I Love My Boyfriend....but Not His Dog

When I first started dating my boyfriend I didn't really mind the fact that he had dogs.  Dogs that lived in the house with him that is.  Don't get me wrong, I grew up always having a dog as the family pet, but our dog always lived outside and was never let in the house unless it was -40 out and he was freezing his *** off, even then he mostly got put in the shop.  My boyfriend has always had his dog in the house, on his couches, in his bedroom and yikes! in his bed.  Yes, you heard me, the dogs slept in the bed under the covers.  He would take them into the bathroom while he had a shower or bath.  They went in his car leaving hair and dirty windows and a smell only a dog lover wouldn't gag over.  

Well, I love my boyfriend and no dog is going to stop that.  So, he moves 450 miles just to come live with me so that we could be together.  Now that I am with the dog all the time, it is not something that I can tolerate after all.  The dog is not allowed in the bed, on the bed or on the couches and he agreed to that.  But my goodness, it makes me so mad to be cleaning up after the dog all the damn time.  Hair everywhere so I vacuum everyday.  The dog smells but because of her 'sensitive' skin she only gets bathed a couple times a month maximum.  She has to sleep in the bedroom on the floor beside him.  She farts, grinds her teeth, chews her toenails, makes noises while she sleeps and generally just annoys the hell out of me.  Then she gets to have a bone as a treat.  Some treat.  A rawhide bone that she chews and gnaws on until it is gone leaving behind a big pile of drool on the carpet.  Now tell me that doesn't add to the stink of the house.  

She is in the kitchen at meal time looking for something to eat.  Nosing around the table and bugging me and the kids.  I have since said that she is not allowed in the kitchen at mealtime anymore.  And the **** all over the lawn.  Okay, it is winter now so even nicer, yellow piles of snow everywhere and piles of ****....so much for my kids being able to play in the backyard.  We have to make sure things like teddy bears, socks, hair scrunchies, gloves, etc. are picked up and not just picked up, they have to be out of her reach or she will take them.  She has the run of the house and it is making me angry.  I wish she would just die sometimes actually most of the time now.  

My boyfriend seems to think that dogs rank up there with humans and deserve the same status, often making comments that she is like his kid.  Not me.  A dog is a dog.   They belong outside in my opinion, on the farm preferably.  Having grown up on the farm I am accustomed to going through dogs like wild fire.  You name it and it has happened, we probably had at least 10 different dogs by the time us kids were out of the house so I am not the type to get overly attached to pets.  Sure I like them, I will play with them but they live outside and if they die, well, we can always just get another one, it's that simple.

My boyfriends dog is not a little dog either, it is a pitbull.  She is a nice dog but still drives me crazy all the same.  I am at the end of my rope and have seriously considered having him get his own place so that I don't have to deal with it anymore.  Once she dies then we can resume living together but until then continue dating, living in separate households.  I did mention that we could make her an area in the heated garage, have a doggie door installed that gave her access to a dog run and not have the entire yard as her own.  He said no.  It would be too traumatic for her since she has been an indoor dog her whole life.  Hello? Is the garage not an indoor location?  Heated with her own couch and a rug on the floor so she can feel 'at home'.  What the hell am I gonna do?      

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I found this article through Google, and I can relate to some of what you're saying. Me and my boyfriend have argued over his dog before, don't get me wrong, I love animals, dogs too, I own 3 myself, but my dogs are very well trained and are not allowed on the furniture or upstairs in the house, they have their own beds and get walked daily, my boyfriend's dog on the other hand is the complete opposite, he jumps up at your constantly, he's ripped many of my clothes due to this, same with biting on the end of my top/sleeves. He's allowed on the bed, but her hair irritates my skin and if I shoo her off the bed, my boyfriend has a go at me over it and saying I'm being nasty to the dog etc. The dog has bitten me before, but my boyfriend said she was just playing.. She pulls on the lead constantly, she's a strong dog too. She pees on the carpet and her hair is EVERYWHERE. I only see my boyfriend weekends, but when I do see him my boyfriend gives my dog more attention then me, at night he hugs the dog, he lets the dog lick his face and I think it's gross.. I find her hair absolutely everywhere, I've even found it in my food numerous times!! I can't have any alone time with my boyfriend as the dog is with us 24/7! The dog is very needy and if you leave her alone for a second, she'll jump on you, climb on you, bark you name it.. i'm at my witts end :( I feel like my boyfriend loves the dog more than me.. so glad I;m not alone, was starting to think I was going crazy!!

Help! My girlfriend hates my dog! (notes from reddit thread)

You can keep your pet happy and healthy without making your gf miserable.
For people who have not grown up around pets, living with them all of a sudden is like moving to another country.
Just because she's not a "dog person" does not make her cruel or mean or weird; she has probably just been used to pets with inconsiderate/irresponsible owners.
Don't try to force your dog upon her ("she will like my dog once she gets to know him"). This is not helpful and will end up achieving the opposite of what you hoped to achieve. Eg. asking her to play frisbee with your dog will probably end up with her just disliking him MORE. She is NOT a dog person, so don't try to change her. Expecting her to start loving your dog is as unreasonable as her expecting you to STOP loving you dog. Instead, plan activities that don't involve your dog. This will reassure her that you are not obsessed with your pet and that you CAN have fun without your dog being present.
Don't be disappointed if she never ends up loving your dog. The main thing is that you guys love EACH OTHER. After all: it's YOUR dog, not hers.
If your gf hates dogs, you must mean a lot to her if she is still willing to take you on. Focus on this when you're feeling impatient with her.
Remember that she's making as big of a compromise as YOU are: compromise: you are dating someone who dislikes your dog, she is dating someone who owns a dog. Meet each other halfway.
Ask yourself if you truly want to be in an adult relationship with a human female? Some people are happier on their own, with their pet for company. If you really want a girlfriend, it's time to man up and make HER your priority. Doens't mean you can't have a dog. Just means that your dog comes 2nd now. This is a different stage of your life. If you're struggling to adapt, remember that your dog will always love you and will never break up with you, even if you don't put them first in your life. This is NOT true for girlfriends. If you don't put your girlfriend first, she WILL LEAVE, and who could blame her?
You are in a transitional phase. Your primary role in life is no longer "Fido's dad", it's "Janet's loving boyfriend/partner". The time you used to spend giving Fido a tummy rub each night? This is now your chance to give your girlfriend a foot rub instead. The money you spend on Fido's birthday party? Now goes to presents for your girlfriend. Trust me, your dog will not notice the difference and will love you just the same. Your girlfriend will feel prioritized and valued.
Are you sure this issue is not masking deeper problems in your relationship? If your gf is jealous of your dog, maybe you're not giving her enough attention. Offering your girlfriend extra affection might make her feel less insecure around your dog.
Explain why the dog means so much to you. People without pets might not understand the feeling.
Never expect your gf to clean up your dog's mess. Your dog is your responsibility.
If your dog destroys something belonging to your gf, replace it. Don't blame her for leaving where the dog could get at it. Don't make excuses for your dog.
Leave the dog outside while she's there. If it's an inside dog, make zones in the house where it's not allowed so your gf can have some space, or your dog can be trained to sleep in the basement.
Keep your dog groomed. Dog hair all over the place is a major turn-off even for dog lovers.
Discipline your dog. If your gf thinks you can't even control a pet, the natural assumption is you won't be able to handle kids, either.
Never prepare human food in the same area as dog food. Use separate utensils as well.
Don't expect your gf to bathe in the same shower/bath area that you use to wash the dog. Please don't wash the dog where she washes her clothes either.
Have separate towels for your girlfriend and dog.
Don't use your gf's hairbrush on your dog. Seroulsy.
Do not wrestle with your dog while your gf is there. Women hate that.
Do not allow your dog to whine or beg, or to stare at her while you're eating.
Two points about apologies. 1) If your dog does something that makes your gf mad, apologize for your dog's behavior. Don't be all "but the dog chewed it up: I wasn't even here, it's not my fault". It WAS your fault. The dog is your responsibility. You are responsible for everything the dog does. Therefore, you are the one obliged to apologize, because the dog can't. Second thing: if your gf is mad at the dog, NEVER APOLOGIZE TO THE DOG. Take your girlfriend's side ALWAYS. Dogs will remain loyal regardless orfyour reaction. Siding with your dog is disrespectful to your girlfriend. (Unless she is mistreating your dog.)
Do not allow your dog to disturb your gf during the night (teeth grinding etc) or you will soon be sleeping by yourself.
If your gf makes a mistake with the dog eg giving it chocolate just trying to be nice) be patient. Remember she's never had a dog before and she didn't intentionally do the wrong thing.
Do not allow your dog to jump up on your gf, lick her, drool on her, shed on her, or sit on her lap.
Don't kiss your dog while your gf is around and wash your hands after you've touched the dog, especially if you plan to touch your gf intimately.
Keep your dog out of the bedroom. Dogs are an intimacy-blocker. Watching you have sex can actually cause anxiety in dogs, as they get jealous and may lash out violently at your gf.
Never even think about letting your dog in your bed, even when your gf is not there. It's gross, and I'm a dog person!
Ask your gf why she resents your dog and do what you can to remedy the specific problem. She might not hate the dog, just one specific thing that it does.
Don't let your dogs become a roadblock in your relationship. Assure her that you will never let your dog come between the two of you.
If your dog is aggressive towards your gf or bites her, you really need to think about getting rid of the dog. That's a dealbreaker for anyone. Dogs do not rank up there with humans. It's that simple.
Never get a new pet without consulting your partner.
Accept that if you are serious about this girl, this will be the last dog you ever have.

Reading this sounds exactly like me. I live in a small two bedroom flat and very tempted just to take off n leave my boyfriend. All because of the dog. I haven't been diagnosed but I like my flat clean. There just doesn't seem away around it.

Making dogs live outside is abuse. Period. They are indoor animals and have been bred that way. If you don't want to treat them like a family member, why would you buy a dog? To look at it? As for the poster's situation, it would also be abuse to force the dog to live anywhere else but with the person it's shared it's whole life and ability to love with. That's YOUR oversight. I personally hate hate hate shedding dogs, but you should have known going into it that shedding dogs are a nightmare to clean up after, and that people who love their dogs won't give them up. You're not more important than his buddy he takes care of every day, that's just the truth, so stop thinking you're better than it, and either deal with it or leave.

Wow. You are absolutely insane!!!

The dog who is living in HER HOUSE where SHE pays bills and keeps food on the table is more important than she is???

She should stop thinking that she is better than the animal that SHE provides food and shelter for??

Please seek mental help immediately.

First of all, to all of you that are too scared or incapable of having human babies, dogs are not babies. They are four legged animals, like a cat or a horse. I completely understand Bigmama36. I have spent a good part of the last 4 years chasing away or ignoring our 4 year old Pit bull. He annoys the hell out of me. This breed is as smart as dogs come. Acts completely different when my other half is around. That's the most frustrating part, he's cool unless he's around...when he is, he just acts like this whimpering little b****. He slurps his urine early in the a.m. to avoid going outside, laps at my male dogs genetalia unless he's trying to hump him. Constantly. I could write a novel of the annoyances. It's not jealousy. It's not being cold hearted. It's not that I don't like animals. This dog just annoys the f*** out of me. What I have learned is to ignore it. You can't change the situation and by wasting energy on it, you'll only exhaust yourself or attract more things to get annoyed about creating a vicious circle. Put the dog outside when he's not around and try to ignore it when he is around otherwise you'll go crazy. I hope this helped.👍🏻

I sincerely didn't used to like dogs until our daughter moved back home and brought her dog with her, Coolest dog ever. She moved out a while later and we kept the dog. The dog is so smart and charming he's been in several productions and has a huge following of fans who adore him. So now I don't like people who don't like dogs. They **** me off.

i feel the same way as you do, but its my girlfirend instead. God damn i want to strangle that thing until the end of it. I dont, but it really urks me how she does think of it as an equal? what the hell is that about. DOGS are not only "dogs" they waste resources as us already greedy Americans spend xxx amount of money fending for it. That money, with my girlfriend alone with this one dog probably could have fed an entire tribe for a year. Just give them the money and the dog......to eat. I need to vent to another brain-worthy peer in order to not think of punting this thing over the bridge like jack black in anchorman

I need help. I hate my boyfriends dog with a fiery passion. And I love dogs but this dog gets on my last nerve. His dog is 11. Getting into my relationship with my boyfriend I was so okay with his dog even if I am allergic to dogs. I didn't have to stay at my boyfriends that often. It didn't bother me. I would never ask my boyfriend to choose between me or his dog.I never had a dog as a child and only had cats so of course I wanted a dog. But my boyfriend is so ******* obsessed with his dog. The dog is really sweet. He whines for food because my boyfriends dad literally gives him a plate of dinner when we have dinner. We have ribs, mashed potatoes, peas, the dog will get a plate just like us. It's ridiculous. Before my boyfriend and I moved in together his dog would sleep with him, even if he had a dog bed next to his bed, lay on the couches. I am allergic like I said so i would I just ask if he wouldn't be on the bed or couches where I lay. My allergies make it hard to sleep and breathe. The dog just doesn't listen when I tell him to hush or stop. I have told myself I wish his dog would die. I would never thing that about an animal but this dog grinds my gears. My boyfriend thinks dogs are like humans they have feelings they blah blah blah. My whole family knows my boufriend loves his dog more than me. I just don't know what to do. Stresses me out to the max.

I'm sad to say I feel you. Although I have different issues with our dog... I feel I need to first clarify that I was railroaded into getting a dog. My relationship is complicated and I have on occasion been on the verge of abuse. I just thought i would put that out here before people judge me for hating on a "poor innocent animal"...We got our dog at 6 weeks old. Yeah she was cute and her training went well... But I am not a dog person. Never have been. Never will be. My other half is the dog fanatic not me.I am now 23 weeks pregnant.The main problem I have with our dog is how needy she is. She gets walked regularly and for a good long time, she gets fed well and interacted with. She is regularly bathed but still makes things smell of she lays on them because she is a dog and they all smell. She wants for nothing and is well trained.But she will NOT leave us alone. On an evening we tell her to lie down on her bed so we can have some space. She gets up after five minutes and comes over to the couch. We kindly tell her to lie back on her bed. After 10 times in the space of an hour I'm sick of it. I then tell her off and an argument begins between me and my other half as she is "just coming to see us"... She's seen us all day!!!She sleeps in our room on her own bed (NOT my choice I don't believe dogs should be in the bedroom) and every time I roll over in bed o hear her clicking across the bloody laminate towards me. Just lie down and leave me alone!!!!!! I get so mad at her and how she follows me around but my other half just makes me out to be nasty and will not discipline her for it.I cannot sleep with her in the bedroom. She makes smacking noises with her mouth in her sleep and twitches and snores all the time.I didn't want her on the couch but my other half convinced me to let her up but only if she is invited. She is now ALWAYS invited.I'm sick of her constant mithering. Even a child can be left to play on its own!!! I just don't get a minutes peace from her constantly clicking across the laminate from her bed when I'm trying to relax! Just lie the **** down!!! And stay!!!!I give my other half an inch he takes a mile. It is always me doing the compromising.I'm sick of hoovering up the dog hair (which seems to get everywhere compared to our cats fur) and I am now getting too big to manage it every other day. The Hoover now also stinks the house out whenever it's on because of the dog. My other half said he would help but usually after 5 days of him saying it and not doing it I end up struggling through it myself.I have to sweep and mop our tiled floor every day several times because he won't dry her and take off his shoes before he comes in after walking her.I am worried I won't cope when the baby comes. In my eyes she is a dog and dogs should not be allowed on soft furnishings. They should not be allowed in the bedroom. They should be separated from a child in the car (other half thinks it will be fine to have her in the back seat with our newborn). They should have set boundaries and not be treated like people or human children.Due to the previously mentioned complexities of my relationship I am not in a position to say anything about how I feel as it will just cause an argument which I will inevitably lose as the dog is EVERYTHING and I (and our unborn baby) am the bottom of the pecking order.I am not a dog person, I never wanted a dog. I have never been a dog person and will never be a dog person. Yet I am now stuck with a dog for however long she lives. I am stuck with a dog fanatic who will not see it from my point of view and will not compromise. What do I do?

I'm having a problem with one of my bf's cats myself. We just moved in together, I brought my two dogs and he brought his two older cats. The whole time moving in, it was "poor cats this, and poor cats that". They get their own area in the house, blocked from the dogs, and my dogs have to sleep in the garage. The cats are warry of my dogs, but they have never tried to hurt them. In fact, the younger of my two dogs has even tried to play with one of the cats! So my bf is out of town right now, and I am watching his cats. One has warmed up to me, and will come out of his area and be social, but the other has become downright aggressive! A few days ago when I went to feed them, he hissed at me, and then tried to attack me! I told my bf that this behavior isn't acceptable, and he shrugs it off. Honestly, at this point, I just loathe that cat! I love my bf very much and I would never ask him to get rid of it, but the obvious favoritism of that cat over the other animals is grating on my nerves.

Anyone have any tips on handling older aggressive cats?

I suggest acting like the dog doesn't bother you anymore. Buy him some dog treats even and play with him or her and then after a few months of this act like he ran away and find the dog a new home 😛

I really don't care that this is an older post - I have to share my experience from today. I am diagnosed with pre-osteoporosis - my mother and my grandmother broke their hips from having low bone density and falling. Today my boyfriend was bragging how his 100 pound pit bull "body-checked" him and almost knocked him down. My boyfriend knows that I can't bear up to his big dog jumping up on me or "play attacking" but he encourages it anyway. So after his bragging about the "body-check" from his dog, I reminded him that I'm really afraid of breaking my hip if his dog knocks me down. While I was about to suggest that I start discouraging/training his dog to respect me, my bf was acting annoyed, rubbing his brow, staring down and getting uptight. He didn't want to hear my suggestions. He ended up walking off into the sunset with his dog and flipping me off.

My boyfriend has 2 dogs...they are old, small. One is dying...she is in pain, toilets in the house, can barely move and is covered in abscesses that are oozing pus. She smells strongly like road kill. The other dog locks the pus. He asks me to lift her in and out of the house...I wont. She screams in pain and is infected. She is just rotting....yuck. I have learned from being around his dogs that I am not a dog person. Dear God I hope that dog dies soon.

