Stupid *****!

I hate my boyfriends brother's girlfriend. She is SO up herself, stuck up and looks down on everyone. She deserves to be slapped and not just once! But twice over.

Okay, so my 'beef' with her started when she tried splitting my boyfriend and I up, and guess where the entire argument took place? Yes, on ****** Facebook! She added me this one specific day and I accepted; prior to all of this uproar she would turn up at my boyfriend's house with his brother (they are twins by the way). My boyfriend's brother couldn't drive at the time and so my boyfriend used to drive his brother up to her house a few times so that he could stay with her over the weekend, which I didn't mind because I hadn't had met her by then. I used to get along with his brother, we would talk, etc. I try my hardest to get on with my boyfriend's family no matter, as he does with mine. We have that mutual respect.

Anyway, his brother was dating this girl before I got with my boyfriend. They had been together for about year, but his family has said that she never went up there, only on a few occasions, and that was no excuse as well, even to see her boyfriend because it's just like ten minutes from train to where she lives to my boyfriend's house. But when my boyfriend met me in 2010, we were just friends at first and then we got together and because he could drive, we had easier access to places. I would go with him to his house to see his family, etc. But then in the new year (2011), his brother started learning how to drive. He passed, got a car and then started to stay up his girlfriend's more often. My boyfriend had been doing this before his brother passed his test; he would sleep up mine all of the time and now lives with me.

His brother would drive up his girlfriend's and stay up for days, until she started to come down with him at this point, so that means, she started bonding with his family more. When I first met her, she was the most stuck up cow EVER. I smiled at her and she just kind of turned her head away. I knew from then on that we wouldn't get along.

She is easily jealous. And then we had a few rows over things, especially when his brother was going to leave his dog to sleep outside in the wet cold and she was the one encouraging him to do that! She is like a perfectionist - she wouldn't even wash her own dishes because 'she doesn't like touching dirty water!' Stupid *****. That's what his sister said anyway. Anyway, we argued then, because I'm an animal lover - I was against his brother leaving her out in the cold, which they let her sleep inside in the end.

Now this specific incident on Facebook happened. His brother had randomly blocked me, but I never told my boyfriend. I think it was his girlfriend who did that to be honest, so I decided to block her on my boyfriends (I know that's a childish thing, but oh well). My boyfriend doesn't care anyway as he doesn't even like or talk to her. So then she added me, messaged me and started bitching at me, trying to demand me to block her off his boyfriend's profile. My boyfriend wasn't going to unblock her because he was there when I had blocked her in the first place, so why would she get so worked up over that? Anyway, the argument escalated and she ended up saying horrible things to me, along with her boyfriend. I hardly said anything mean as I wanted to keep the peace because I know that it wouldn't be fair on my boyfriend and his brother, even if I don't get along with him. It's for my boyfriends sake at the end of the day - it's his family.

So then that argument happened, I rang my boyfriend and he went ballistic. He went to his brother and told him what he has heard and his brother apparently tried making up **** he heard, which he didn't because we dont even tell him anything and the **** he told us was made up and was the first we heard of. Anyway, my boyfriend and his brother agreed for us not to talk to each other and keep out of each others way, but then the next morning I awoke to a stinking text off his brother's girlfriend. How she got my number, God knows. So that was it, I wasnt going to have her bully me via technology so I rang her. I kicked off and went ape ****. Even my boyfriend spoke to her and she tried making up a pack of lies and ****.

A year later, we've stayed out of each others way. She won't come into the same room as me, etc. because she knows she's guilty of starting ****. But when I see her, my blood still boils because I feel there's unfinished business!

I don't talk to his brother now because she was jealous enough to stop that, and my boyfriend never spoke to her anyway. But then the other day, my boyfriend's sister asked me to go out with her and tagged me in a status of hers. She commented on it (because I saw what she wrote from my friend's profile) and she said something horrible. I chose to ignore it and his sister did too.

I am fuming and I just want to slap her. She's afraid of me I've heard because I won't take her ****. My brother's sister even said that she what she can be like and that she's a stuck up ****, but obviously, she's going to keep the peace because it's her brother's girlfriend. She's obviously  jealous girl too with a stinking attitude because everytime my boyfriend would do something or buy each other things, she would get so touchy and annoyed. She is jealous over the fact that my boyfriend and I can have fun together, whereas her boyfriend and she would just rather sit there and watch paint dry.

I needed to vent and feel slightly better. I just don't know what to do. She won't face me in real life, but is quick enough to act all bitchy on the internet. =[ What do I do? I don't think that I can deal with her making my blood boil for much longer even though we don't associate with one another. I just feel as though she's trying to compete and if I see her and she does enough to as even give me a stinking look or say something, I won't hold myself back this time.
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I'm having this similar situation. My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and my boyfriends brother and his gf have been together two months. She's been rude to my bf by telling him shut up in his own home.then she was telling me how he hate my bf and his two sisters. And she told me it was because they were annyoing anf she agreed and went on about how she thinks so,too. Then she said "I don't get how you can handle your bf wearing cartoon shirts all of the time." As if it were bad. She's also said some rude things to the family and lectured the mom about buying my bf shoes. I don't get what her deal is but I'm about to have some words with her myself. Nobodys wrong for being angry about this. Its someone being rude and a little **** disturber and they need to be talked to about it.