Princess Pottymouth

I've been seeing my bf for over 4 years. At first I thought his daughter was cute but spoiled. He would hand her $20 and she would go get her nails done at age 12. She was handed money and things she never had to work for, and now she is a total spoiled *****. She's always been spoiled, it was the first thing everyone mentioned about her 'do you see the way she plays her parents to get stuff'. Her goal in life is to find a sugar daddy to take care of her. She wants to be a barbie doll, she actually still has a barbie backpack (she's 16). She is total fake, fake blond hair, fake eyelashes, fake personality. She thinks she is smart, and tells people that all the time. She talks about going to 'harvard' but is too dumb to know college is hard to get into and she has to work hard. Her grades are mostly below average, and she doesn't even understand that. DUMB DUMB DUMB. She has no values. She dresses like trailer trash, tongue ring (bets are out she'll be doing oral sex for drugs real soon), belly ring, fake orange spray on tan, and the trashyest clothes in the world. She's already clubbing, and getting things for 'free'. I'm pretty sure she's already gotten money or favors for sex. TRAILER TRASH BARBIE DOLL.

Anyhow, I can't stand the way he parents her, so I"m ending the relationship. He's not worth dealing with barbie princess *****.
Get out of my life barbie *****. I can't stand you. You suck as a human being. You don't add anything to the world. Clueless consumer.
Calilady23 Calilady23
41-45, F
May 11, 2012