obnoxious mouth you want to tear his mouth off!  That's the other thing, I'm not an angry person, I'm not a violent person, I'm not a chaotic person, I'm not a stressed person, but ever since my move in with him, I've become my absolute worst self!!!!!!  Such a horrible feeling.

It's horrible, there is so much more to it than even this, I could go on and on with example after example of his sickness and mind games.

However, instead,  I'll sum it up:  at some point I obviously realized, this guy will never ever change as much as I've hoped and tried to understand him, he's mentally screwed in the head, I feel sorry for him.  Its time to go, time to save money and get out of here.  Underneath it all there were good times and he has minimally some good qualities, but that's the end of it.

I'm have some money saved and just need a bit more and I fully intend to be out and moved where I want to go by May 2010.  My job can be up and down money wise, but thats the goal anyway, June or July could potentially be more feasible, but I figure shoot for an earlier date to make it really happen.  Stating it on here though, makes it feel good to share a bit of my current bad experience with others who are going through similar problems or just generally under the same principle right now of, 'I hate my boyfriend.'  May all of us find our strength, desire, and mobility to move up and move on away from these disasters we currently call our boyfriends.  Can't wait to move, all comments of coaching and motivation are encouraged, tell me to get my *** into high gear, tell me I have to be out by April, and I'll keep ya posted, if you like.  Share your experiences too, of course I'll browse and read some too!

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

It's July now. I hope you're out :)

That is so awesome that you already have a game plan (im still workin on mine). Stick to it and he will eventually just be a ****** experience you had in the past.