I find myself in a very similar predicament. I would also proclaim myself to be an animal lover, I have always had animals throughout my life and have cared for, cleaned up after, and trained them properly. I guess I have reached a point in my life where I am ready to stop caring for everyone and everything around me and focus a little more on myself, and moreso, on my current relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for about 7 months, we recently moved in together and have both been eagerly excited to start our lives together. I knew he had a dog and that she would be coming with us; we desperately searched and searched for an apartment that would allow her. She is a long-haired mix and weighs about 75 lbs, so her weight was usually a restriction is most townhomes/apartments. So we find a place, move in, and the 'fun' begins. Previously, he was living with his parents in their home, of which was disgusting to say the least. His parents also owned a dog and between the two of them, I'm talking urine stained carpet, poop piles that would remain on the floor for sometimes weeks at a time, hair EVERYWHERE, allowed on every piece of furniture, including my bfs bed...under the covers I might add. Basically, they never cleaned up properly after their dogs and believed it was okay. I knew that it was possible that this type of 'let the dogs do whatever' attitude could have easily been transferred to my boyfriend, but was reassured me that he never liked the condition of his parents house and wanted to maintain a clean environment in our new place together. We set ground rules-she would need to be in her cage when neither of us are home, no sleeping on the bed or furniture (the furniture is mine, so I felt I had the right to set this rule), she's not allowed in the kitchen when I am cooking, reasonable rules. In saying this, its been a bit of a roller coaster so far. I think all of the issues I am about to discuss stem from the fact that I have always sort of known that he may never be able to love me, or anyone else in his life, as much as he loves his dog. I get that he has had his dog for much longer than I have been around, but I also understand that there are different capacities for love. There is animal-love and human-love, and they should have their own place/boundaries. This deep-routed love makes it very hard for him to not only set and maintain rules for his dog, but to punish her for disobeying the rules (I'm talking a bop on the nose or a stern 'no!'...not a karate kick to the face). It's been almost a month and I'd say 40% of our carpet is already covered in urine spots. It's frustrating to say the least. We move into this super nice, super expensive new apartment and it's slowly being ruined. Its especially frustrating because she does it mostly around me, or she does it around him but he doesn't notice because he believes she 'doesn't do that' so she doesn't need to be watched constantly. Which means I am the one who finds it when I come home from work by almost slipping and eating sh*t on the kitchen tile or having it soak through my shorts when I sit on the ground to stretch after a workout. Which also means I'm cleaning it up 95% of the time. It should be known that another big ground rule I set when we decided to move in together was that I didn't want to clean up after his dog. I would walk her while he was at work and feed her if need be, but I did not want to take on the full responsibility of owning an animal and having to clean up after it. Initially he understood, now...not so much. He has been getting mad at me when I express to him how frustrating this has been for me. What's funny is that he always seems to think I am angry at his dog, when I am obviously mad at her owner! His dog is not very well trained...he raised her to be a brat and she gets everything she wants and is never properly punished when she does something bad. I tried explaining to him that a dog's behavior and attitude is a direct reflection of its owner....meaning he sort of failed in training her properly and now that he is no longer living in a nasty house, it's a very evident problem. On to the real issue....in the month we have been living here, she has tried to bite me twice. And I mean seriously bite me with full force. Once was when she got a hold of one of my shoe and I tried taking it away from her...once again...brat dog gets everything she wants so her reaction seemed logical to her, "this is mine and you can't take it away from me or I will bite you". I could care less about my shoe, I can buy new ones, but It was pretty scary for me. I was home alone and she is a big dog...things could have gotten ugly really fast. Sure I am not COMPLETELY familiar with her, but I have NEVER seen her respond that way, and my bf has always said she is a non aggressive dog...so I had no clue what else she was capable of at that point. The next occurrence was when she was in her cage (luckily). A neighbor knocked on the front door and she would NOT stop barking (another small issue of hers) so when I went over to her cage and told her to stop and she immediately snapped and growled towards me and carried on with her fit for another 5 minutes or so. I explained both instances to my bf and I think a part of him thinks I am lying or exaggerating to get her out of our apartment. This is 100% not the case, if I didn't want her living with us, I would have never agreed to it in the first place. I will say that in light of new behaviors I never knew she had, I am reconsidering her presence in our apartment. I get it's never right to make someone choose between their animal and a significant other, but it is equally not right for me to be uncomfortable and nervous in my own home. I don't want to be nervous every time a family member or friend comes over because I don't really know how she will react. So where does this leave me? I could use some advice, does anyone think I am being ridiculous in my boundaries? It should be known that if the dog left our apartment, she would simply be going back to his parents house that live only 30 minutes from us...I would never send her off to the pound or anything of the sort. I feel it's also important to add that I owned 2 cats before we moved in together. I was technically "fostering them" but we were unable to find a place to live that would accept 3 animals, two is usually the limit. He never suggested leaving his dog at his parents place until I could find them their permanent home...so I was basically forced to quickly enroll them in another fostering program with someone else. Losing them was much harder on me than I had anticipated, but I knew it was right for sake of starting a new life with someone I love, so I did it for us. I understand it is not the same, my relationship with the cats and his with his dog, but a sacrifice was made on my part nonetheless.
Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!

Why is this dog not house trained?? If there's *one* thing to put time and energy into with a dog, it's house training, particularly with apartment life. Get her on a firm schedule of going out, reward her for going outside with a treat, use the pricey organic spray that kills any odor for accidents inside. If dogs can smell prior pee in the carpet, they have the urge to just keeping going there. Start from square 1 as if she was a puppy and fix this issue, it'll really help. I could never deal if our dogs were going inside, especially with carpet, jeez. The growling, she can't get away with it, correct that behavior, the human needs to be the alpha/leader of the pack, you can google more about that, but it has to be consistent. If you're going to keep living with this dog, you're going to have to deal with these behavioral issues which all sound like a lack of training!

Couldn't agree with you more evyj...
Since I originally wrote the post, my boyfriend and I have gotten into multiple arguments specifically relating to his dog's lack of training. He, of course, doesn't like to hear that because it is a direct reflection of his own mistakes in raising his dog. Unfortunately, my boyfriend was raised by two extremely lax parents, meaning he grew up with few rules and very little structure. I know humans vs dogs is not exactly the greatest comparison, but I honestly believe he raised his dog the only way he knew how...just the same as he was raised. Once again, this was never an issue before because he had been living with his parents, in a lackadaisical household, for the first 3 years of his dog's life. Now that they are both living with me, her behavior is a very evident problem. The biggest issue being, just as you stated, her inability to see me as the alpha. I have slowly been working at establishing my dominance, with help of some internet research. It actually seems to be working...it just takes some time, so I am trying to muster up as much patience as possible. The main thing for me is that both the dog, and my boyfriend, need to understand the dog-human boundaries...I am the human, you are the dog, and thus you do what I tell you to do or you will be reprimanded.

Her incontinence has gotten a little better, also with the help of some research and training. The main hindrance with the apartment training is that as of now, I cannot take her on walks. She still "dribbles" urine whenever I try to leash her..and sometimes it is much much more than simply a dribble, she has released the entire contents of her bladder on our kitchen floor numerous times. I have tried several approaches to prevent this from happening, but it literally happens every single time I try to take her on a walk. This is one thing that I just do not have patience for anymore, I cleaned up after her little pee spots for a couple months and dealt with her inappropriate behavior, and then when my boyfriend would come home from work (he works nights) he got to hang out with the "fun" and "lovable" dog while I sat in the corner annoyed as all he**. My anger was mostly due to the fact that my boyfriend never truly appreciated all the cleaning and effort I had been doing to try and make this situation with living with his dog work. He actually got mad at me multiple times for "putting him in a bad mood at work because all I do is text him about how his dog has peed in the house or been aggressive towards me". Which is so ridiculous on so many levels...

I am trying, I just have to get my boyfriend to try a little more. Training his dog WILL NOT work if I am the only one enforcing rules. Then she will only see me as the bad guy and my boyfriend as the good guy...and that will get us no where.

Ugh I'm sorry, that sounds terrible, and honestly, your bf sounds like as much a problem as the dog. I used to live with my ex's horribly difficult dog too, and it was the hardest part of the relationship. He refused to get the high-energy dog the exercise it needed and it was just going crazy, like it was stuck in prison--destroying sh**, barking all the time, jumping up on tables and counters. To prove me wrong, he had a dog trainer/behaviorist come once and their recommendation was 4-5 walks a day, agility training, dog parks--for a dog he could barely walk once a day! haha so yeah that didn't happen but he stopped saying I was wrong :) People who haven't had the experience, or just throw their dog outside all day, probably think it sounds nuts to argue so much over a dog. But cleaning up day after day for someone else's animal and having a big part of your life revolve around dealing with it can be really difficult. I have my own two dogs, my current boyfriend has two as well, and those FOUR dogs are easier for me than the ONE dog my ex had, no joke. Anyway, I hope things get better for you, and you can train your boyfriend as well as the dog.

Oh, absolutely! My boyfriend is currently being trained as well, he just doesn't know it ;) Thanks for your input! It is very much appreciated :)

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Hello I am in a similar situation and it's been very hard. We have a chocolate lab and a pugel( pug mixed with a Begal)...
We have a baby on the way, I am 30 weeks pregnant and very worried about the added stress and chaos the dogs bring to our lives and household..
They are so demanding, dirty, hair is everywhere all the time, even though I sweep/mop daily.
They are always getting into the panty and eating us out of house and home, they poop and pee in the house still.
And worst of all take time away from our relationship. They just seem to control us and run our lives.!! :(
I was wondering if you've found any good solutions.? I'm at a loss.!

Awww, its 4 am in the morning have just moved out from my fiance's villa.
Have always been concerned by his overwhelming love to that destructive dog of his. But tonight i had to sleep on the sofa while the fkn dog was chilling on my pillow in the bed...just because i accidentally kicked her in my sleep.
I know i know, i was stupid well enough to get engaged to the guy who loves a filthy dog more then me. I tried my best, suggested so many things, but no. So off i go

Ugh I sometimes want to kill my bf's dog as well...I'm so tired of this stupid dog and all he does is destroy everything I own that is very important. He recently chewed my retainer that I paid $300 for and the time I spent on getting that retainer was absolutely insane. I hate his dog so much because he pees on the couch and the floor all the time!!! He pees when he gets too excited or scared. I never punish this dog because I love my bf and I try to ignore it but it's so hard to ignore if I have to clean the mess all the time!!! One time, he peed on me as well!! I hate this dog so much, I asked my bf to choose between me and this stupid dog but he convinced me to let it stay. I tried to train this dog and everything else fails. We actually rescued this dog 2 years ago...we found him wandering the streets...i wish I told my bf to take it to the shelter instead....big mistake letting him in my life. I get nothing but ****, poop and destroyed expensive things. I can't even leave anything in the table anymore and one time I saw a poop on the coffee table!! Yes he likes to poop everywhere and even **** on my bed! We take him out at 4 times a day and I walk him all the time and this never stops! sometimes I wish this dog would just run away.....Some people in this site might think that Im cruel but I don't care because haters in this site thinks it's so easy to handle this when it's not

Old post i know, but this SO reminds me of my partners dog!! Id say I was a dog lover. I have a cocker/jack Russell cross myself and he is lovely. He sheds A LOT but I just make sure he has regular baths and I comb him a lot and he's fine.

However my partner (of almost 5 years!) rescued a 1 year old dog from a friend who had to move back in with his parents and couldn't take it with who was otherwise going to the pound.

From the start I stated the responsibility was his as his dog and made him check she was trained, as I go to uni and we have a 2 year old and don't have the time or energy.

Yeah RIGHT! I soon learned she is trained when your IN! when your out however, she can open any door (including a dog cage we tried with her due to her behaviour)
Once I had to personally pay 70 plus travel to get her from a dog wardon because she had chewed her way through our locked living room door (16 foot square room), squeezed through the gap and opened our front door! (I had forgotten to key lock the door in a rush)resulting in her being picked up when I was 2 hours away, less than an hour from the end of wardons shift!

She also poops and pees in the house ONLY when we are not in, and as I said she can loose herself out of her cage to do it!

She has also in 3 months chewed up a 2 thousand pound leather sofa (3 part corner suite) that was less than 2 years old, along with the power cable to our tv internet and xbox one day, my laptop charger and scratched the outside of my laptop one day that I had left on my bed, and she constantly gets the rubbish out of our little room bins!

Disclaimer to say I know its her and not my dog as I shut him in our kitchen as that where he sleeps due to being nervous around her. He is also slowly withdrawing more and more as she is overbearingly "alpha" .

She will also come in and sleep on our bed when we are asleep. On a few occasions when my son was ill and sleeping in our bed with us I woke to find the body laying next to me was not my son but her and my son was lay across the bottom of the bed with no duvet!

She also begs for food and steals anything food that she could possibly reach whenever you aren't looking (including on the kitchen table etc)

What annoys me most about ALL of this is the obvious lack of boundaries my partner is prepared to enforce. I am off from uni at the moment and so I am stuck with her 24/7. I am trying my best to teach her boundaries, but my partners reaction to her behaviour is she's a dog Toni, she chews my laptop wore it, its only about 30 quid to replace. The sofa issue is, ill fix it, the poop issue is , Toni pick it up and spray the odour stuff (like its my responsibility!)

And to top it off I had to pay for her to be insurance and pay the excess on an operation in her ear as she has ruptured a vein in her ear from shaking her head too much (she sheds a LOT!) .

We are a couple and we work through things and I am trying. She is his "baby" and he loves her. But honestly I cant stand her, or more so how badly she is wrecking the home I work so hard for!!! If it wasn't for my partner and her bond with my son I swear I wouldn't have paid the money to get her back from the wardon. That was completely for them.

Just to clarify I shut my dog in the kitchen only when I'm out haha

Pit bulls are the best dogs ever. They do not shed that much as their hair does not get every where. I have a rather large one he is very smart and he doesn't drool he doesn't make messes he's also my service dog but I also made sure to train him right. I just had a baby and he's oerfect. Now my bfs dog on the other hand you want to talk about hair every where !!! I have never hated an animal my whole life and have been bit by a few dogs but I HATE my bfs dog. There's hair everywhere. Literally. In the microwave in my food all over the carpet in the baby's crib where obv the dog doesn't go. My poor dog was allowed to sleep in the bed and be on the couch until his dog came along. He got on the couch for 5 seconds and it was covered in about 2 inches of black hair. Disgusting. I can't stand the hair. Not only that he barks allllllll the time. We have been threatened to be kicked out because of it. And he steals food and destroys everything. We will not be getting our security deposit back. I pray everyday that his dog drops dead.

You're a *****. I'm surprised that your boyfriend (god bless him) allows YOU to sit on the couch or to be in the bed. He sacrificed moving all those miles to be with you and you ***** and whine about his baby all day long. I doubt he does that to your babies. Dogs have sensitive skin, buy a dog conditioner that smells nice. Get some pet conditioner spray that you can spray and make it smell like cookies. How about trying to brush your dog, bam, hair is gone. Or brush its teeth - OH WOW the bad breath is no longer a problem. Can't be bothered to touch its mouth to brush it? They have dental treats for that and even stuff you can put in its water to freshen their breath and even help their digestive system. Be thankful his dog chews on a bone and not on your furniture. Your kids can't play in the back yard because there is too much poop all over the lawn? Why don't you pick up after your dog when it goes to the bathroom, that's disgusting that you would just leave it out there. If you're too good to do it yourself hand your kids dog bags and tell them they will get an extra cookie for dessert for picking up the dog poop and then have them wash their hands. Chores=reward=teaching responsibility=earning your keep. Your boyfriend loves his dog, it is his child, his baby, his best friend. You want him to stick his baby in the garage away from its family? Its one thing to start out like this from the moment you get the dog or puppy but after years of owning the dog and treating it as if its family to you to just stuff it into the garage by itself.. you disgust me. Why not just make your children sleep in the heated garage, that is still an indoor location, we could give them their own couch and bed so they can feel 'at home' and maybe while you're at it, you can join them in the garage while him and his baby sleep on the bed together, i'm sure you also fart and make annoying noises while you sleep. Because they're your babies just like his pit bull is his. I don't know why your boyfriend is still with you. You seem like the type of person who always has to have it be about them that never thinks of anyone else. Selfish. Petty. Disgusting. Heartless. Humans are not the only living being with feelings, although you may be the exception.

EVERYONE ELSE- pay attention - this woman is the type of person who gives the human race a bad name, and is the prime example of why a lot of people think animals are more important than people.

Amber, you need to seek some professional help. Put the children in the garage? Are you effing kidding me? There is something WRONG with you. You came on here knowing it was for people who don't like dogs. Troll.

I bet your house STINKS like dog.

Don't ever have children.

Says the woman who secretly would love to watch her husband's first children die!!!

You are a joke.

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I feel you 10000% my boyfriend has a pit bull and a coyote/husky mix. When we first got together I loved them like they where my own. Now if they dont go, I am. We live in a house now. We used to live in a tiny two bedroom apartment and when I got pregnant with our son I could really take them out during the day we lived in an upstairs apartment, riot (the pitbull) almost pulled me down the flight of concrete stairs , so I refused to take them out during the day I am not going to hurt myself or my baby for them. When he would get home after work he would take them out and we would go for a little walk before bed and take them out. In thw morning i would get up and make him breakfast he would take the dogs for a walk and then eat and go to work. I would go back to sleep, and I would wake up to like 6 piles of dog ****, he would already be at work. I was pregnant as hell having to pick it up this happened every morning I would throw up like 10 times because of how disgusting it is. Riot (the pitbull) has bit me before, because if you tell her to get off the couch she will snap at you and growl, she even does it to my boyfriend. We ended up moving back in with my mom for like 3 months , when I was about 8 months I told riot (the pit) to get off the bed I was going to sleep and she stood up and started growling and show I her teeth at me I was so scared she was going to attack me. I told my boyfriend right after it happened (he was asleep on the bed when it happened and I even called to him while it was happening and he didnt wake up) I woke him up after and told him. The next day I had to tell him again because he didnt even know I talked to him last night. He does not believe me that it happened because "she has never acted like that before". That pissed me off, because I am not lying that REALLY happened. So we have a house nowx our son is 7 months old and starting to crawl around and I want the dogs out in the back yard 24/7 because while he is at work I vlean all day long , I sweep and mop and all that fun stuff and we had a huge fight over it because "they are not outside dogs they have been inside dogs there whole life" I tell him well looks like that is changing our son comes first. They get all over the couch and they do not listen for Sh*t to me or him. They smell and I hate them! I HATE them so much. So we have been keeping them in the bavk yard and for the past week they keep digging holes and getting out I have to go chase them down and keep them in the house until my boyfriend gets home. Just today they pushed a board off of the neighbors fence and where playing in his back yard. They bark all night long ruin our back yard and I want them gone. I told him they need to go and he says no they are not going anywhere. I have told him its me or them and he chooses them every time. I love this guy with my whole soul and I want to be with him always. But if these dogs dont go within the week I am taking oyr son and going to my mothers until they leave. Or I will not come back. I can not take them anymore.

