My First Boyfriend

My current and first boyfriend is a really nice guy. We'fe been friends for two years and we
Are really good together. I went over his house and met his brother who seemed nice and I watched a movie with my boyfriend.
His brother banged on the window several times and kept making kissing faces at us. It made me feel uncomfortable so I spoke to my boyfriend about it and he talked to him. His brother also has a drug past and drug friends l
Like his friends will stare at me and it scares me. But the worst part is after I left his house
My boyfriend was "forced " to smoke weed with his brother. He told me his brother is intimidating
And that hes persuasive. I hate his brother with and a burning passion and he is also very
Scathe. He is largely built with lots of muscles and a lot taller then me. Im scared of him but my boyfriend says he sgoing to
college. I still hate him for what he did to him.
allthepeople allthepeople
May 23, 2012