Hate :(

I feeel lame writing my thoughts on to a site but it has to be done.. I dislike my boyfriend - everything he does, says and thinks about.. But I have to stay as we have 3 kids together and I don't want them to suffer.. Also we have had ups and downs in the past and I don't  want to be the bad one ... again.. I believe thats called.. stuck in a rut :(

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

I feel the same way too. Like why does he have to treat me like I am a prostitute? Telling me that he would only do things for me if I suck his you know what. I know that since having kids that we don't have the best sex life, but he treats me like its my fault. Like hello there are kids around! Duh! And then to top it off his way of trying to get it is by treating me like crap. Right now he was reading this and he starts to cuss at me and then he said why dont you get out you ******* prostitute what an *******. It makes me want to reach out and strangle him. Dont you think that is messed up? I hope I get this job on Monday so I can put the kids in daycare and leave the *****.