I understand This dog is allowed to poop and pee in the house and on the furniture. The house reeks but all he talks about is how wonderful the dog is He sleeps with the dog. there is dander and fleas all over the placeand this is a very expensive house. 2 cleaning ladies have quit and they didn't really clean. He can't find anyone now. the worst part is that I am allergic to dogs and their dander. My voice drops and my throat tightens up. I start wheezing and my chest tightensI am taking shots and medicine. he says he loves me but tells me to suck it up and take a pill. I can't live with him because i get so sick but he wants to marry me. I think he loves the dog more than me. he is feeding the dog human food and way too much. I have told him he can't leave out food for several days. I find myself making sure the dog is fed well but it's at a cost to my own health. I know he loves his dog but how do I make him understand how sick I get After writing this I know what I need to do thanks everyone

Well my boy wanna move in together but the place that we want to move in is small, just a living room, kitchen, bedroom and a restroom. His actually house has carpet that looks gross and smell dog everywhere, hair, hair everywhere.i love him so much, the place has a big backyard and she can perfectly stay day during the day and just at nights cone in the house to sleep , but just the idea to keep her outside the house even just during the day makes him crazy, and if is like this I'm not sure that i wanna move in. I been thinking that i was so bad cuz what i think but now i can see that is not only me ... Tnx

Girl I'm in your shoes I absolutely think a dog should definately be outside and stay outside...I mean seriously my bf is that way towards his dog too it's pretty fn annoying ....at first I didn't care but she's crossed the line too many times and he does not really correct her and frankly I'm fn sick of her I wish she was fn DEAD ALREADY ANF AS FOR THR MF THAT SAID GO KILL YOURSELF IN One OF THe COMMENTS DOWN THERE LMAO I TAKE IT UR A DOG LOVER PATHETIC.... Y don't U go kill yourself !!! U dumb pos anyway just had to say that im seriously considering leaving him that's how much I hate gis dog !!! I got done making a nice dinner the other day and the skillet was still on and hot and she ******* ate it all!!! I walked away for 3 seconds and my bf blamed me for leaving the kitchen R u fn serious!!!!! Get the **** out of here what is it with men and dogs !!! Lame if u ask me

Ugh, you have just convinced me to NEVER cave in and date a guy with a dog. I've casually dated guys with outside dogs before, but now I live in Cali where dogs have been given human status and you can't step outside your house without immediately being in the presence of one. I've thought about coming around, but you've just described EXACTLY why I find them gross gross gross! If a child or other human was like a dog, I would want nothing to do with them, so why in the world would I want to live with a dog? There are plenty of cleaner ways to obtain affection and love. Thank you so much for your honesty! I wouldn't wish the dog dead though, that sounds pretty evil.

Might I suggest a bubble? A big, plastic, human-size, hamster bubble in which you live far away from any and every animal... possibly people too. Then everything will always be fresh, clean, neat, tidy, and perfectly sterile forever and ever and ever.
Jesus. Melodramatic much?
It's a *DOG*, not a plague rat. I find it very hard to believe you grew up anywhere even remotely near the vicinity of a farm... Personally, methinks the lady doth protest too much...
If he doesn't make the walking petri dishes that are your kids live in a box in the garage (it's a fact: all children are just disgusting with germs and all manner of yech.)
then it isn't fair to demand his dog be excommunicated either. I also find it rather... disturbing... that you keep referencing the dog's mortality. It sounds like that dog should be sleeping with one eye open. O.O
You know, some people just aren't meant to be... issuing an ultimatum is going to all but guarantee that, for what it's worth. You just have to decide what you want, how miserable you *actually* are, as opposed to what is just drama, and how selfless vs. selfish you're willing to be to salvage your relationship... this whole 50/50 thing about relationships is pure horse puckey. There's going to be times when someone has to be willing to give 80% when the other person's giving only 20%, and vice-versa. Someone has to bend here, and this time I'm afraid it's going to have to be you. The next time, it might have to be him. That's love and that's life. Is it really that bad? o.O

In my experience rats are cleaner than dogs could ever hope to be.And the fact that would compare HUMAN children to a bottom feeding dumpster wolf shows how little you know about farm life and the mentality of a person who lives on one.
Most people who live/lived on farms treat animals like animals.I know the billion dollar pet industry wants people to think dogs are special angels put on earth by Jesus but truth is they are no different than any other animal.If you dont let a pig,cow or horse stink your house up why should a dog be allowed to?
That said some people cant handle human relationships and thus feel the need to anthropomorphize dogs.It would be best if she just dumped him and started dating men that prefer women over dogs.

Weirdo. Shut up you pathetic dog lover. I bet you and your house both smell awful.

I know EXACTLY how you feel. My bf has a pit bull/mastiff mix. It wipes drool on the furniture, has peed on hus mattress a few times, when it chews bones it's mouth gets all foamy and drooly it's gross. And the shedding is crazy, more hair BC there's way more dog. I have 3 Chihuahuas and they all don't she'd nearly as much as that dog. The neighbors called the police bc of hus dog and now they call us when they want to go in their backyard BC his dog charges at the fence and nearly jumps it while barking his head off at them. His dog doesn't just lay down and relax, is always roaming and moving and sniffing things which usually leaves drool on everything. When my bf moved in he was supposed to have the dog neutered and trained which of course never happened. His dog has already pissed all over my couch, the floors and pissed down the side of my son's bed twice. But I allowed the dog in my home as long as a partition wall was built in the back addition of the house and all of the dogs ended up staying back there and have access to the backyard BC we installed a larger dog door to accommodate his dog. Even with that his dog keeps jumping the wall and scratching the wall and door we installed. So we had to stack a bunch of boxes up on the partition wall and block the door BC the dog pushes it backwards nearly breaking it off the hinges. He has no training and is too hyper and whiney. We have all stepped in his dog's sh*t, big huge nasty piles all over. My dogs leave small tootsie rolls and even if we stepped on one it wouldn't make such a smushy mess. With his dog being here I have been the one cleaning up the "dog area" in the back room and I even bathed his dog once. But my dogs are so much easier. They require little exercise and just lay in their little beds. His dog won't sit still unless he has a bone to chew and we'll I've already mentioned the nasty mess from that. My bf doesn't even exercise his dog and has only walked it once during the 5 months they've been here and only BC I kept pushing the idea of us walking our dogs. I finally had enough and have let my dogs in the house more. I bathed all 3 of them and they each just lay in their little beds all quiet and calm or follow me around and just sit by my feet. It seems he doesn't realize the extra effort and time it takes when owning a large breed and all he cares about is that his dog should be in the house like mine do. Yup, I'm very annoyed as you can tell.

I absolutely love dogs too! I'm not a large breed person tho, as far as owning. Also didn't mention that he would leave me because of his dog. I'm sure if he did he still wouldn't walk it...

I can say that I'm in a similar situation... However I LOVE DOGS! Mainly big ones because small breeds tend to be nippy, yippy, pee everywhere, little-dog-syndrome, and I've just had too many bad experiences with little dogs. My boyfriend has an in-bred rat-terrier & jack-russell mix. I acknowledge that the dog could be trained out of these bad behaviors but he's still mean spirited with other animals and kids sometimes. I've liked one little dog a lot and he was a rat-terrier. Now in comparison to the other comments I've read my situation is relatively mild. The dog use to crap and pee quite often, he is always under foot, he tries to roll around in dead animals if given the opportunity, he is really mean to the cats (probably would kill them if he could because he kills other small animals), he barks at everything (so very annoying), he follows my boyfriend literally everywhere, if the boyfriend goes outside he whines like someone is stabbing him with a needle, he doesn't listen to any commands hardly... he understands his name, no, go lay down, and that's pretty much it. He had a HUGE flea problem which I finally solved. He tried to bite me because I was going to pick him up (this is when I liked him), he's tried to bite little kids before ( I don't care if they play rough if he was a big dog he would get put down for biting a kid. Just because he's small doesn't make it acceptable). Did I mention he ALWAYS needs to be around my boyfriend... and he stares...with eye contact for 5 minutes at a time. I've never been around a dog who tries to make eye contact like that. It's disturbing. He scratches and licks for attention. I get that some of my issues with the dog could be solved if my lazy boyfriend would train him.. and if his family (he lives at home) would stick to the rules when it comes to the dog. Like not giving him people food because it's REALLY bad for dogs and it encourages begging. NOT allowing him on the really nasty furniture..NOT allowing him to lick their dishes clean (disgusting), yelling at him when he barks at people while we wrestle or when he sees the cats or squirrels. Yes, I am a little prejudice when it comes to small dogs vs big dogs. I had a German Shepherd and I loved her dearly but she was treated like a DOG not a person. I slept on the floor by her for 5 years. Since she wasn't allowed upstairs I kind of moved into the basement so I could sleep next to her. When she couldn't go down the stairs anymore I'd sleep with her in the hallway every night I was up at my dad's (parents are divorced so they shared us kids 50-50). She wasn't allowed on furniture, she did not beg, she never bit anyone, she was nice to other animals (unless they were threatening), hell, she wouldn't harm a little mouse intentionally, just played with them gently. She was our guard dog and she would bark but she'd stop once we told her. Zena was always happy (I'd lay next to her outside whenever I could & cuddled her). I believe dogs should be well trained & well behaved. I loved her like my child but she was my DOG-child. I absolutely love my sister's dog (a doberman) she is well behaved also but super sweet and cuddly. My Aunt's dog (a Irish Setter/Golden mix) he is also well behaved. Pitbulls I've been around plenty and LOVE. I've had too many bad experiences with little dogs. I cannot stand this damn dog! He's the biggest wedge for my boyfriend and I right now. I know the things I could do to make it better & we've done some compromising. Like when we go downstairs, so he can't flipping stare, he has to go lay down somewhere where we aren't. It's more my doing that he's not allowed in my boyfriend's bed otherwise he changes the sheets if the dog so much as touches it. And I've been trying to make it so he isn't allowed on the furniture. His family doesn't cooperate. I understand that it's not my place to tell my boyfriend how to treat his dog....but it's so irritating. My boyfriend has to deal with my dislike for the thing and I have to deal with the bloody dog. I just wish that my boyfriend would give him to a better home because he's rarely home & he's too selfish to let go. Just wish the damn thing was out of my life! But I want my boyfriend in my life. Decisions decisions...yikes AH! Almost forgot! I tried being nice to the dog and that's when he tried to bite me. He tried it again and I slapped him (not hard enough to make him yelp) but with some force. Now I'm just mean to him so he avoids me. I don't pet him anymore unless he surprises me with good behavior (which is damn rare). If I catch him on the furniture he gets spanked. If he starts staring at me I go tap him on the nose and say no. Surprisingly he hasn't made a lot of eye contact anymore. yippeThe purpose of this was to vent.... It helped.

I am of the firm belief that some people just aren't built or equipped to handle canids nor should they ever own one... no matter how much they believe the contrary.
People who can't relate to dogs should just stick to cats... or fish.

You need to suck it up and put some effort.
He loves his dog.
His attachment to dogs is obviously far greater than any you have ever had that's why you dont understand.
My boyfriend got me a baby pitbull over a year ago. A few months later we moved in together because I couldn't keep him where I lived. We both love him to death.
We don't mind if he cuddles with us when we're cuddling because he is our baby. We feed him buy him toys and love him as much as we can because when I look in his eyes all we see is love for us. So it makes me sad to know your attitude towards the dog. And I'm sure it makes your boyfriend sad too.
Why does it bother you that he sleeps next to him on the floor?
Its never bothered me.
I think you're just jealous. You want all the attention to yourself

Not everyone likes every dog. I love dogs, but there is a few that I can say I strongly dislike. Just like you don't get along with every person. There is some dogs you wont get along with.

So do you and your boyfriend have insurance incase your "baby"decides to rip your face off?

Trust me, im in the same boat. My boyfriend had dogs from his previous relationship (ex wife) and when they split she refused to give him the dogs. 2.5 years later she calls him up and says she cant keep them anymore since she had a baby and had no time for them blah blah. This happened 3 months after we started dating and we hadnt moved in together yet so I had no choice in the matter. She shipped off the dogs and we drove 6 damn hours to get them. Worst f-ing day of my life. I has been two years of pretty much hell. I cant stand them. I hate how they need to be bu his side, glued to him 24/7 cuddled, snuggled in basically attache at all times. I tell him to keep them off the bed and he pushes me and pushes me and begs me to have " family time" with him and the dogs in the bed. I refuse. I get up and I go somewhere else. They must sleep on his side of the bed - on the floor but if I was a psychotic as he is with them he would sleep with them everynight. It seriously grosses me out. They must Get up when he gets up. Bark at absolutely nothing, lose their **** when people come to the door, lick obsessively, jump on furniture/me/him when uninvited. Must be on his lap if he is on the couch. His excuse "youre not 10 lbs you cant fit in my lap" he doesnt crate them when we go somewhere, they **** and **** on any carpet, we actually cannot even have rugs in ourhouse cause they Will ruin them. He spoils them by setting up puppy pads everywhere so they dont have to go outside or upstairs to **** ( they are 5,6 years old) but still do bussiness where they want. They NEVER pee outside anyways because he's too lazy to wak them they are also primadonnas and refuse to go outside in -5 degree weather.. Im pretty sure they have been walked 3 times this year because I also have no time or desire to take them. He doesn't give them regular baths I end up doing it because he doesnt think they ever stink. He doesn't brush their disgusting mouths and even lets them lick his mouth ALL THE TIME. He thinks im a horrible person and when he talks about his dogs like babies to others he has to point out I hate them. I do not hate them. I HATE their bad behavior and the fact that he allows them to do whatever they want. The Have pissed on my clothes but hes never sorry for that. He praises them for bad behaviors and thinks its cool to give them treats for growling. He constantly has to pick them up and coo at them and talk in a stupid baby voice. Calls them "baby" which personally I reserve for my lover not pets. Because they are always in same room he has to chirp and talk to them and make sure they're "ok" and comfortable at all times. They stare at me while I eat an sometimes have the balls to jump on tbe couch when im eating. Them for sitting and begging the whole f-ing time they get a treat when were done. He will never get rid of them I can only hope they die eventually and he can move on with me and our children - humans. I, was never a dog person in the first place but now I am even more turned off, to any pets for that matter.

I love my dog as if he was my son. Try to look at it from his perspective. How would you feel if he didn't like your children?
And I don't care if people say dogs are jot children, they're not, but a lot of us love them as if they were.

I actually think this post speaks volumes about YOUR character, much more so than the dog owner's. But that's none of my business... *whistles innocently, walks off.*

I thought I was going crazy but I guess I'm not! I'm pregnant his dog always annoyed me now it's even worse, she stinks she's always on the couch drooling so they are stained they stink my beautiful house never smells good she always wants to sleep on the bed under the covers And on top of all that every night she decides to pee and poop down stairs on either the door may or the hard wood floor! When she has her own doggy door to go outside! It's driving me crazy when I leave the house I have to shut all the bed room and bathroom doors because she'll use the bathroom in one of the rooms! I told my boyfriend let find her a new home he said "let's find your daughter a new home" wow

Understand that his dog is his daughter.

people who equate dogs to children i.e. "daughters" are SICK ... a dog does not have the cognitive capacity of a human being ... it loves unconditionally? A dog does not have the cognitive capacity of love ... it wants food, security, sleep and sex .... any action a dog takes are based on those 4 needs ... people who interpret dogs actions as other than those are severely misguided and when they place that "interpretation" of love from a dog over the love of a person they have crossed a sick, disgusting line ...


Get rid of the boyfriend. I can't stand people who put the life of a dog above that of a human.

I agree completely!!!!

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I thought I was going crazy but I guess I'm not! I'm pregnant his dog always annoyed me now it's even worse, she stinks she's always on the couch drooling so they are stained they stink my beautiful house never smells good she always wants to sleep on the bed under the covers And on top of all that every night she decides to pee and poop down stairs on either the door may or the hard wood floor! When she has her own doggy door to go outside! It's driving me crazy when I leave the house I have to shut all the bed room and bathroom doors because she'll use the bathroom in one of the rooms! I told my boyfriend let find her a new home he said "let's find your daughter a new home" wow

Well I'm not the onli one.
I got with my boyfriend a year ago and he has a 6 year old staffy! And my god it is beyond a joke! When it's left alone he will pee on the end rip the bedroom up to shreds, cry the house down if we leave him to go to the toilet. He runs away and then exactly 20mins later he is found in the same place everytime! This dog is well and truly taking my boyfriend for a ride and he cannot see it. We are getting to a point where we are talkin about gettin or own place and the first thing I told him was that dog is not coming with us! You need to put your foot dog coz at the end of the day it's a dog I have my own dog staffy x lab and all he does is lay and be lazy! So this attention seeking, jealous, spoilt, disobedient excuse for a dog has no excuse!!!!!!! Put ya foot down! Xx

Oh my God! Seriously...when I read your post, I was like...I could have written this!!!! I am dealing with the exact same issue, even the same kind of dog! Unfortunately, I have moved in with my boyfriend. If it were the other way around, that dog wouldn't just be banned from everywhere except a small section of the living room (as of now), but that big, disgusting, smelly, attention seeking, OCD scratching to get attention, pain in my *** dog would be out on the streets! I found this post because I was googling the possibility of having the heap of upholstered filfth, that my boyfriend likes to call the couch, professionally condemned so that he would have no choice but to get rid of it! The Damn dog is on it 24/7. I'm serious, the dog does nothing but lay on that couch all day and night long...biting/scratching/licking himself...to the point where I have to yell at him because it's interrupting conversation. This couch is absolutely disgusting, it smells terrible, and it's definitely an eye sore. I have a couch cover that I will put on it when we have company over, but it doesn't mask the stench radiating from the cushions, so I stopped bothering. The only bodies that even touch that Damn couch are the dog and my boyfriend, and it's making me sick. My boyfriend will lay on it with his dog and my first comments are...you know you're not getting into bed with those clothes on right? I mean...gross! In my mind I'm screaming "Your *** needs to take a shower too!" I don't want to sleep in grimey, smelly dog hair that you tracked in the bed from layin with that mutt! Every time my boyfriend rides in my car, I investigate the passenger seat for hair. I've told him multiple times to use the rollie brush if he insists on petting that thing before we leave, yet I still sometimes find its hair woven into the passenger seat! Great, now I get to sit here and pick it out!!!! I'm so sick of righting the wrongs that this dog is creating in my life!!!! I am sooooo with you!


