I Detest My Boyfriends Lazy Retard Of A Brother

The guy is twenty years old and still he doesn't know how to ******* cook anything or clean anything... when we ask him to clean something round the house (yes he DOES live with us the arsehole) he either doesn't do it or eventually makes a half arsed attempt at it.... he washes his bedsheets a month ago and they're still on the radiator. What even are you? WHAT kind of human are you supposed to be?

He speaks really slowly in this irritating put on voice he thinks is funny but is not. He hangs about with all my and my boyfriends friends when they come over... and worst of all... he parks himself on the couch and takes OUR weed... without asking or paying... what a complete idiot.

He has this irritating walk... he genuinely walks like a spaz.
Not in a way you'd feel sorry for him.
Just this irritating... bent over walk with arms dangling before him like some sort of ******* sloth.

Everything he says is pointless or irritating...

he's been in college twice and never made it past the half term mark
He has never worked a day in his life

He lives off the government and just ****** the money away and doesn't budget, therefore leaving me and my boyfriend with little money

He has the mindset of a ******* child.
It's as if he's about 5 years old.

He STILL is fussy about what he eats,

He won't eat:

Flavoured crisps
and much more.

All he does is guzzle coke and eat fish fingers.... sometimes french toast EVEN THOUGH HE CLAIMS TO HATE EGGS



He is pointless. No use to ANYONE.

All he does is take up space and money

One time we asked him to lock the door before he went to bed and he said..."no because it's 12 steps from here to there and 6 steps from there to my room... too much steps"

what a complete ***

he sits in his room 18 hours of the day playing warcraft...

he only goes out once every couple weeks if lucky

with his idiot friends

he's just a complete weirdo

utter weirdo

he's a freak and he scares me

he doesn't shower

when he sleeps on the couch his smell lingers there for ages

I want him to die

so much

please somebody get this guy away from us

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May 8, 2012