so i have no clue where to start out at. this girls a white piece of ghetto trash. she is very controling. she gave his bro keys to her apartment after 2 weeks of dating! then shes goes and get the idea in his head that he should get her prego so they can have a kid. seriously who the **** says that or is even thinking about that after a few weeks of dating. then about a month in they bought tickets for his parent my bf myself and them for a soxs game. she told his mother to **** off that she is lucky he comes home to see her once week. im sorry but thats not the way to meet someones parents for the first time nor even talk to someones parents.shes always complaining about one thing or another. its like his.bro lost his balls.
katex93 katex93
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014