After reading some of your posts I am beside myself over so much hate for animals. It’s no wonder why so many dogs are killed (euthanized) everyday with the way some of you think, it makes me sad.
First, why would you even get into a relationship with someone who loves dogs when you do not? You clearly go into the relationship thinking that you are going to change the other person and if you do, good for you I guess. What it basically boils down to is that you just made someone that you claim to love get rid of, or in some cases kill(give away), a living being that they loved. BRAVO, and you feel proud of yourselves???

The sad part is that in most cases, the relationship will fail anyhow. For those of you actually wanting to do physical harm to the animal, all I have to say is thank God for animal cruelty laws. Dogs do think, they do love and they do get sad when given away. If you think that they don’t have feelings simply watch them when their owner comes home; the tail wagging, body wiggling and hoping around, it’s called excitement. They are excited to see their owner, its unbridled joy and it’s something that their owners LOVE as well. Dogs unlike people do not fake their emotions, if a dog does not like you, you will know it. If you don’t like their behavior, train them, (like children) do not inherently know how to behave, they must be taught in order for them to know what is expected of them.

That being said, I am able to see some of the points being made here. Peeing and pooping all over the house is a behavior issue, the animal needs to be trained. Rather than talk to your BF about getting rid of the dog why not talk to him about going to training together? ** Another person wrote about a dog biting their son, and the BF blaming it on the son. There are so many things wrong on so many levels with that situation, first and granted I am not a mother, but I would not continue to put any child in that type of a situation. Second as a dog owner and lover, if my animal was continuing to attack someone I would not allow the animal to be around them unleashed and furthermore you have no idea when or if the dog will progress to a full on attack. How would either of you feel if that dogs maims your son or worse kills him? ** Other people write about how the animals are given so much love and it makes them sick or about how they would like to kill the animal, news flash, there will be another animal eventually.

What you guys don’t understand it that a dog gives you something that you can’t get from people, its absolute acceptance, love and attention. They don’t judge you, they listen without censure, and they love. If I am watching a sad movie, and my dog sees me crying, she will come over and try to comfort me. If I have had a bad day I walk in the door and her excitement at seeing me suddenly makes it better. If I am pissed off, she knows to stay away for a bit and then come to get me out of my bad mood. The saying goes that a dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than it loves itself. And it’s absolutely true!

So for all the dog lovers that happen to visit this site, I will leave you with this.


From time to time, people tell me, "lighten up, it's just a dog,"
or "that's a lot of money for just a dog."
They don't understand the distance travelled, the time spent,
or the costs involved for "just a dog."

Some of my proudest moments have come about with "just a dog."
Many hours have passed and my only company was "just a dog,"
but I did not once feel slighted.

Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by
"just a dog," and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch
of "just a dog" gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day.

If you, too, think it's "just a dog," then you probably understand
phrases like "just a friend," "just a sunrise," or "just a promise."

"Just a dog" brings into my life the very essence of friendship,
trust, and pure unbridled joy. "Just a dog" brings out the compassion
and patience that make me a better person.

Because of "just a dog" I will rise early, take long walks and look
longingly to the future.

So for me and folks like me, it's not "just a dog"
but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future,
the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment.
"Just a dog" brings out what's good in me and diverts my thoughts
away from myself and the worries of the day.

I hope that someday they can understand that its' not "just a dog"
but the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being
"just a man" or "just a woman."

So the next time you hear the phrase "just a dog,"
just smile, because they "just don't understand."

I agree wholeheartedly with you. There are some pathetic excuses for dog owners here, either they have no idea how to properly care for a dog, or just don't give a **** enough to learn... but I have had dogs my entire life and have NEVER had the problems described here. Keep your dog clean (it's an every day thing folks, just like a kid) keep its linens and toys clean and your house won't smell at all. I've also never had a dog that I couldn't train. Never. But then again, I invested time and care into their training and did it consistently. Some people don't seem to understand that dogs aren't *magic*... they don't learn everything all by themselves because.. JUJU! ...or something else all mystical and wizardly. If you don't teach them you can't expect them to just know what you want from them. If that's your mentality then you're probably better off with a house plant... preferably a plastic one.

Its a deformed wolf created by humans sweetie.Dogs dont understand love or anything close to it...they understand food and humping.Its sad that the human race has failed you in a way that leaves you clinging to a mindless animal that only cares for its own survival.As for dogs being euthanized...who cares?I dont condone animal abuse but the ecosystem wont collapse if every dog dropped dead tonight.In fact it would probably help our waterways which have been polluted to all hell and back by the 10 million tons of feces produced by the 78 million dogs in the US.
Dogs are tools created by and for humans but they are needed less and less thanks to technology.
And before you say I dont understand dogs I'll have you know I owned 2 in my lifetime.They lived into old age(17 for the shih zu and 14 for the lab mix)and were treated well but I still had sense enough to know they were dogs and nothing more.

OMG YES!! Thank you SO MUCH for TRYING to explain that these people have a problem if the only place they can find love and affection is from an animal that can't speak and depends on them for life. Everyday the dog pound gets filled up because of THESE careless people who refuse to accept that dogs are not human and find out the hard way that they are, indeed, ANIMALS that do not necessary BELONG in human society WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING (without which, they would be absolutely HORRIBLE creatures that will attack anyone that seems weaker).

funny but I don't ever recall anyone mentioning that the only place that could get love was from an animal, maybe you should reread the post this about the people loving someone who has an animal and they feel like the 3rd wheel. The animal lover is clearly not unloved.

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I like dogs but they do belong outside! They stink, they whine, they bark randomly for no reason, they poop and pee in your home and all over carpets, they shed pounds of hair, they rip up, shred and destroy things, and generally just make your home/apt smell and look like crap! Sure they are lovable and loyal but they also have too many negative traits. Dogs can do just fine outside, my dad has plenty of dogs he uses for hunting and they have a kennel in the back yard and are happy. They still get their walks and excercise. It's just less headaches overall. I'm sure not all these people really and truly hate dogs they, just like many others who have experienced undisciplined dogs who have been spoiled and not taught well get frustrated and fed up with it all! It's really stressful to deal with.

There's your problem: "undisciplined dogs who have been spoiled and not taught well."
Fix the owner, fix the dog.
But I get that some just can't handle dogs. I feel the same way about other people's children.

I'm so happy to see this thread and be able to share my situation. Ok..I am recently married. I moved here to a dif state, left my gov job, apartment, dog, friends and family to move here where my husband has a town home, which we plan to stay in for a few years, sell and move back to where I'm from - our agreement (and btw I do not and will not accept a dog that untrained in a home we buy together in the future). (My dog lives w/my parents now.) I was going to bring him, but decided to leave him there - I was concerned about the huge change of bringing him here especially w/my husband's territorial chihuahua (I have a beautiful and sweet papillon.). Ok, so I knew about the dog before I came and that he loved it very much (a rescue he's had for 7 years or so, and which is more or less like his companion animal. My husband used to bring him everywhere all the time w/him. We've since gotten a new clean car, but his last car was absolutely covered and full of dog hair - even the car salesman when we went for some maintenance remarked to me about how much hair was in the old car from the dog. Since I've gotten here and when before I visited, I told him the dog doesn't need to come everywhere with us. I mean like he would bring the dog around with him everywhere, winter, summer, and seriously when he would get out, leave the car ON with the heat/AC on, while he went in to the grocery store or what have you.). He told me that the dog has an issue w/using the bathroom in the house, and I figured it sounded like an occasional accident (it happens) - I guess I didn't realize the extent of the problem. I guess he hadn't been honest with me about it and is still in denial about it.So, we move me across country, from CO to CT! I make rules w/him before I came, the dog cannot sleep in the bed anymore (He let him sleep under the covers, gross, hair everywhere, and the dog sheds.) Also, this isn't a miniature chihuahua, he's like 12lbs. Also, I said no to him being on furniture or even in the bedroom are not allowed unless we specifically invite the dog up. Those rules were agreed upon by us both, and he's been enforcing them w/me, atleast when I'm around. I believe dogs need to have respect and boundaries, which this dog didn't have, and obviously rcvd a HUGE wake-up call. Now, when I got here, the entire upstairs wreaked of ****. My husband had his neighbor watch the dog while he was gone, dog sitting him, and he claims she would leave him in the house during the day (dishonestly), and so he had free rain of the house to **** and scratch up the entry and garage door - the garage door seriously has to be replaced and the wood trim around it), which explained all the **** and door damage when we got here. So, I demanded it be taken care of, and we had professional carpet cleaners come and clean the areas, TWICE! We've done a bunch of other cleaning to where the dog has pissed on furniture - cleaning it all w/bleach and water and enzymes and sprays to get the smell and stench of **** out of the house.) It makes me sick, honestly.Everyday there is sh** and **** in the house from the dog. I even help w/taking the dog out first thing in the morning and consecutively 3-4+ more x/day. I don't have a job yet, so I am here w/him everyday, and I have to watch him like a hawk, and it's like my whole day revolves around the dog. I'm trying to get settled myself and organized, so I can start looking for a job. The dog is still peeing and pooping. I got up yesterday morning and my husband was in our second room w/the dog, I had some of my pants draped over a box of books of mine. I pick them up and feel they are wet, and the dog had pissed all over my pants! Now, you can't tell me that wasn't on purpose. So I said, that's it, he's not allowed upstairs anymore especially since that's largely the area we paid to get cleaned.So, we kept him in the kitchen last night w/a gate - he barked loudly all night. My husband told me this morning the dog got out last night, apparently climbed the gate and that he had taken a sh** after he got out. So I get up this morning (my husband actually took the dog w/him to work today - dog will be in car all day!) I come downstairs to set-up my laptop at the table to continue my job search, and guess where I find **** where we paid hundreds to get the carpets clean!? It is clear this is just what the dog does, unless he's closely watched all the time, and I just don't feel that responsibility needs to be put on me. My husband created the dog's ways, out of laziness honestly. (He even told me he "gave-up" on house training the dog.) Basically, he accepted that this is how the dog is, until I came and started setting boundaries, which the dog clearly doesn't like. My husband has suggested he get rid of the dog, and I was a bit shocked. I could care less if I ever saw the dog again at this point, but I don't want my husband to resent me, yet, if we keep the dog and the ******* and messing continues , which it will, I feel it will ruin our marriage - it's already starting to. I never imagined this would happen to me, being an animal lover, but I guess with my dog, he is much more elegant and smart, and well, mine. Not really sure what to do, but is it fair to tell someone it's me or the dog?

Are you freaking MAD?!
Your husband, without prompting; offers to give up this monster of a dog and you're if-ing and butting?! Do you know how many relationships breakup because the dog obsessed partner refuses to give up their dog for their spouse?!!! WTH?!
Do I really have to tell you to get rid of the F***king mutt?! Its a piece of **** and its ruining your marriage!

I wasn't even married yet and I told my partner its me or your ******* of a dog and thank god he chose me! Its been just over a year and we're even happier than before. No dog; no shedding, no barking, no ****, no sh*t, no scratching, no licking, no stench, no whining. Dog-free life is fabulous! Does he miss his dog? Sometimes he does but he told me he doesn't miss being a dog owner.
Get rid of the f*8#king mutt!

Thanks for your reply! Well, things are looking-up. We actually still have the dog, and with a little patience and training, he's behaving! I'm an animal lover, so I understand the bond we can have with an animal. I told my husband we should keep the dog, especially since I had to leave my dog back home. No reason to be hostile with it because it was getting me nowhere. Best of luck.

Glad to hear it.

You do realize that his behavior is a reflection of your hubands training? Nome of it is his fault. And the fact that he isn't yours isn't an excuse not to like him.

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You guys sound like awful human beings. I hope none of you ever own animals or have kids. Absolutely no compassion for living creatures. Step up and tell your guy that he needs to pick up after his pooch, everything else is you whining. Hopefully your BF, if he still is, finds someone else that can deal with animals better then you.

Go kill yourself. Seriously.

Thank you. It always baffles me that so many (what's a nicer way to say idiot?) blame the dog when they're clearly the problem. And yes, if you people think that a dog's behavior has nothing to do with the way it's trained (or not trained as is the case with 100% of these stories) and a dog is just born "bad" or a "monster," then you are extremely dense and not winning any MENSA awards any time soon. Sorry.

Add a response...

I just came out of relationship which fell apart because of my ex's Dog... My relationship started out great for the first 6months in every possible way... We spent amazing times together, went away on road trips, dates and shared special moments with each other. We both owned our own houses and lived alone. We spent an equal amount of time respectively staying the night at each others houses during the weekend and on weekends which was great! One of the perks of owning your own place :) She originally had a dog she shared with her mum so she only looked after it some weekends, however sadly it past away about 6months into our relationship due to old age. Fast forward 2months and she decided she was going to buy a new dog, which at first I had no problems with and I was happy for her and supported 100% like any great partner would and even agreed on the one she choose in the end. Once she got the dog however she was unable to come over and stay over at my house anymore which I thought might only be for awhile so she could let her new dog settle down (which was a rescue home adult dog not a pup). After a few months I brought up on several occasions that I missed having her staying over at my house and to be quite honest was also getting tired of having to drive over all the time when we wanted to see each other and you can imagine the cost of fuel... (are houses are about 25mins away) I myself own an indoor Cat which Im fine leaving overnight everynow and then if I leave out food/water out my cat is fine on his own overnight, but for 3/4days a week for a 5 months just didnt seem right on my cat and it would of keep going on... I told my GF all of this and she told me that she would start coming to mine on weekends if I got her dog a kennel and some shade which I did... 3months past and yet nothing happened, she never followed through with her actions... She said dogs belong inside and not outside and that dogs are like humans and cats arent etc etc... However being myself and living in a small house with no where for my own cat to escape is why I didnt want her dog inside, you just cant get a cat/dog to get along for a few days a week they need to be around each other all the time... not to mention the damage her dog had done to her own house keeping it inside. I started becoming more and more unhappy with her when I saw her because she didnt grasp or appreciate the effort I was putting in to see her and she could see it in me... simply because she just wasn't compromising for me and I had felt like I wasn't a priority to her anymore, I felt like I had been replaced by a DOG! Last week after 5months of her owning her Dog i told her I was unhappy with our relationship and decided that it was time to end it after multiple talks with her on this issue she just didnt follow through...

Sometimes i wish i read this thread before agreeging for her to get a new dog... I remember reading this a few months prior to our break up and realised I was not alone... Just dont get how stupid some people are with pets and making them a priority over their partner and denying it. She even questioned whether id be a good father to children one day as I slapped her dog on the head, after it bit me in leg numerous times... Silly silly woman. Time to find a non pedastal pet partner :)

You must be young. Go out into the world for 20+ years and tell me how wonderful all of humanity is. All I know for sure is that I have never met the dog that has murdered, abused, cheated, lied, stole from the poor to pad the pockets of the filthy rich, started wars, committed genocides, or hurt someone simply because they LIKED it and could. Humans are the worst species to have ever existed. Some do good, sure, but the ones with a great capacity for evil outnumber them 100 to 1. I will never refer to a human as an animal as I feel it's an insult to the animals. This world is as wicked as it's ever been and is only going to get worse. Mark my words, you stand a better chance with the animals. God, now I have to get out of here before you people make my head implode.

Hmm, so dogs don't commit HUMAN crimes against humanity. But they can and HAVE murdered humans, tiny humans to be specific. You know, like BABIES. You may say my argument is unfair because its the owner's fault that a dog does what's in its nature. However, if you compare what humans do when at their worst, be sure to compare it to what dogs do at THEIR worst. Dogs are NOT humans and should NOT be given human status/rights/etc. They are PETS, nothing more, and should be respected. But NOT put on weird pedestals.

Move out. Same problem with my boyfriend. Same spoiling and not realizing a dog is a dog is an animal that's outside. I'm moving. I hate these dogs. I used to work for the ASPCA and I'm saying, I hate my boyfriends effing dogs. So get out. It'll only get worse till she dies or he gets his head out of his ***.

As my father once said, "Shoot the damn mutt!" Animals don't belong in the house. Now, I'm sure there will be many dog lovers who will want to shoot me. So be it. That is just the way I feel.

Story of my life, girlfriend. Don't make the mistake I did and end up letting yourself take care of the dog. Let your boyfriend keep all the responsibility for that.

Can I just say EVERY SINGLE WORD you wrote here is EXACTLY what I am going through!!! He moved in with me and my children. I didn't have pets because I don't like them and stink. The dog had to be let on all furniture. I said no bed and I have to hear crap about that ALL THE TIME!! She begs and sniffs and farts and scratches and poops and pees and chews up ONLY MINE AND MY KIDS STUFF not the boyfriends. And he also refers to her as his child and says he would never give her up. Ive done some serious thinking about getting rid of him so she will be gone. And that is horrible because I love him, but I cant take much more.

I love my boyfriend. But his dog is causing me to resent him, and hate where I live. This is MY HOME TOO. I'm 8 months pregnant. Expecting a baby boy in September. And this dog runs my ******* life. First off its spoiled as ****. Before we got together the dog slept on the bed with him, and was on the furniture, and had his own "spot" that you couldn't sit on because it's his. The whole house was ENVELOPED in his smell and no matter how much you bathe him, he still smells. He is a miniature dachshund. 7 years old. And everytime dinner was made he had to have his own little plate!!!! I couldn't believe this. I have a kitten and I love her so much, but she NEVER gets human food and is still a cat, not treated like a human.. shedding doesn't bother me at all, it's annoying but I love animals so it's something you get over. The dog is also mean, aggressive. Never once towards me, but he has bitten his owner 5 times total, and 4 within the last year!!! Again I'm eight months pregnant and expected to bring a child in the house with an unstable dog?! I can't even have people over because he NEVER STOPS BARKING!! I'm like one incident away from having a meltdown. So I always get **** for not letting him on our furniture but when he gets overworked or too excited he dribbles! Gross I don't want to sit on that! So we moved into a extremely nice town home and he isn't allowed on any furniture. Nor do I feed him human food. He wouldn't even eat his normal dog food at first! So I had to do things like put a little browned hamburger grease in there which is healthy to do every now and again anyways for skin and coat. But it was ridiculous. And GOD FORBID we dont have dog treats in the house so he can have one EVERY TIME he goes outside. How unhealthy first, and spoil him more yeah that'll fix his attitude... -.- and if we don't have dog treats well I guess that means he MUST have human food or he'll be depressed :( *gag* and I can't throw away his toys that he just destroys because he gets worked up, no, I have to live with pieces of plastic/rubber chewed up EVERY WHERE. and EVERY TIME we're at the store he has to have a new toy.... to destroy in five minutes. I can't even bring in groceries by the dog cuz hell dig through every single one to find a toy. I love my boyfriend but I can't do this much longer. And the dog is still acting out, but it's never his fault, it's always something my boyfriend "shouldn't have done" or "should have done" god please help me. I'm bringing A CHILD into this house... and 'keeping them separate' will just never work. But does this make me unfair for not giving the dog a chance or for not being understanding? Am I crazy? Horrible person? I'm going insane....

