I Really Hate My Boyfriend

I met this man well guy about 6 months ago, I can t say that I Love him but I do enjoy his company.

Now I just found out I was 3 months pregnant and he just got a job that is going to ove him 1500 mile away, he say that he will come back every 2weeks to check on me and the Baby but I dont think so i think he is running away from being a parent, he does not have kids and this will be his first but I dont think he is ready even though he say that he is, I hate My boyfriend because now that I am knocked up he wants to leave.

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

**** him...sorry but if hes running away from a child who HE helped to create hes a ****-***** and needs to go away anyway. Its crazy how guys just bail on their pregnant partners. If he does run, hes not a real man and places his self comfort ahead of you. Im sorry for getting so fired up but every story i hear like this outrages me! You deserve better.

Is he running away from being a parent or are you roping him into being a parent? Anyway, don't think about that, just bleed the baby daddy dry with child support payments but don't worry about letting him see YOUR child, ever since father figures have no impact on children. Let yourself get used up by whatever man gives you the tingles, and always remember that the wall is a myth and you are never to blame for anything ever. GURL POWERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

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