Spoilt Little Precious

im sooo glad to find im not the only person who feels this way!!! i will share my story to advise and to help others in this situation simply because it sucks!! ...i met my partner 11 yrs ago i was going through a painfull divorce i have 2 girls then they were 6 + 8...he had a daughter she was 6 also and in my daughters class at school this is how we met.....at first all was good, the girls appeared to get on at first....then the signs were showing the favourtism towards her special gifts for her and all the attention on her when she was over...then she took over in my daughters bedroom and it became THEIR bedroom...this did not please me. I hated that she was treated differently so i started giving her the nickname precious...she was so spoilt. she would come over demand shopping trips then decide when to go home!...i put my foot down and demanded they were treated all the same. my girls could see what was going on...when she came over she could play with their toys and do as she pleased but they had nothing she couldnt touch...but her toys were hers!...little ***** she used to blame them for all sorts and it never got better. in fact my pure hatred for her just grew and grew...she knew i hated her i made it quite clear...but i was clever i used to be super duper nice in front of her dad so he never really beleived her when she would say i was giving her "evils"...i know what your thinking...your an adult how can you behave like that to a child....but believe me this child was a horrid spoilt *****...and she never changed...she would forget her dads birthday...and fathers day...as the years went by she got fatter and more spoilt and vicious...we even bought seperate houses at one point just so he could spend time with her without me around...(mental i know)..then we decided to get a 4 bed house together they could all have there own space and be happier....but the problems got worse....she doesnt even live with us and she got the biggest bedroom!!! how the hell....? ...she has stayed in that room for about 4 nights max...its empty most of time now...its been 3 years since she has been over...she is 16 now fat, ugly, obsessed with her boyfriend and thinks she doesnt have to try at school or even get work...she is lazy and self obsessed.....im glad i dont see her anymore or have to put up with her...i feel sorry for my other half because he is finally seeing the kind of person i saw when she was 6...she is selfish and never visits her dad...i dont care if she drops dead...i cant stand her and i dont want her back in my life....so for you all who are dealing with step kids who you hate .... im sorry but it doesnt get better until they bugger off for good....dont get me wrong some step famlies can work and work well but its really hard work and some kids just arnt worth it...harsh but true.
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I can really relate to your story. I'm in a situation Idk how to handle anymore. I try so hard all the time. My bf daughter is 7 1/2 yrs old. She is at least 60 lbs overweight. She is spoiled rotten, and is given pretty much anything she asks for. My children are 14 + 18, and I tell them all the time the mistakes they are making. She is going to be horrible to live with and take care of when she becomes a teenager. Idk, only time will tell I guess.

good luck and thanks

lol Funny and not at the same time.. Well at least you dont have to see her much if ever again. lol The spoiled little *****! Good for you though its made you a better person and strengthens your instincts.