First of all, why did you get pregnant with the child of someone that has a dog you don't like?
What did you expect him to give up his dog for you?
I can tell you for sure the dog doesn't whine like you do. And one thing you can never give that the dog can is unconditional love.
You just sound like Cinderellas bitter step mom.

You sound like a dog worshipper. You DO know they are not our overlords, right? This person has a LOT to worry about. They NEED to get rid of that dog. End of story.

I'm pretty sure your kids aren't 100% well-behaved.
What if your boyfriend was writing on blogs about how he can't stand your kids? How would you feel?
You just don't understand a bond one can have with a dog.

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Hi. I have a 2 year old collie mix rescue and I love him. My parents and siblings don't understand why I am attached to my dog. The reason I'm so attached is because I have always felt alone and I never had friends so my dog was my friend. I know that sounds pathetic but thats how I feel. My dog does shed alot and i sweep and brush him everyday. I understand what some of you are saying i just dont respect how your saying it. I believe in setting boundaries. I love my dog but I don't treat it as a human. My dog is a indoor dog with BOUNDARIES he is not allowed on furniture, i.e the couch,chair etc. He is allowed in my bed though because I like the warmth he gives off. He is not allowed in anyones room or the kitchen/dining area and we have doggy gates to help prevent that. He does have a doggy crate because i don't want him destroying anything or pooping when I'm not at home, even though he is really good at holding it til I'm back. If someone comes over and they are afraid of dogs or they have a child that is I will put my dog either behind a doggy gate or in his crate because I am respectful of someones feelings. I could never be with a person who doesnt love dogs or share my same beliefs about dog boundaries. Im not mad at what people are saying because most have valid points I'm mad at how rude and disrespectful people are being to both animals and animal lovers. I'm not some crazy dog lady that has poop and pee everywhere. I mop everyday regardless of whether or not my dog has an accident. Hoping a dog dies because you don't like them is cruel. And to the people talking about how horrible pits are maybe its how they were brought up. I have had pits all my life and I always had them as a puppies. And they are loyal respectful animals. My pits NEVER attacked anyone, animals or humans. They were the best of companions.

Yep, you DO sound pathetic. Get some therapy and learn to communicate with humans better.

I hate dogs. They are a waste of space. I love cats. My husband has a dog. She just turned 6 and I am counting down the days until she dies. I hope it's soon. I look at her and want to kill her. I basically just ignore her. I let her out and feed her, but that's it. I have tried to like her, but everything about her annoys me. At least she knows how I feel and leaves me alone. She stays on the first floor of our house and the cats avoid her too. Ugh. Makes me so mad she exists. I wish my husband and I would have met before he got her...there would be no dog if that were the case.

While you dog of dogs filth, read about your so clean of a pet cat. Cats are absolutely worthless. They do not care about you? They only care about themselves lol they are a completely independent animal. Punish a dog and he'll love you two seconds after. A cat would want nothing to do with you haha plus if there so clean.. I guess it would make it okay if your husband went outside and trampled in feces and urine sandy chunks and then jumped on your lap and pawing at your dog hating face. Your just another person who has no idea what they appreciate in life and to wish death upon a dog who has no choice but to live with you two.. I honestly would hope your husband seen this, left you and your cat loving self, and found a woman that would love him unconditionally without posting a status about how she hates his dog.. obviously your husband loves the dog.. a little more than you, especially if your the one posting statuses and the dog is living it up.. enjoy.


If you can start the day without caffeine,
If you can get going without pep pills,
If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,
If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,
If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,
If you can overlook it when something goes wrong through no fault of yours and those you love take it out on you,
If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,
If you can ignore a friend’s limited education and never correct him,
If you can resist treating a rich friend better than a poor friend,
If you can face the world without lies and deceit,
If you can conquer tension without medical help,
If you can relax without liquor,
If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,
If you can say honestly that deep in your heart you have no prejudice against creed, colour, religion or politics,
Then, you are almost as good as your dog.

Story of my life! My husband got a pug as a result of a previous relationship and kept it after that ended. Can't stand the dog. I can't wait until he croaks. Most annoying thing EVER.

And at least with cats, they take care of themselves and show affection when they want to...not ALL the dang time begging for it like dogs do.

You're just jealous because it reminds you of his previous relationship.
That poor pup, its stuck with you.
I will tell you this though..
Pets are forever companions, partners come and go.
You can get replaced easily honey.

You are a selfish person.
I hope your husband finds this post by some miracle so he can see the selfish cruel person he is married to.
And sorry to burst your bubble, but cats don't love their owners.

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I've been dating my bf for 2 years and I'm at the end of my rope with his dog.
Now look...I love dogs. Love. I love animals in general. Like they turn me into a baby-talking weirdo that doesn't mind their smell and getting covered in fur.
This is the ONLY animal I have ever hated. And I do hate her.
She's a pomeranian that's around 11 years old and shes his baby.
He's a truck driver so after we'd been dating awhile I took over the care of the dog and house while he's on the road. Keep in mind now I do not live with him so I do this just to be a help.
On to the dog. I work so I get there to let her out whenever I can...always at least twice a day: morning and evening. But she STILL pees and poops all over the floor. It started out all over the carpet so I lock her in the kitchen. That kitchen gets literally covered in waste every day. To the point that I know its not just that she cant hold it. Its disgusting but I have to clean it up. She snarls at and tries to bite me, she doesnt listen, she runs from me....shes horrible. To top it off, he doesnt get it. Somehow I'M the bad guy. If she pees and poops all over the floor, it must be cause I didnt get there enough. If she bites me I mustve done something.
And when hes home...ugh. She quits the peeing and pooping but its almost worse because shes always up his butt. God forbid he touches me...the dog will sit on the floor staring at him and make this grating sniff noise every couple seconds until he stops touching me and picks her up to pet her. She tries to lay between us in bed....she wants to be taken outside every 5 minutes then barks to come in the second shes out there.
I had to yell at my bf for coming home and not saying a word to me but instead picking up the dog and loving on her for like 10 minutes.
All this...and he thinks Im unreasonable.
I want the dog to die.

channel that anger into something positive cause likely its not the dog its you, be the Alpha and then she will respect you

You're just a jealous selfish woman.
When my boyfriend loves our dog it makes me happy because I know how much our dog loves us.
And as for the behavior, its all a result of being alone all the time. If neither of you has time for the pup, give it to someone who does.

Actually it sounds like she may be a bit scares of you. Dogs will urinate and defecate when frightened, the growling is their way of saying, stay back you big scary thing, which if that doesn't work they will resort to biting or if she can, will run from you.

so after reading alot of these posts im utterly disgusted that this is how most of you think. As a single male who has a beautiful 12 month old german shepherd my responce to anyone who told me they hated my dog or issued an ultimatium of them or my dog would find themselves outside the house so fast.

Alot of reasonable steps seem to have been asked and taken - not allowed on the furniture not allowed on the bed.

It seems your boyfriend has compromised and yet you want more and more.

Dogs are smart intelligent animals it senses your hate and is most likely responding in kind. How about you grow up a tad recognize it for a living loving creature with needs and ajust your attitude.

i wonder what the dog thinks of your farts and smell and when your hair falls out..... as she thrown a fit about it?

A dog wouldn't throw a fit about that, now would they? But when a dog does have a problem with something, you bet your bottom dollar you'll know about it. Say you got a cat and the dog didn't like it, would you say the dog was heartless or insensitive to the cats needs? No because their animals. Not humans. My boyfriend has a German shepherd that I absolutely hate. Would you rather the dog be around someone who can sense my hatred or someone who loves him, a place where he can run, not an apt all day. And before you say my boyfriend should leave me and keep the dog. We have a baby together and I'm not gonna let an animal tear us apart.

First off, and trust me I say what I please.. anyone who lets a dog ruin there lives is pathetic. Anyone who complains about a dog is pathetic. Specially that the dog is stealing your bf? Uhm maybe your a little more unsatisfying then you should be then.. just saying. A dog does not choose who to live with? But will love who its with..if you show weakness in a relationship, have your best friend around, there going to point it out too! Dogs read emotions much better than we can. And I really cannot stand that I'm even writing this much either.. if your husband/bf wants a dog. Then why call him either one? Didnt complain about it in the first place? Then shut the h*ll up, seriously. Grow up or let your children turn out to be just as miserable and sad as you are.. quit complaining, love your man and quit COMPLAINING. Too easy.

This Is all so frustrating to me.
Me and my boyfriend fight(not literally) for our dogs affection. I don't understand why everyone can't be like that. If your partner loves the dog, and you live your partner it shouldn't be that hard for them to live the dog too.

Correction, you're the one tearing your relationship apart.
How could you hate a dog? I'm sure it has never done anything to you. And news flash, the dog is stuck with you.
You sound like you have daddy issues and want your boyfriends attention all to yourself.

I wonder why it is ok for people to not want children and not want them around but for some reason if we don't like having dogs (animals) put before us in our relationship we are horrible people?? Honestly I think that the only people who put dogs up there with humans are people that have problems relating and connecting with real human people.

I prefer to socialize exclusively with my own species.

I think you all are mistaking the whole thing.
Its not putting the dog before you. Its not putting the dog behind you. That dog has loved its owner unconditionally and here you come whining about it and even trying tibget rid of the dog?
No. Compromise. Put effort. Or leave.

Because people who don't like kids are smart enough not to date someone who has them. plain and simple.

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how can I start..I have been married to my second husband for eight years now.. be has several cats.. which when we first got together he got two more kittens.. these kittens took over him... the couch.. my time with him.. when we sit on couch both of them in his arms a couple of them beside him I had to tell him I felt kind of silly to be jealous over cats. but I was.. ugh.. he cared for them. petted them.. spoke so softly to them.. hell yes it bothered me.. he was not giving me that attention and he thought I was nuts... ok so I get a boxer.. we separate.. due to his abuse. emotionally and physically... we try dating again.. he falls in love with my boxer.. ok I'm cool with that.. she loves me to.. we lost her.. car accident. worst day off Jason's life..I lost my son in car accident year before.. so that was my worst day.. the day I saw Jason lose it after losing our boxer it concerned me a little. here I just lost my son and Jason didn't have this emotion.. bringing us to now.. Jason has rescued a pit boxer mix .. we are still separated.. we see each other.. very complicated... he brings her over.. our when I come visit there is no place for me she sits on his lap. all 90 lbs we can't sit next to each other.. I'm sorry but why why why does he give his animals all this attention and can't figure out how to give me any.. very worried.. that I can't deal with this anymore... any suggestions...I think he needs to give his animals boundaries.

There is something emotionally twisted/wrong/broken when a human prefers to love a species other than their own.

No there isn't.
A dog will never cheat on you or do you wrong in any way. Some humans wouldn't even think twice about it.

How can a dog CHEAT on a person?! We don't have sex with them!! WE are not their MATES. What is WRONG with you?!

you are right, there is something emotionally twisted/wrong/broken with a human that doesn't have the ability to allow another person to care for an animal.

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Omg I love this story I thought I was alone. My bf lives with 4 pets which includes a huge hairy dog. At least your bf washes his dogs, my bf dogs and cats smell and they shed everywhere. They sleep in the bed , under the sheets in the kitchen , pretty much any where they please. I hate how every inch of the house is covered in hair. Even after I wash all they sheets and covers they are still drenched in hair! I feel like I'm eating hair 24/7. I love him so much I just hate that these animals are pretty much his siblings. Thank you for this blog I'm glad I'm not alone and I'm not the only one who is grossed out by dogs.

Wow. Now that i have read these stories I can relate. I am 17 and my boyfriend is 20. I have known him for over a year and we have been together for 9 months. At the very beginning he decided to buy a frickin dober..a huuge dog (I like small dogs but horse sized not). At the beginning I basically did not give a ****..we were just dating ...but now??? He finds it difficult to spend money on him or us ( you can easily count on your fingers the times we ate dinner somewhere + for a 20 yr old he does have more than enough money) ..yet he spends likeee 70 dollars on dog food a month. So not only he has to waste his money on this dog but his parents cooonstantly bug him to walk and take care of the dog (theyre pet lovers). For me it's as if they are treating HIS dog like it's his kid or his wife. He tried to sell the dog bit they would not let him...ughhh It is really annoying
I mean.. i know he loves me but I really miss dining out and new things which obviously...cost money. I am still a student and I do pay sometimes for small things but it all depends on him at the end of the day

If you want to go and eat out that bad get a damn job and pay for it yourself don't blame the dog.
70 dollars a month isn't expensive either.

I am in a simular situation... Except I too have a dog, I have a small toy Pomeranian and believe it or not she hardly sheds and never barks. She is the perfect, never-do-wrong animal lol. However, my fiance also has a dog, and he is a pitbull mix... he is a big dog. We now live together with both of our dogs in our tiny apartment. My pom just sits in my lap and you honestly never notice shes there, but his dog constantly is whining, barking, getting on the furniture, getting on MY BED that I paid big bucks for in Hawaii and its frustrating me! He is destroying my stuff! He never listens and every time I walk in the door he jumps on me with excitement and one time knocked me over! When I play fetch with my little dog, sometimes he will get so excited he will start chasing her, and one time he jumped on her (thankfully just landed on her tail) but it makes me so nervous so now I can't play fetch with my little dog while he is in the room. Also even though I am trying to train him not to get on the furniture ( he shed so unbearably bad), he continues to get back on it. He is so spoiled! I don't know what to do. Every day I stack boxes now on the couches so now we can't even sit on them unless we move the boxes out of the way. I keep asking my fiance to please buy him a dog bed but its not one of his priorities right now... cuz he needs to buy a car. OMG!!! I am going insane. This dog is ruining our relationship because we constantly fight about it! It is the only thing we fight about. I love dogs, have always had a dog, but his Pitbull drives me nuts. I just keep holding on to the hope that when we get a house it will be different, he stares out the window all day so he misses being outside all the time.. i just don't know what to do either...

Wow. The dog is being affectionate with you and you hate him?
Sounds like you have relationship issues that you need to fix instead of blaming the pup.

Umm since when do people not realize that pitbull translates to spoiled *** brat?

Anyone who understands the responsibility of owning ANY pet understands it is a commitment, for better or worse, til' death do you part. They do become your family. But, if an animal is a physical threat, contact resources for help. If a jealous significant other doesn't understand your bond, you obviously don't have the most important thing in common: depth of love, character or commitment. Problem solved. Find a more shallow person to pair with. Animal lovers have big hearts. People who abandon their animals are like people who abandon children. Heartless, inhumane, selfish, or mentally ill in some fashion. We, as intelligent human beings, are responsible for all dependent creatures that are smaller than ourselves. ie: Animals, children, the sick, weak and disabled, etc. I'm deeply disturbed with the immature, ignorant, inhumane, ill equipped things I've read on this post. It makes me embarrassed to be the same species as most on here. Grow up, move out, take proper care of your pets or don't get them at all. Save them the abuse and neglect from a lesser human specimen. Go to the vet, do research, sack up and teach your partner how to train and take responsibility. If you don't have the same hygiene or discipline, your pet is only the beginning of problems in your relationship. There is some severe abuse, neglect and respect issues going on here. From both parties in the relationship. Boundaries are vital. Proper training is vital in order to cohabitate. If you do not share the same views as to what is humane and what is appropriate as far as a household goes, or love and dedication, YOU HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON. Grow up and stop hating animals for your shortcomings or your partners shortcomings. Their just like children, as successful/tolerable or as ignorant/pathetic/disgusting as their parents. It's all in the training. Some of the things on here confirm that some people should not have animals OR procreate. Shameful. Sad. Immature. Inferior human beings. Not all of you, some are correct as far as boundaries go, but others are just not evolved enough spiritually to have the capacity to love all things. If you can't figure out how to get along with and respect a little creature, how do you navigate through the rest of your life with complex people and situations? My guess is...NOT VERY WELL, if a little, dependent creature has BESTED you. Please, for the sake of all animals and people: Don't procreate! Just try to EVOLVE first, be kind, or the rest of us will consider how to get rid of YOU. Since you're an inconvenience to mature, intelligent, evolved, compassionate, humane, tolerable human beings. Yeah, that's right.....maybe the problem is you. Those who know they need some help won't be offended. If you're offended, YOU are what's lacking in his situation and society in general. Good luck (to the poor animals who are left near these people). God bless them, poor babies. God bless the people who need God on this site, to act more humane and grow a heart toward the small and weak. No wonder why I had so many foster animals and foster children. I'm busy cleaning up the mess left behind by sub-par people like some of you clearly are. Grow up to those who are self righteous and super self absorbed on here. I do feel for you as well though: because you're the dumb, stinky, difficult animal. God put YOU in this exact situation for a reason; to have the opportunity to evolve and become a better person. I'm a nurse and have worked in a nursing home before. FEAR MY WARNING: you will be an old, ugly, stinky, drooling, incontinent, unable person someday wheeling down the hall in a wheelchair with diarrhea dripping out your diaper, depending on the compassion of people. And you will reap what you sew. And rely on a nice person to take care of you. Especially, if you're an *******. Your family will drop your cold heart in a home and wait for you to die. God always plays a fair hand to everyone in the end. You always get what you give. I've seen it firsthand. The jerks die miserable and ALONE. The nice ones always have loved ones by their side. Are you kind? To all animals and people. Have you been fair in this situation? Be honest. That's the problem here.

This is a horribly judgmental comment. Especially coming from a loving compassionate nurse. Those things you said were horribly mean!

Those things needed to be said. Especially for the type of people on this post. (*Nurse & Teacher*btw) If the content of my post offends, it's probably because you're the offender.

Being a nurse and teacher doesn't give you the right to hold yourself higher than others and judge them.

@mistylovesanimals - I am still shaking my head in disbelief with your comments. You are on a completely different unbalanced level than anyone on this board. I stumbled on the site because of my frustration with my husbands Boston Terrier (with whom I treat very kindly- as I do "anyone" or "anything" with a beating heart). She is an "animal", not a "human". As with ALL "animals", she requires food, shelter, care, and a reasonable amount of affection and warmth. We as humans do NOT have to "love" them, but we do need to be kind and humane to them. I could write as much as you did- but, I know it would be futile. To me, you sound to be someone who is on the far/extreme side of "Love for Animals"- to the point of making them equal to humans in "every" way. Your distain for your fellow "humans" while you throw "God" into your self righteous attitude is what is most disturbing. If you truly want to help, maybe you should be much kinder to those who have posted about this subject. You are so kind to animals, yet so mean and insulting and clearly evil tongued to humans. God word, "the Bible" say's that "We must love our neighbor as we do ourselves", "do unto others as we would have done unto us". That is the WARNING God gives to YOU! FEAR HIS WARNING! Be nice mistlovesanimals! You are very mean and inhumane. You can catch many more fly's with honey than you can with vinegar. Be honest with yourself. Take the rafter out of your own eye before you try taking the splinter out of another ones.

