Ages Makes No Odds!

Call me cruel, but I completely and utterly HATE my boyfriends 9 year old brother! We are 20 and believe it or not I have two children of my own from a previous relationship, although none of my new partners family have ever met them. I can handle annoying children and kids will be kids at the end of the day, but this boy is something else!! My boyfriend and I visit his childhood home to see his mother and brother and step dad. From the instant we arrive, he's on my nerves. He literally interrupts any adult or serious conversation. He constantly needs to be the centre of attention by any means nessecary. Shouting, swearing,jumping around, making random noises, repeating someone's name until they respond and then say 'don't worry'. He sings crude songs about 'n****rs, b****es and drugs' yet has no idea how offensive they are, and even if we try to tell him, he says 'I don't care' and carries on! He can't speak properly, can't read or spell or even understand the simplest of adult sentences. Don't get me wrong he's not retarded, but I'm thinking maybe some kind of undiagnosed ADHD or something. Maybe even dyslexia. He has a smart phone which his dad pays for and he's always bragging about spending £100's of pounds of game currency when his own mother can barely afford the mortgage! Nobody makes an effort to correct his poorly constructed sentences and lets him run riot! Like I said, boys will be boys but this child is unreal. He will go out of his way and do just about anything to p**s me off. Then he will flatly deny anything I tell him off for!! I find it impossible to ignore his immature behaviour and struggle to understand why he does not face any consequences or discipline!! If anyone has a similar story, please share! I feel awful that I dislike such a young child to this extent, is there anyone else????
Nai093 Nai093
Dec 9, 2012