Spoiled Little Girl!!

Me and my boyfriend have been together for two years, we both introduced our kids as soon as we knew it was going to be a serious relationship. After about a year we moved in together (myself him and my daughter as his daughter lived with her mother) as soon as we got together he quit his job and stayed home. Then his daughter came to live with us for the summer. At first i thought it was alright and it would be fun. That attitude quickly changed as soon as i realized her attitude. She is 7 years old (almost 8) I had to teach her to use toilet paper (she wasnt using it to whipe her butt), I had to teach her how to use soap (apparently no one ever did), I also had to teach her please and thank you because she never used them for anything and was rude to everyone. She doesn't act like a seven year old, she acts like my 3 year old. Actually my 3 year old can at least dress herself. The 7 year old still requires help picking out clothes. She demands that we entertain her and every toy we buy her sits in her room and is only played with by my child. Then when school came, her mother informed us she was living with us now. Her mother also never sees her, never wants her to come over and keeps the money we are supposed to get from the government for her. Its like she almost knows she messed up her kid and wants us to deal with it. This kid is so spoiled, she didnt even say thank you to anyone for her christmas /birthday presents I have no idea how to deal with this kid. She cant run her own bath, can't get in or out of the bath by herself, i have to remind her to turn off the light (and i often get a "why do i have to do it") She refuses to clean her room, she lies constantly about everything, whines when we ask her to do anything, throws hissy fits if she cant figure something out (like on a video game) has only been in time out once (and i put her there for throwing our playstation controller at our 55 inch 3d tv) she does not listen to me, she does not entertain herself, she takes everything she has for granted (she has an ipod touch and a psp, had them by the age of 6) And when she misplaces them she says "I dont know where they went" and my boyfriend doesnt see a problem with a 7 year old that cant do anything by herself. My 3 year old does more for herself than this 7 year old. She is bossy and bosses my child around all the time, if my daughter is playing with her trains, the 7 year old will come over, take over all her stuff and then try telling her what to do. It seems like everyone in my boyfriends family is ok with the fact she is spoiled and gets everything she asks for. Am i wrong to be feeling like i dislike this child? Or is this feeling normal?
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It's obvious that she's had some troubles. She's only 7, her parents are divorced, her mom doesn't want her, no one's ever taught her how to do these things and her dad has a new girlfriend who doesn't like her. I think she's probably acting out because she wants attention and to be loved. If she doesn't know how to do something, then try teach her and praise her when she gets it right. And try not to compare her to your child. They are different people.

Take it easy on her. She is only seven years old. I feel bad for her. I feel like you want minimum contact with her as much as possible. I think if you could get her to cook her own meals, you'd do it. Don't get me wrong. I know what you mean and it can be frustrating. But it is easy to forget she is only seven years old. Teach her good manners and right conduct with love and patience. Also, you seem to have a tendency to compare her to your biological child. That is very dangerous. You have a my child and their child system. You just don't realize it yet. Treat them equally and patiently teach her how to do things.