I agree, Misty has serious mental issues. She obviously lives in a home filled with hair, ****, ****, drool, with the house probably a mess, laundry never done, stains everyone. I can just picture it.Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

loves it!

You do realize this people were talking about killing the animals or then dying just to get rid of them?


You are honestly a joke. I am the most caring person you will find, plenty of compassion and will/have done anything for my friends and family. I like animals, don't love them. They are lower on the food chain and in life. But for those PETA lovers like you, you tend to think they are like people and need to be treated like people. There are two different sides to every story, but NO, not everyone should have to live with animals the way you prefer. My entire family is the same way, HAIR, ****, ****, THINGS CHEWED UP, THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WASTED OVER AN IRRESPONSIBLE, WHITE TRASH LIVING HOME OWNER IS JUST GROSS. And oh, before you go on saying I am going to hell and I am not a good person, I do anything for everyone. If I see a poor animal on the side of the road I help it. ITS THE WAY YOU LIVE AND SOME PEOPLE ARE GROSSED OUT LIVING IN A NASTY *** SMELLING PLACE!!!!!!!!!! AND THEY ARE NOT WRONG BECAUSE OF IT. Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Then why get into a relationship with someone who has a dog? Most of the posters here did.

Because they love dogs. They've clarified that at the beginning of most of the posts. The problem is these are horrible pets!

This comment is coming from someone who cringes when they accidentally squishes an insect btw. I hated my partners dogs even though I'd had one myself before & that one was fine even though he'd been a lab dog for the 1st 7 years of his life. They were horribly spoiled & efforts I made at training them were undermined. Even then someone commented how much better they were behaving. Oh, yeah. My elderly relative got to live till 99yrs old in their own place before I became ill myself & had to stop. You can't judge people by what they say here. Nor should you judge those in YOUR care. Leave that to the God you're apparently so smug about. His job to judge not yours.

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Wow I am living in a similar situation with my bf and his boxer. I always loved dogs and had many of my own. But jesus when an animal is over stepping your personal bounderies on a daily basis is disgusting. We've have many fights over the dog and finally the dog sleeps on the floor on several blankets. Wakes me up every night whining to go outside but mever goes. Just a total pick *** I am so ******* fed up. But glad to know theres not just me! And as for you retarded, delusional people who think DOGS deserve to be treated like or better than a significant other you have serious mental ******* problems. Who the **** wants a big dirty, ignorant, germ/hair bag in their bed?? You're sick. Just turns me completely. Also have the eating problem. Doesnt matter if the pig of a dog ate all ******* day , whatever u got, he wants it. I'd even put whatever im havinh in his bowl and no ******* way will he go near it until he gets what he can get from your plate first. Now if thats not enough to get on a persons nerves theres somethinh wrong. One fight we had. My bf actually said, you dont like my dog
I just thought that was a low blow. Like **** how can ppl not see our side of it? You actually begin to feel below a ******* dog. And in NO way is any of this right. If it was then why are we all experiencing the same discomfort? Pretty bad ... so any of u dumb ******* think for one second anyone who is mentally stable to agree with any animal being treated like a human and sleeping in beds, good luck. Guess there is a lot of ppl out there who feel the way I do. I never would dislike any animal but after dealing with this bullshit from a big dumb dog really makes me hate the ******* germ bag!!!!!! Good luck everyone. I know I sure feel like I need some help. Honestly cruelty to animals?? No no no. Animals belong outside. More lile cruelty to humans and big time neglect to your GF / Bf

I'm seriously at my whitts end. Can't handle the stress of this dirty, arrogant dog. My bf treats him like a baby. The dog is very smart. When hes with me, I usually dont have any issies. He listens to me and knows not to beg for food or just be plain sooky. But as soon as my bf is home, the dog acts like a pure ******* sook. Even growled at me last night as I walked downstairs. Simply because he knows as long as im around he'll be getting the discipline he needs. Just drives me nuts. No one should ever have to deal with this kind of ****. I have to say though, since we talked about it, my bf has been better, set a few boundaries but I still dont agree with the way he treats him. The only reason why the dog is the way he is and feels the need to be jealous of me. A ******* human being. Time to set the dog straight and teach him to be the animal he is. You see, my bfs ex gf was the one who got him to get 3 dogs. She took two of them. But she raised them for the first year. To be a complete savage. She had the dirty muts in bed with her all the time. Then my bf was o his own for a while and got use to having his dog around him just like she did. Then I come along
.. idc what anyone thinks but when I found out just how much that dog got away with just made me sick to my stomach. Treat an animal like that and one day he will take over and prob turn on somebody because he thinks it's ok. Im just ao tired of the stress. It sure feela good to vent tho! If anyone has any tips for me on how I chnage this situation or even get rid of the dog it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening guys.

I have this same issue, the dog , when BF is away is a sweetheart, listens to every command, respects me and my needs, doesn't pull on the leash, but as soon as the BF comes home from extended work outings, the little POS, looks me right in the eye and does exactly what I have been spending months trying to get her to stop doing, and when I reprimand the dog in the BFs pressence, I get yelled at, and the dog just keeps on keepin on. It's causing so much stress!! gah

I have almost exactly the same history with dogs and the present same problem. My girlfriend has two dogs, she lets them sleep on the bed when I'm not there. One dog regularly poops on the floor and she doesn't seem to mind.

Sleeping in the bed....eh....I don't like it but I can let it go. The pooping on the floor though...that is not OK. This is thy remaining problem in our relationship.

I am not a dog person. They smell, thei are noisy, they are I disciplined, given cookies EVERY time they come in from outside, they bark at anything that moves, they beg at the table, they bark at you for attention and follow you everywhere you go being underfoot constantly.... I am talking about my husbands dogs. 12 yr old crabby shitzu who has bitten me 3 times and a 3 yr old spoiled rotten bichon who pees anywhere he wants whenever he wants!!!!
My passive aggressive husband undermines me and refuses to train these dogs to listen !!!!

He makes excuses for their bad behavior and continues to let them do whatever they want. He thinks it's mean to crate them. He will not tether them so he can watch them. I am ready to throw all 3 of them out!!!

I would not tolerate a misbehaved 2 yr old and I am at my wits end having to tolerate these dogs!!!!!!

He does not feed my cat, clean her litter box or pay attention to her at all

Why are these dogs my responsibility 12 hrs a day when he's gone to work?
He does not play with them, never walks them, rarely gets to the vet until 4-6 mos after the notice comes and expects the groomer to call HIM to tell him it's time for a bath???????
They smell !!!!!! His nose should tell him!!!!!!
He wanted to hug me the other night? Both dogs were under his feet ?
He said to me" oh well maybe later "


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad I found this thread. I have always considered myself a dog person. I love dogs, but have not had my own dog since I was a child. I recently moved across the country to live with my boyfriend, leaving behind family and friends, to see if we could take our relationship to the next level, since neither of us is getting any younger. I knew he had both a dog and a cat, and that his dog ( a rescue Greyhound) had some behavioral problems. Well, I guess it is one thing to "know" these problems, theoretically, and quite another thing to experience them in person. I feel so guilty, but I *HATE* this dog. This dog that has absolutely no discipline, does not respond to being called, to eating and destroying anything I take my eyes off for a second, who sits on the couch, sleeps on the bed, and gets filth everywhere. This dog that sleeps in the room, and gets up in the middle of the night to whine for no apparent reason. This dog, that I have to take out every 35-40 minutes so that I can *TRY* to sleep at night, but wakes up anyway. Whose farts are as lethal as mustard gas. I am absolutely miserable. I have brought up sending the dog to obedience school, but my boyfriend always shoots down the idea as a waste of money, because the dog is 7 years old. He insists he will deal with training the dog himself, but it never happens. I am about to go on an extended holiday back home to visit with family and friends for Christmas, and I am seriously contemplating leaving for good. I feel like I am the interloper and second class citizen in this house, and I don't like how that feels. I am not sure what to do.

My boyfriend has 2 dogs. One being an English bulldog and the other a French Bulldog Terrier. The English bulldog takes expensive steroids every day for her allergies and rubs her face all over the carpet and couches, but she is tolerable. HOWEVER, the French Bulldog terrier is his "baby," and drives me out of my d*** mind! Because of her smushed face, she can't breathe and snorts the day away with every single breath. She will NOT leave our side and is always one step behind one of us at all times (because he is obsessed with her, and because she has caught on that I like to snack a lot). She sleeps in the bed with us and snores like a crazy person and has unimaginable gas and keeps me up all night doing both of these things in harmony. The second I turn around, he is hugging her with his face all over her and calling her "Beaut," when she is obviously the ugliest breed of dog known to man. She is potty trained, thank God, but it's pointless because when you let her out and she just ***** & ****** all over the sidewalk and he never cleans it up. This dog is also VERY dumb. The English bulldog is unbelievably smart and can even open doors by herself, but the French is just a waste of space. On the tenth command to "sit," just MAYBE she will sit (probably out of restlessness) and he will reward her and say "good girl, beauty." Like seriously? Good girl? No. Beauty? Double no. He is starting to see my frustration with her and gets extremely defensive when I call her stupid and politely remove her from the room when I can't handle the snorting anymore. I have a Siberian husky and yes she sheds a lot but she sleeps in the ******* corner on the floor and isn't all up in my business every step of the way. I can't stand the dog's neediness and constant need to be on the couch when we are, the need to be RIGHT under me when I'm eating at the table just snorting away trying to find a SINGLE crumb I could POSSIBLY drop, and the need for my boyfriend to think that all of this behavior is "cute." I am considering breaking up with him over this dog. It's all I think about. I hear snorting in my dreams even when I'm not sleeping there! I have never met a dog I didn't like. But boy, has that saying changed for me. Truly, I just wish she would keel over already.

<p>Wow. After reading these posts, I should probably feel better about my situation. I have a Labrador retriever. She is a good calm dog, clean, but she does shed a lot. So, I vacuum. BF has a Chihuahua, not a bad dog, but can be very aggressive to other humans and to my dog. BF calls himself "dad" to the Chihuahua. His life revolves around the dog. He feeds it numerous times a day....always throwing the food down, mixing up a big huge bowl for a 5 lb dog. He can't leave the food out because my dog will eat it. He takes the food in and out of the refrigerator and feeds the dog every 2 hours or so. We spent 4 hours with his family at Thanksgiving, only 10 minutes away from home, and he had to bring the food with him and feed him AGAIN while we were there.</p><p>Then, he waters the dog constantly. We were going somewhere 90 minutes away and we stopped at 20 minutes into the drive to get gas. He had to give the dog water. He brings 2 bottles of water wherever we go, so the dog can have water. He has to take his dog on bike rides and put him in the basket. We have to stop every 20 minutes so he can give him water.</p><p>When we walk the dogs, he has the dog on a really long leash and so it weaves in between us creating a problem. He gets angry at me because if I walk him, and he walks mine, I make the leash shorter. Then, he says "Pancho is pissed." </p><p>Last week the dog went into an aggressive outburst and went running from his lap all over me being aggressive. I grabbed him, and said "NO." There was no abuse, the dog did not squeal or was hurt. BF got mad about this.</p><p>My dog has to sleep on the floor, because his dog gets aggressive and chases him away and off the bed. Last night, I set my foot down, if my dog had to sleep on the floor, then his dog could too. He couldn't take that separation, andthe dog whined, so he left and went home in the middle of the night. </p><p>The dog is a shrieking barking thing. Barks when a leaf falls in a forest 100 miles away. So, I got one of those electronic barking devices, that when they bark you press the button and it emits a noise. (It is stand alone---not connected to any collar). The dog started the growling which leads to the shrieking, and I used it. He didn't like that too much. He is oblivious to the shrieking dog.</p><p>He won't discipline the dog, and it has even bitten him!!! Whenever the dog is going ballistic on someone coming to the home visiting, and I look at him he just says "what do you want me to do---get rid of him?" It is so pathetic. How about training him---he is not a stupid dog and would respond to training.</p><p>He won't go on any trips because he won't leave the dog with anyone. (I have a great dog sitter I have used for years) So, all of the trips have to be planned around his dog---we have to drive somewhere and find dog friendly places. </p><p>He said that his dog is spoiled. I call BS---it is my BF being OCD about the dog in my opinion.</p>

Oh my god! I don't know how long ago you wrote this but I am soooo relieved to have read this.
I am about to beak off an engagement bc of my fiancé 's dog.
I am to the point of having deep resentment for her, for most of the reasons you have mentioned, and I can't take it anymore.
The worst thing is --until now--Inhave felt completely alone. I am a nice person, I have always loved and respected animals, I have 4 children I adore and take good care of.... And now, bc I live w a huge dog that sheds everywhere --to the point that her hair cannot be avoided and has consumed everything in my house--I freaking HATE this dog. I can't stand my life
I just can't deal w dog hair on everything.
What do I do?
What did you do????
It's to the point where our relationship is over bc I can't live with this hair on everything.
I'm pissed and disgusted!!!!

Seriously !!! How do they live with hair in their food, shower, bed, kitchen, Etc! Drives me nuts and makes me want to barf. My bf is the same way and he gets pissed if I complain. Some times I wish he didn't find me and ended up with a dog lover because I don't want to live like this when we're married. I just don't get how they aren't grossed out.

I completely understand where you are coming from. There seem to be a lot of people on this thread that have yet to learn the differences between a human and an animal. I can't believe some of the stuff I was reading. My wife has had small dogs all her life. We have been together for 16 years and I have tolerated her obsession with treating dogs like humans for a long time. I recently purchased an expensive mattress. My wife has always ignored my requests to not put the dog in the bed. It's a chihuahua. It's not the size of the dog, but simply a dog in my bed. The dog already poops wherever she likes and my wife tolerates it. She says the dog is too small to go out in winter. I say too bad. Last week I decided to remove the bed sheets and sanitary cover. To my shock the mattress was yellow over 90% of the area. I snapped. I though my wife had no idea. But I was wrong. She just never told me. I was so angry because this is specifically the reason I did not want the dog on the bed. My wife snapped at me in return. She really believes the dog is like our third child. I can't make sense out of it. I offered to make the dog it's own bed on the floor with a heated blanket. So my wife's solution, she will sleep on the floor with the dog. I am at my wits end. I spent 200$ to get the mattress cleaned and since forbade the dog to get on the bed. My wife doesn't see the reasoning and feels worse for the dog that the fact that the dog peed all over a 2000$ mattress. Her parents have the same problem distinguishing between pets and humans. Her mom's house smells like a urinal. The small dogs pee and poop wherever and they just tap it down with scot towels. What the heck am I missing??? I can't reason with her. So I figure let her sleep on the floor with the dog. Eventually she'll realize how stupid all this is.... Am I missing something ??? Did dogs become human sometime this last decade and I missed it ? I am at a complete loss. But happy to see that I am not the only one dealing with such nonsense. A pet is a companion bit still a pet or it would be called otherwise. What is happening to this world when people start believing otherwise. Like the idiot Suzie456.... What a total moron comparing a pet to children. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Serious problems with reality. Anyway, how did it work oput for you muhm1 ?

Carl, it seems we're the crazy ones. I also missed the memo that dogs were now humans. Its sick, pathetic and disgusting! That moron Suzie456 is like the rest of them; dog obsessed to the point where they ACTUALLY believe their dogs are their children.

I feel really bad for you my friend. Sleeping in all that filth? Yikes! And she's actually sleeping on the floor with the dog?! Double Yikes!!!

I was also at my witts end to the point where I fantasized about harming the dog and trust me Carl; I'm not a violent person. I was driven to that point by the behaviour of my boyfriend. The dog had no boundaries and could do whatever the heck it wanted down to being in the bathroom with us when we did our business because it had separation anxiety! Gross.

Long story short, we finally got rid of the mutt after months of heated arguments, tears (From both of us) and me actually packing my stuff and looking for my own apartment.

My advice to you is tell your wife exactly how you feel. Try to make her see that her love has become an unhealthy obsession. Tell her that your bedroom is your sanctuary and all you ask is that the dog not be allowed in it. The dog has the run of the entire house and all you want is that bedroom.

Good Luck!

OMG I do not know how you as the man haven't put your foot down and seriously she wants to sleep on the floor with her dog oh well goodnight

My boyfriend's dog (a rottweiler) bit my grandson 7 years old, I moved in with him 3 months ago and he knows that I do not like animals inside the house. My boyfriend is divorced and has custody of his child 17 years old, and he said that the dog is the only thing he can provide for him. YES YOU ARE READING RIGHT...Now I'm asking him to get rid of the dog because I don't want my grandchildren around that dog anymore. I would like to add a photo of the teeth's marks on his stomach and you can see y? I don't want them around the dog. Now I'll tell you how it happened: My grandson was playing with his other son, the 12 years old, and my grandson (7 years old) grabbed his neck to tell him a secret (children games) the dog attacked him believing that my grandson was hurting his son ...
Now and asking him what he is going to do and he said he don't know, I turned in my apartment to move in with him, THINKING HIS IS GOING TO BE THE MAN I'M GOING TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE, and now I'm here thinking what I'm going to do. But I'm sure about something, I am not going to live with his dog. Now he have to make a decision. Dogs are animals, they don't think and they stink..
BTW this is the 4th incident with his dog ( he also bit his ex-wife, his foster daughter and his ex-wife's stepson)

Wow, that must be hard to have to deal with. I hope your grandson is okay. You definately have to talk to your boyfriend. I think its too late to try to rehabilitate the dog since he keeps biting people. Time to rehome the dog..

