I Hate My Boyfriends Identical Twin Brother!

No, they are not alike whatsoever! me, my boyfriend, and his twin all live together in a townhome. He is a sloppy *** pig! all of his dirty dishes are piled up in his room and sometimes leaves his dishes left on the counter in the kitchen for months! NO JOKE. He goes to work, then to the gym, has no friends at all so he has lots of time on his hands. I dont care if his room is dirty but when he leaves in in the kitchen i get mad! The past week, when he leaves for work, he leaves the garage door wide open (hes the second one to leave for work in the am) And two days in a row i had the day off and i didn't notice until 11am. We leave our door open from the garage cause there's no lock on it, so it needs to be shut. I tell my boyfriend that it bothers me and all he says is that he's not his parent.
I am refusing to put the garbage and recycling out on the driveway because he hasn't done it once, and his car is right next to the trash in the garage. He pays electricity and complains if we leave a lamp on for 5 minutes and were not using it, yet he leaves his light AND TV on while he sleeps EVERY NIGHT! He thinks it us that uses all the electricity. He'll also play XBOX at all times when he's home.
Me and my boyfriend plan to get a house next year and he wants his twin to live in the basement. Although my boyfriend makes majority of the income, i can understand that it should be mostly his rules. BUT a main reason i don't want him living in our basement is because he will meet girls online and invite them over before he even meets them!!!
I'm sorry i don't want chlamydia ridden chicks spreading their disease at my house.
Also, if were gone he will go in our room and take our dog out....not to walk her or feed her, but to play with her for 2 minutes, then let her roam around the house unsupervised and then she gets into everything. There is a reason she stays in there while were gone.
djammin djammin
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012