Got To Be Kidding Me!?!

Sooo geez where do I start? My boyfriend & I got engaged last December. We lived in MI & he moved out of state & wanted me to come with him. I told him, not until you have a job & I have a ring. Well he got both, but I did not meet his mother until we were moving to NY & I already had the ring. I am 6years older than him (34) but he was a Marine in Iraq so he is mature beyond his years. Now his mother has never really warmed up to me but things went from bad to worse when his little bro (clearly her FAVORITE golden boy) even hisfamily will ask my fiance how his mothers golden boy is! Well the little bro (23) has his as I understand 1st girlfriend who he is OBSESSE with!!! The mother & this girl kiss each others a** SO bad! The favortism makes me want to vomit! They hav a little cottage that we have to stay @ to visit with them my fiance & I were NOT allowed to sleep even in the same room with each other & we are engaged when we were going to live with each other! The 1st night @ the tiny cottage lil bro slept on a blow up matress on the floor & Mrs perfect slept on the pull out couch. In the morning when his mother was making them a gormet breakfast he said he didn't feel well from sleeping on the floor. She let them sleep together the next 2 nights (the lil gf was 20 @ the time!) His mother also did not make enough fancy breakfast for me so she said there was coffiee in the kitchen (which was all I wanted) the lil gf said she wanted some too. His mother jumps up & says No honey don't drink that dirt, I'll make you a fresh pot & I bought some special creamer for you...all the while, I'm drinking the dirt. Sweet! It goes on & on. She is very cute, rich, from a big family studied abroad which my fiance loves cause he did too. Of course she is flirty with him too the 1 time we had to hang out & we got in a fight about it. Now my fiance has slipped when we have been arguing & told me part of the reason his mother does not like me is bcause I am poor & uneducated. (I'm a nurse. Worked full-time while putting myself through school.) That 1 I hav to say really hurt :-( Well we were going to have a nice beach wedding in Flordia like my girlfriend, but I changed it to just the 2 of us (well I invited my cousin & husband whose wedding I was in last year) but I changed it because I REFUSE to let the mother & lilbro's gf ruin our wedding. The mother & gf are so narcissistic they don't even realize they are the reason I'm doing it this way!! Well we are getting married end of next month & since then golden boy got addicted to drugs cause his parents have ALWAYS paid for all of school, rent, food, clothes,electric, cable...everything!!! He just graduated from college in Dec & was not getting a job. When stupid confessed to his parents he was addicted to drugs his Dad (who thank god may hav kind of come to his sences) cut him off. The lil bro & gf moved into her PARENTS house, still not paying any rent or bills. She also quit college for now she says & her sorority was everything to her Oooo I was in 1 too, big whoop. Well she is still going to study abroad again this year & get this, his mother is going to pay for lil bro to go with her! UGH! His mother told me we are living in sin because we are not married yet, but she is totally cool with her favorite son doing it! WTF! It just sucks now because I know she is going to get preggers here very soon & his mother will prob raise their children because they are still children. When we do have kids I know she will favor the other kids which is stupid but this is the type of person she is. The gf I'm sure is trying to get knocked up to stay in the family, she changed her last name on fb to his mothers 1st name, buys them gifts & calls his mother her 2nd mom. Again I want to vomit!! I'm at my wits end & my friends are sick of hearing about it so I thought I would write a book venting to this site. Sorry so long, I could go on&on but I think you have the gist. I need help coping! Thx
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May 14, 2012