Wow! I don't even know how I found this page because I was looking up information on break-ups but I am so glad I did. I love my boyfriend very much and we have been together for over a year and a half.
He has a dog Brooke that is a 6 year old rescue dog from the streets of Philadelphia. They believed she was being used as a drug bust warning dog because they found her with weights tied around her neck.
I had a dog, Sara, who just died two weeks ago. I have always had a dog in our household but I have always made sure it was a kid friendly animal. Sara was awesome and even at age 13, she still was able to tolerate even my youngest granddaughter who is 15 months old.
I have 4 young grandchildren, the oldest being 5 and the youngest is the 15 month old. They are at my house almost every weekend. My bf and his dog are also at my house almost every weekend. His dog has growled at the kids, barked at them, and even nipped at them. We have had so many discussions (arguments) about this dog I cannot take it anymore. He totally disregards everyone else's feelings when it comes to Brooke.
And yes, he does treat her like she is human which to me is ridiculous and I am an animal lover and I also studied animal behaviors.
One of the worse things you can do with an animal is have them think they are an equal. They are not an equal! If you allow this, then children especially are in danger.
He doesn't want to hear it at all and defends her and says she is only protecting herself.
This past weekend she nipped Cara, the 15 month old, while snatching a cookie out of Cara's hand. We weren't at the house at the time. My 26 year old daughter was alone with her and her daughter Cara. My daughter, Colleen, attempted to get Brooke to leave the main living portion of the house and into the bedroom. The dog instead of coming with Colleen jumped up on the couch and refused to get down.
We were at a Super Bowl party when it happened and when I mentioned it to him he made a snide remark about "what did Brooke do now"
I am just so done. I cannot believe that the man I thought I was going to spend my life with is putting his dog before my young grandchildren and everyone's fears that she might bite. Do I think she would grab one by the throat and rip their throat out. I doubt it. She is not vicious. But why on earth would anyone allow a dog to traumatize a young child.
To add to this, he then got into an argument with my 26 year old daughter calling her lazy and telling her she just does not like the dog. My daughter told him that she does like Brooke but that Cara trumps the dog.
What is wrong with people?
And the post I read above by the person who put down everyone who has concerns, does not know anything about animals.
Our Sara was so loved and every day when I come home from work, I forget for a second that she is not going to come running. She was a member of our family but she never came before a human being. And honestly that is why her nature was so sweet and loving. She knew her place and we petted her, fed her, loved her, but we surely did not let her disobey, nip at children, bark or growl at loved ones, sleep in our beds (she had her own comfy bed).
And to think I fell in love with this extremely smart man and dumb he is to let this dog come first.

Wow, one of the reasons I wanted my partners dogs gone was because they nipped. I felt I couldn't have kids in the house. However much he loves he dog once it's nipped a baby & got away with it it's bad. I could turn really nasty. It happens even with 'good' dogs. It's given you a warning of what it's like. You have two choices. Specialist training for the dog (& owner) which may/may not work or get rid of the dog (& owner if he insists.) You may have a charity near you which doesn't put behaviourally challenged dogs. Good luck!

Sorry, but what if he is not so fond of your children? Ever stopped to think of that? What if he told you he doesn't like your kids to play outside and walk on the carpet with muddy shoes? Or that your kids are too loud or whine too much? What would you say/do if he suggested the kids need to stay in their rooms when he is home so it's quieter and they don't annoy him as much?

Fact is, this dog is his "child". Take it or leave it.

People like you make my blood boil. I'd rather live with 20 dogs than with someone like you. Your parents obviously didnt respect life, so you don't either. Which means your kids will grow up being coldhearted with a lack of respect towards animals. Well done. I hope my kids never meet yours. Cause I'd have to make some phone calls to get rid of the trash!!

Dogs are not children you moron!
How dare you compare people's children to DOGS?! How dare you?! People like YOU make my ******* blood boil!
You should be banished you a deserted island with dogs and other idiots like yourself.

Ha! Susie 456 had the nerve to say " respect your pets" ...... Puhlease! Animals ie dogs are light years lower on the totem pole than a human being. I came on here bc I was curious but I see ppl have boundary issues. The dumb dog acts intitled because he's not being treated as a pet but like a person. I have a PET and I treat him as such. He's outside 70 percent of the time and indoors 30 percent (its choice btw). My dog plays with my kids and can be with us.BUT he knows his place( no beds, no furniture and my bedroom is OFF LIMITS) Why? Because he's a d*** dog with germs, fleas, germy saliva and fonk! There's no way in h*** I'm gonna lay up with an animal. I feed, bathe and provide adequate shelter for my pet. I didn't give birth to it so it'll NEVER be family or a child.
That's what's wrong with these so called dog worshippers. They don't respect HUMAN life. God created mankind and animals but we are to have dominion...not equality fools!!! An animal CANNOT and will never have the capacity to think, reason, hold down a job or get married! Therefore it will never be my equal.
And to think... I've watched my own pet eat poop and then try to lick someone in the mouth? But I trained mine so he knows not to put his nasty tongue on me, my husband or kids. Why because I TAUGHT it how to behave. I set boundaries!!!
I'm really wondering if these dog lovers have crossed soundaries and are actually having sexual relations with their pets. That's the only logical explanation for their obsession...sorry for going so long but I'm tires of these perverted sickos that are prolly participating in acts of beastality with their pets and abusing them by pushing their sick fantasies on these animals that were only meant to be a pet.

Pardon the typos :)

I also agree with everything you said. While I was writing my earlier comment, I was trying to figure out how to articulate my suspicion of such extreme, unusual, creepy, weird, over the top "animal love". Really, if they see animals to be equal to humans- why wouldn't they also see them to be equal to humans in that way as well. Why else would they be so sensitive and weirdly defensive? Have you ever heard interviews with confessed child molesters? They are all weird and always argue to defend their "passion". There is much similarity between the "extreme" animal lovers who have posted on this thread and those involved in other forms of deranged and sick sexual preferences.

I agree with EVERYTHING you just said. Everything! I couldn't have expressed myself any better. If only those dog owners could see how weird they truly are. Its become an obsession and its so strange! Like you, I wonder if the love for their pets have become sexualized.

Its just not "normal". Laying up with a dog and letting it lick u all in your mouth is the equivalent of getting a bum off the street--UNBATHED or SHOWERED, unkempt, LICE IN THEIR HAIR...teeth not brushed for months--- and a person give them the run of their home, lay up in the bed with them and french kiss them in the mouth and call them family?
Surely these "dog worshipers" wouldnt do that with a person that is filthy and has no sense of personal boundaries. So why do it with an untrained animal? Because theyre a "lil throwed off in the head". Smh... I just feel sorry for any child that has to be raised with ppl like that. Forced to live around filth and germs, pee and poop. So sad. Oh well, glad its not me :) I was taught and raised better, lol.

Bahahahahahaha ...I hope you're joking?! Cos if you are...that's funny! I totally agree dogs need boundaries ...all the so called dog experts would agree ...no boundaries equals a wild, aggressive , spoilt animal...that is why dog bites occur...jealous, possessive pets!

So true!

I'm so sorry daddy didn't live you enough when you were little.
And I'm glad you don't have dogs. You don't deserve their love.

You are an idiot....dogs are animals!!! End of story! Seriously you need to be put out with the trash!

Wtf is wrong with you
Would your dog ever act as angry and mean as you?
That's the thing
Animals are way way nicer than animal lovers

People are just trying to express their frustrations here...and where all animals would act with empathy , people go all postal and insane. Just bc you love animals doesn't mean that you are obviously on higher moral ground.
I think a lot of people, like myself--love animals so much and always have , and now find themselves in a situation where a pet is maker their life considerably harder, and feel awful about it, and don't know what to do about it.

That's where I am....
I stopped eating animals when I was 15 bc of the cruelty, did you?
But now I can't live w a dog bc everything she does makes me angry and disgusts me:/(
It sucks!!

Why don't you just marry a dog then and have children with the dog? And children are humans not animals. You're an animal and you probably do love with 20 dogs.

You and "mistylovesanimals" are truly in a abnormal league of your own. Both of you have the same disgusting and distorted view that dogs can be compared to our human children! As one poster pointed out, "Dogs do not think", they re-act. They don't have feelings, emotions, guilt or a conscience. Everything they do is for their OWN SELFISH MEANS OF SURVIVAL, even at the expense of "OUR CHILDREN"! They are A N I M A L S, and as with all animals they are completely preoccupied with 1) eating, 2) sleeping, 3) mating, and 4) defending. A HUMAN BEING has a "5th faculty" that a dog (or animal) does not have. We "Humans" have the intelligence and ability to inquire into the truth of our existence, such as “Who am I?” and “What is the purpose of life?”. I think I have made my point. To argue with the facts will just show further evidence of your ignorance. I am sorry to be so blunt and sharp. I am just speaking and sharing the truth that perhaps you have not learned yet. I hope both of you can put your pride aside and think about your bazaar thinking. It is not normal. It is scary. I want to make 1 more comment; You said you would have to "make a phone call to get rid of the trash" if your kids met our kids. That to me sounds very barbaric and animalistic to refer to our children as trash that can be thrown away. That is not even human thinking!


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haha... my bf said the same thing, that his dog is his child and deserves the best of life. When he comes to my house with his child/dog, he's not allowed to come in the house, because my daughter is scared of dogs. (he jumped on her first time they met, she's scared since then) I want my bf to leave the dog in his van in our garage, but he rather sleeps with his dog than with me in the house. He said his dog would be too lonely by himself!!

oh wow, i am having major problems with my bf and his dog.. i do not allow the dog to come to my home. i recently decided to be fair and to sleep at my bfs home. it was horrible. the dog , she was on heat, has free run of the house. he does not realize his home smells like dog. he ran behind her wiping blod off the floor. she sleeps in the bed. he got mad when i refused to sleep in his bed with a dog in heat. disgusting and filthy. he even tried to cover me with one of her bloody blankets. i am the heartless one because i dont understand. he does not see that he is unreasonable for wanting to base our entire relationship around his dog and her needs. i have refused to see him since. he will not undetstand. ui am not willing to put a dog first in my life. i am a professinal dog handles and a vet nurse. this behaviour is not normal. dogs are dogs. loyal to whomever wil feed them

My bf is the one to blame for the dogs behavior

So glad I'm not alone.....anyone want a dog?

<br />
<p>Look I have a similiar situation but I have bad allergies where I can go into anaphalyxis. Its not funny and it can be very painful. I love animals and have had them; but this is hurting me; and I can't take it anymore. The dog is not more imprtant than my health. PS allergy medicine and shots don't help my condition.</P><br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<p>I sat down and had a serious conversation with my bf before he moved into my house and about the dog and if it got too bad what would he do? I told him I would try my best to live with this dog that sheds constantly and smells. He agreed if he would get rid of the dogin that case. He wouldn't choose me over a dog. He did say they were a package deal thats why I had this serious convo before he moved. There was no reason to move in if it got to bad and he'd have to deal with this. I feel like I was upfront and honest about this and had the convo before he moved in; and he just agreed without really thinking thru the worst case scenario. He makes every excuse for the dog and I understand his love for him but now its gotten so bad I can't take it.</P><br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<p>The amount of fur on the top level of the home is crazy in 1 days time. I vaccum the floors and brush the dog daily. For 3 weeks Ive told my bf atleast 2 times a week my skin is burning and he needs to brush the dog..of course he agrees and doesn't brush him. </P><br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<p>Last night the skin burning got so bad..I was scratching and leaving welps on my skin, I slept in the guest bedroom floor where the dog does not go. I slept peacefully and no skin burning. </P><br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<p>I'm tired of constantly cleaning up after a dog. I've made every effort; and in 3 weeks my allergies have just gotten so bad. When I'm not in the house I'm fine. I feel bad; but am I to let my health be affected over a dog.</P><br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<p>So it came to a head this morning and he re-iterated him and the dog are a package deal..so I guess the package needs to go?</P><br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<p>I'm alot pissed because I had a serious convo with him unfortunately I was the only one who took it serious. So I love him; but not enough to keep living with something that is affecting my health so bad. I tried; but this situation is not working. I don't know what else to do!</P><br />
<br />
<br />
<p></P><br />

Ladies I'm back to give an update.
We've been dog free since the end of March. Best 4 months of my relationship!
We have more time together, we don't plan our social life around the dog, no more dog hair, no more annoying dog following me! This was a great decision.
Yes he loved his dog but he loved me more and that's how it should be. Good luck everyone.

wow, good for you! I don't think my bf loves me more, obviously. Because we're about to break up over a dog. Give your bf the best of life, he deserves it!

Well done! Fantastic...Hasta la vista to the spoilt little dog! Lol

Oh wow, lucky! I hope I have the same happy ending

Lucky you!

Good for you 😆

Yeah very lucky

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observation: before you actually invited him to start living in your house, did you communicate your wishes and thoughts? I find it hard to believe you are in this situation when you knew beforehand the love he has for his dog.

So true. Dogs make it impossible to be hygienic. I am leaving my boyfriend for the same reason. Our small two bedroom apt smells like pee. The carpet is stained all shades of yellow and brown. The couch smells of drool and fart. Hair on the floor everywhere. The smell is unbelievable. In the eight months we have lived together she has been bathed twice. I did it once and had to beg my boyfriend to do it another time. The dog is his. I'm tired of cleaning up after her and he doesn't. She's an English bulldog. The state of our apartment has gotten so bad since we moved in, we will have to re-carpet the floors where she has soiled- usually about three four times a week. I spend most of my time in our bedroom just to get away from the mess. I can't have anyone over because I'm embarrassed about what they will think about the place. It smells. She is supposed to be house trained but has these 'accidents' once or twice every other day. She sheds everywhere and slobbers too. I don't hate dogs. I however think some breeds are unsanitary to have indoors. They require a lot of work and if the dog owners don't clean up after them, it's other people who have to pay the price. I'm simply fed up.

i met a guy i think is the one, and my whole life Ive been a dog person and a dog lover, my first few jobs were working with animals, but my boyfriends room smells like a** turd! his cocker spaniel is the smelliest thing ever, I have a little boy and I cant imagine what it would be like living with that dog. He is really sweet and cuddly, but really really smelly . Im really nervous because we both feel very strongly about each other and he loves that dog as much as Ive loved any of my pets.. it will be a while till my lease is up since i just renewed it and my apartment could not accommodate his dog (thank gd) but im just wondering how we will deal with it when the time comes which i really hope does cause he is a really special guy... will grooming the dog regularly make a significant difference cause the smell is intolerable..

I have been dating my bf online since Nov 2012 and we finally met april 2013 its perfect he is such a wonderful man, caring sweet, and loving, been a while since i met someone like that. My boyfriend drives 3 hours to come and see me every weekend and he brings his dog. He stays at a hotel because i live with my sister at this time, i did not mind his dog at first he is a very sweet and gentile animal, i do not see him aggressive at all. I am a cat lover i have a 5 year old make long hair domestic cat named Jack as you see him on my picture, he is very clean and does not take much work. I am an animal lover i have a tender heart for all animals, but i prefer cats well really i prefer Jack Just one cat. Lately its been tough because in order to have a pet in a hotel we have to get a certain one an that's like 80$ a nice as to 65 a night, because of his Dog. But that's not only issue, He comes with us everywhere on dates movies restaurants. Car smells really bad, hair all over drool and its just not something i am use to. When we are at the hotel he usually gets 2 beds. The dog is all over the bed licking himself and just laying all over the bed, when i go to lay down and watch tv, it smells really bad, or its wet from his drool. When i eat in the hotel i cant not eat sometimes because he drools so much :( and it just takes my appetite away. My boyfriend acts acts like nothing like its a natural things to have your calls smell so bad and carry around a dog with you everywhere. He always tells the dog when i am laying down alone " go with mama" and the dog comes over to me. Sometimes i feel angry at the dog for having to be with us all the time. I just cant take the smell and drool and just all the comes with it. I am going to move into my own place i have a daughter that sometimes feels the same. How am i going to live with a Dog in my home. I just cant live with a dog and the smell and the dirt. My boyfriend has expressed that he will find a home for the Dog, but i feel really badly that he would have to give his pet up, when i have my pet and i will never give my pet up that's my daughters cat and mine. what would you do in my case. I am in love with this man, and i am torn.

Wow! I am going through the same thing. I am getting a divorce and moving but we r still going to date. My soon to be ex husband's dog is a boxer/lab mix. She annoys me so much that I pray every day that she dies. She barks at literally everything and is super needy. And she begs constantly and never listens. I hate the dumb b...h!

I met my boyfriend over a year ago and we are perfect for one another. Their is one BIG problem in our relationship though... Yes you guessed it, his dog Kanickie. He is just so old now, and the poor creature is falling apart. Blind in one eye and the other one is going too.

He chews and licks on his rear end all day long. Making this loud disgusting sound. He licks and chews until he starts bleeding. I almost think he hacks up hair balls. I find these disgusting wet clumps of hair all over.

He is not a fan of being groomed. He is honestly a sweet dog, but he will snap at you and bite you if you try to wash him. So he walks around licking himself, smelling like ****ing ****!!! He is supposed to be white with maybe black or brown patches. But I don't actually know. He makes me sick. Its not like it would matter because a simple bath is not enough. The stench will not go away. In the year we have been together he has taken him to the groomers successfully once. I convinced him to take him again but now he is so old and mean that no groomer will take him because he goes insane.

I have a dog too and I understand where my boyfriend is coming from. But enough is enough. This dog his repulsive to all the senses. When my dog is dirty or even just smelly it's off to a bath or at the very least baned from the bed until she is clean again.

But he lets the dog in the room, all over his carpet. All over the bed and sheets and even my clothes. I've even woken up to him on my hair !!!! Dog hair all over the place. I can't take it.

That isn't even the worst part, it's all the ****ing fleas. He is covered in them, you can actually see them crawling all over but my boyfriend acts like they aren't even there. I'm allergic to fleas. I get rashes and little hives from them being on everything.

I could keep going but the list is just so long. It's one of the only things we fight about, to the point where I've even slept in my car to get away from that animal. I feel like such a terrible person because I know how much he loves his dog, but I just want the dog to die already. I even fantasize about all the cleaning ill do once he is gone. Rid his place of that terrible smell and all those fleas. I know their is nothing I can do but wait. And I will hate myself when it happens and I will be there to help my boyfriend grieve... But I will enjoy every bottle of fabreez and bleach I use after.

What the heck is wrong with you? Even ur bf who supposedly loves this poor dog? What sane person just lets a p

What the heck is wrong with you? Even ur bf who supposedly loves this poor dog? What sane person just lets a poor dog, who can't help himself, crawl with fleas without seeing a veterinarian for treatment????? THAT is why he bites himself until he bleeds, obviously. Probably accounts for a lot of his sanitary and behavioral issues. Your post is idiotic, and worse, heartless. And unfortunately, it seems a lot of the posts in this forum are equally moronic and lacking in compassion, so it's the blind leading the blind. The combination of your lack of feeling and lack of common sense is so depressing.

Big Mama

I sympathize 100% with your situation. I met a really great guy about 3 months ago. We both just got out of bad relationships so it was a breath of fresh air...until I met his dog. It's a jack Russell beagle mix and obnoxious as hell. When I first started coming around, she slept with him, went potty inside and was untrained. I taught my boyfriend some training tips and I will admit she's gotten better, but I really hate her. I love dogs...ALL dogs...except this one. I have no feeling for her at all. I'm trying to talk to him about this and he gets really upset. The fog is the product of him and his ex....and I do believe, no matter how petty it sounds, that I hate this fog because of that very reason. Does anyone have advice...other than me leaving the door open for her to run away????

Thanks--Last Resort

Sheesh, grow up. The dog has nothing to do with the ex. She is just a vulnerable creature wholly dependent on the kindness of people and unlucky enough to have you walk in.

Listen *******!
People come here to vent so just f*uck off and let them vent! We don't need your unkind, a**hole comments round here. Just F*UCK OFF!

I am in the exact same situation my bf and I moved in together and it's been a year now his huge dog 80kg mastiff slobbers all over the walls brings in mud constantly from outside , he rolls around in the dirt and then rolls around on my rugs he also runs around the house and scratches ALL my floor boards but the worst part is the hair EVERYWHERE. It sickens me i like dogs but this dog is not for inside !! It belongs outside with his own house I'm not a slave to clean up after this bloody mutt constantly ! He comes in my bedroom brings mud in he drools all over my bed covers ! He annoys the hell out of me ! Snoring so loud I can't sleep I can't stand it anymore ! And for those of you who think I'm being unreasonable I bet u would feel the same if u have to clean everything constantly every day and ur house is never clean ! And I bet ur not clean and ur house stinks so yeah just needed to rant !

That's why this blog is here. Rant #1. Lol

Bigmama, any update on your situation?

I wrote on here back in August regarding my boyfriend and his vile dogs. Well, he's now my fiance and we've been together just over a year. But things haven't gotten much better in the dog department.
BOTH dogs have now started ******* and ******** on the floor, and not just by the back door; in the kitchen, hallway and bedroom too. I had major surgery in January and since then, I've had to sleep downstairs on the sofa because I can't sleep upstairs with the dogs or they could cause severe damage. So, to clarify, rather than kick those bastards out of the bedroom, he'd rather they were comfortable while I recover on a very small, uncomfortable sofa that is on the verge of breaking. They aren't allowed in the living room anymore because it's the only space I can go to get away from them. Although my partner reluctantly agreed to this, at Christmas, my family were visiting and he just kept saying "My doggies should be spending Christmas in here with everyone" etc. Get a grip! They don't know what day it is and they'd just ruin everything. At New year, he said "Happy New Year" to me (nothing else) and then left the room, to hug and kiss them New Year. The good thing is though, he sleeps downstairs with me. But he said he wants to convert the back bedroom for us, and leave the dogs in the master bedroom because he doesn't want to disturb them. Kick them out and make them sleep outside!
They were due their jabs last month and it would have cost £40 to get them sorted. I put my foot down and downright refused to agree to it. I can't work currently due to ongoing health problems so we are very strapped for cash and can barely afford to pay the bills, but I look after the money so there's no way he'd be able to take them to the vets without me knowing.
The mongrel dog squeeks 24/7. It squeeks like a pathetic little puppy even though it thinks it's tough and aggressive. If you let it outside, it barks at the neighbours, bring it in, it squeeks again. Now the older labrador has started copying. It can't squeek but it whines and it's so ******* stupid. They weigh 90lb (Labrador) and 66lb (Mongrel) yet they think they are babies and play all the time at stupid times of the day. And they are so big, it's so noisy when they are messing about. They steal food, get rubbish out of the bin and rip it up in the bedroom, they've ruined our mattress, my family hardly visit because of them.
Now, everytime they poop, I pick it up in a bag, go up to them and rub it in their faces, making sure they can smell it and have to lick it off themselves. Even if it doesn't stop them, it makes me feel great.
My fiance shows me no affection anymore, but still manages to do so for them. But I may be off the hook with them soon. It's bitter-sweet, but in the future it could be wonderful. My partner isn't from the UK originally and is facing extradition to his own country for 6 months or so on an EAW. Even though I've done nothing but ***** about him, he can be lovely and I will miss him immensely if our appeal doesn't work. But the silver lining that I can't help but feel great about (I know I'm vile) is the fact that I won't be allowed to keep our house and will have to move back to my mums. No way in hell will she have them in her house and my fiance knows this. So, he knows that if he goes, so do the dogs. Sometimes I even find myself hoping that it goes pear shaped, because we will still be together at the end of it and they won't be around anymore. Whenever he gets drunk though, he says he'd rather I was homeless with the dogs just so he could keep them. I know that deep down he genuinely feels that way, but no way in hell am I doing that. He cries about it, and at one point, he thought he might only have a week left at home and spent it with them, saying to me "I'll never see them again, I MIGHT see you when I come out".
He makes excuses for them "They're my puppies, my doggies" well they are NOT puppies and I'm your fiancee! He says he promised them he would never get rid of them, yet every promise he's ever made to me, he's broken. Dogs don't know what a promise is! He says they won't understand. So what! They'll get a new owner and forget about him. It's he who has the issues.
The other day he told me that he wants to get an Irish Wolfhound or another breed of huge dog. I went ape about it. I hate dogs, he likes them, so why does it have to be his way? Why can't we be dog free in the future? If he comes back and mentions getting another dog, he can find another partner at the same time. He says that their love is "unconditional". They can't "love", it's an affinity. Stop feeding them and see how much they love you. They haven't dealt with his alcoholism, his abuse, his court cases, his crazy ex. They only benefit from him (at my expense) yet I'm still here. THAT is unconditional. But I have my limits and being in bad health right now, self preservation has to be an option.
It's all well and good to love your pet, but there's no reason to be obsessed.

I know, right? My partner always says "Nobody in my life has ever done as much for me as you have", yet he's still willing to die alone for these miserable bastards. Lets see if they will get help for his drinking, or fight for him in court.
Good for you for making a serious stand, and good that your boyfriend saw sense. Like you, I love my partner to the moon, but sometimes certain situations get too much.
I'm actually excited for you! 3 days will fly by. :) Sending love back.

wow! i am so glad you said that. having serious issues with my bf right now due to the dog. he thinks that she gives unconditional love but i think he actually annoys her as when i visit she runs to me. he will call her and she will come to me. i just cant deal with it. the fact that a relatuionship has continuous problems stemming from a dog is more than i am willing to take

i also think he is cruel for keeping her inside as she is a large dog and has jumped oput of windows to get outside. his affection is misguided

Haha, I was hoping you would comment.
How is it abusing them? They do something wrong, they pay for it, simple as. And it's not like they're dying. They just won't get their vaccinations. Some of us have more important things to spend our money on like bills and food for ourselves. They either get fed or vaccinated!.
As for picking on things smaller than me, both dogs are bigger and one of them is heavier than me. Another thing; they only act up when my partner is around or when we are asleep. If it's just me in the house, they damn well behave because they know I won't tolerate they're bullshit.
Let's see how poor and sweet you think they are if you had them fro a week. And finally, I don't take my frustrations out on them because of my fiance's shortcomings. I know that we could get through everything together if those dogs weren't around. I hate them because they're disgusting and I feel sick just to look at them.
Now, as TakeCareOfMe has stated, shouldn't you be looking after your dog instead having a go at people who just don't give a crap about what you have to say?

God, you are just a horrible human being. Objectively horrible.

This chick is crazy....seriously!
I love the way you put her in her place...if only she would stay there!

No, it appears that all dog people just don't know when to shut the **** up. Guess they've been around dogs too long.

This forum is actually a joke, right? A put-on? Because you all sound so base, so pathetically mean, so incredibly ignorant and uneducated, that your comments can't be real, right?

I never said he was unemployed. He works very hard at least 40 hours every week. It is ME that cannot get a job because of health problems. My problems with my fiance aren't JUST the dogs, but it would be a damn-site easier to deal with everything if they weren't around. How is discipline abusing them? They are adult dogs; they shouldn't **** and **** all over the floor, and now they deal with the consequences.
I don't care that you do like dogs. I wish dog people would accept that some people don't like dogs, the same way we have to accept obsessive people like you.
They are bigger than me, but they're scared of me, because they know the consequences if they don't listen. And as you can see, I am exercising the same amount of self-control. They're bloody well still alive, aren't they?
All dog people are the same. They ***** because someone knows there are more important things in their lives and in the world than dogs. A lot of dog people seem to think that there's something wrong with you, or that you won't be a good parent because you don't tolerate their "precious puppies". It must be a chemical imbalance or something.

Happy for you!

Good for you for sticking to your guns. I will never date another dog person again. I can't STAND the dog I have to live with. I used to be a dog person until I lived with this one. I can't stand the sounds it makes licking his ****, *******, paws, etc. They are disgusting lowly scavengers that stare at your food while you're eating it. If I had my own money I'd get my own place too. Good luck to you and F that mutt.

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Also dogs are social creatures and locking them in a grave away from their family is cruel and abusive.

What the hell is wrong with all of you? It's clear none of you are dog people because if you were you would understand that a dog is a family member and guess what? The dog was there before you and will be there after your boyfriends finally come to their senses and dump you cold hearted women. I notice nobody has said "my husband"...maybe there's a reason none of you are married. I have 2 very large very sweet pitbulls (both 90lbs) and when my ex and I broke up we did share custody of the dogs, a week on a week off and if either of us were travelling the other person would take the dogs. They loved both of us and we loved them so why make them suffer just because we couldn't work our relationship out? After that I dated a few different men and if they had a problem with my dogs I showed them the door. Finally I found my new husband who absolutely ADORES my dogs and doesn't just put up with them, he's their "step dad". And yes, my ex still takes the dogs on his weeks. What you all need to understand is the dog is probably acting up because it KNOWS you don't like it. My dogs act differently around different people depending on the vibe they get from them. Maybe the dog wishes YOU would be hit by a car! Dogs are like children to their owners, and some of you have mentioned you have kids? Kids are a million more times annoying then a dog, yet he takes on that burden and you can't even deal with a dog? Shameful. PS, the way we solved the dogs in the bed problem? We got a king sized bed!

I'd love to see you try to come near me, as my dogs would probably rip out your throat. I feel bad for your boyfriend giving up his dog for somebody who is obviously a self centred ****. When he finally dumps your brainless *** he'll be regretting getting rid of his loyal companion.

You call children annoying and you hate cats but no one should dare say anything about dogs. You're pathetic. I'm not going to bring down my standards for you.
Someone should smack the hell out of you though.

The difference is I didn't marry somebody with a cat or children, and would never abuse something so innocent as you obviously would. You seem very ugly and angry inside, maybe you should seek counselling.

So you're telling me that your useless, **** eating dogs dictate who you date?
You're the ugly, angry fool who needs counselling. Get a life.

Well, I don't date...except my husband of course. You wouldn't understand because that's something you don't have. Hopefully your fiancé sees the light and gets rid of you because you sound as though you would make a terrible mother.

Well, my boyfriend has now been my husband for 4 years in June. So there! Lol
This is a blog for people to vent and share frustrations. If you are a dog lover then this blog wasn't meant for you in the first place and it seems you are looking to fight with people. It is one thing to share your opinion and voice for the dog lovers out there, but you have gone beyond that, therefore some of your replies I have deleted.

This is venting? The level of hatred toward these dogs on display here is not just venting. Rubbing dogs' faces in p

This is venting? The level of hatred toward these dogs on display here is not just venting. Rubbing dogs' faces in poop is not just venting. You women sound absolutely, certifiably insane and cruel.

Good, then you can take my dog :).

This. This so much. These folks here are ridiculous.

Nobody said "husband" (obviously you didn't read all of the posts), but use your freakin brain and read the title of the original poster's rant!!!

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I'm dealing with the same situation! My boyfriend has this dog named Lexi. I find her to be extremely ugly and obnoxious. Now the dog doesn't live with us, it lives with his EX GIRLFRIEND!! It's like having a kid together, they share the dog! He calls the dog "his daughter" and I find that crazy. It's a DOG not a DAUGHTER that sounds so sick to me. The dog has no training at all, she can't sit, she can't be left alone, she requires too much attention. She has to be around you, on you, 24 hours a day. It gets worse, he lets the dog sleep UNDER the covers with us. I don't even let my cat do that!! Whenever he brings the dog over, she immediately jumps all over you, scratches you (his ex girlfriend doesn't trim her nails), and licks your face which I HATE, dogs smell so disgusting. They lick their *** and ****. Someone help me deal with this before I throw it off the balcony!!!!

You have a cat and you're complaining about the smell of a dog? Cats smell disgusting, like sour **** and fish. If you are so offended by the dog smell and long nails then give him a bath and trim his nails. I have a feeling you're actually just put off about him sharing his dog with his ex and you're taking it out on a poor innocent creature. Shameful.

I like the way you dislike cats and say nasty things about them but you're offended when others dislike dogs. Get over yourself you pushy, selfish B*itch!

It is tough!! Dog people really do treat their dogs like they are a human. Times ten. They let dogs away with things that no parent would let a child away with.

Amazing there are so many of us. I am in a similar situation but not quite. When I met my B/f I had (had being the key word) three dogs. Two wheaten terrier puppies and a shih tzu. He (b/f) has (has being the key word) a Pitt terrier and a 125 lb retriever/shepherd mix (no weight watchers for this dog). So a total of five dogs, kind of like the Brady Bunch. After about five months of dating he relocated to my home with the dogs. We thought we could make it work as he loves dogs so much and I'm a pretty good disciplinarian. Gosh, I don't even know where to start. The Pitt terrier is a monster. I knew nothing of the breed prior to meeting this one so I wasn't biased. From the day they moved in and still today as I hide in my bedroom to get away from the monster he has tortured me and my son (and anyone else that used to visit [no one will visit any longer]. He goes bananas anytime a leaf blows in the wind. When my son comes down the stairs I must jump up with a pillow (wishing it were a bat) to defend my son from the dog. He lunges at him and snarls whenever my boyfriend is home. Mind you, when the boyfriend is at work, no problem with ultra-aggression from the dog. The dog has bit my son several times and my boyfriend always says what did we do to make him bite. I have warned him (the boyfriend) that if the dog draws blood expect the dog to be in a heap on the floor because I will protect my son. So.... We had five dogs and you may be wondering where two went. In January I finally sold my wheatens. They were being basically punished so we could let the monster rule the house. They had to be kept in cages or outside at all times as the pit terrier would attack them. I could no longer let the wheatens suffer and had to re-home them. Lucky for the wheatens because we are still here stuck with the monster. My boyfriend has told me (as well as his mother) that he will end a relationship over this dog. He acts like the dog is a person (both dogs actually but I can somewhat tolerate the stinky big old retriever/shepherd mix). He is pushing borderline psycho with the dog thing. Every day he posts about ten pictures on Facebook of any dog. He oohs and aaahs about any dog. And reminds me that dog is god spelled backwards. I have told him I don't want the monster in my house and he insists he won't get rid of it no matter what. I worry about my son's safety from the dog as well as liability for anyone. We have lived like this for 2 1/2 years now and I really don't know if I can do it another day. My son used to love dogs (the shih tzu is 12 and his and he still loves her) but says when he moves away on his own he will never own a dog. My son hides in his room most of the time to avoid the loud violent scene that ensues when he tries to come down the stairs. Last summer the monster fell in my pool somehow.... This will sound horrible, but I wish my internal instincts had not taken over and I could have walked away and not pulled the monster out. Whenever the monster does something wrong (like pooping, peeing, destroying things) my boyfriend blames me and especially my son. If I say something about the situation with the monster my boyfriend quits talking to me. I don't know what to do. Please help.

I'm fed up with my fiances dog. I am a full time college student and have become fascinated with behaviorism. I do not work so I take care of the house, cook, and clean. I am 10 years and 3 months younger than my fiance and I am still assuming roles that I am very young to be doing. I'm not complaining about that though...I've always felt older than my age anyways. But I'm an attractive lady, surely not perfect but I've got plenty of good qualities. I give him massages all the time because he works a lot and I will admit him not having a day off in a long time has gotten to him so perhaps that's affected how well he can deal with my criticisms of his 90 pound Boxer/pit bull mix.

He is a sweet dog and I play laser light with him, take him for walks, constantly treat the carpet and furniture to get rid of smells, etc. That's all fine, I'm taking it upon myself. The reason why I am taking it upon myself is not fine: He refuses to discipline his dog. He has gone through countless brands of top of the line dog food, some at 50 bucks a bag or more. He still constantly itches his face on the carpet. Today, when I left for a rare music lesson with my father to get out and enjoy life outside an apartment/school. I came home and he shredded a comforted the fiance insists he needs. He also has another blanket because he needs to be covered up I guess. The recliner is also the dogs. Everything reeks and of course, I also have to bathe the dog to try and relieve his constant itching, nibbling, and licking. My fiance has spent about $850 on shampoos and conditions for the dog. None of them help or work in the least. Nor does the special food.
I never hated dogs and I do not even hate this one. It is not his fault that my fiance refuses to discipline him. What hurts is that he pets the doggy even though I greet him happily when he gets home before he even kisses or hugs me.

However, tonight we had a fight about it and while he won't admit he did anything wrong by giving him a cookie after he ripped a blanket up and pet him like nothing happened, he agreed to discipline him next time it happens and generally take a more active role in that. He has also gotten more respectful. I do not allow the dog in our bed. Our bed is for me and him, not the dog. That is our room of sanctuary for a few reasons and they both start with an 's' :) I hear you can't discipline them for what you didn't catch them in the act of doing. So I suppose that means I must never leave, yes? :P Ah well, I do not want him to get rid of this dog when I'm not mad at his constant behavioral issues.

I think it would be mean for me to ask him to do so when I knew how much of a companion he found in this dog. I am not allowed to get a cat because of this dog which hurts. And he still will not discuss that with me. After I shelled out 3000 bucks when I was working and he was fired from his job at that time, he tells me to buy the damn cat myself even though I agreed to clean the nasty litter box *always*. (I love cats so much!) He has skipped buying me cold medicine and food so he could buy this dog his special foods and shampoos. (Please don't get me wrong, I am not a gold digger. I have, over the course of a bit over a year, spent a lot of money keeping a roof over our head. He agreed I could go back to being a full time student and he would support me; especially since I am a very domestically inclined woman). Other things I don't need really, like say beer or cigarettes, that doesn't bug me as much. Those are occasional wants and not needs but still. My human wants should matter more IF all these products have not done a damn thing. Also, he promises to take care of me but instead buys the doggy stuff he doesn't need. Example: Bought dog toys and not the birth control we both rely on...lol, right? This dog also requires yogurt on his food twice a day which helps the infamous boxer bombs...but if he is displeased with the cuisine, he begs my fiance and my fiance gives in by layering on cheese or cut up hot dogs which are terrible for dogs. So when he's gone all day and I can't get the dog to eat because he expects top notch food, I get a little miffed seeing as I'm the one who takes care of him. He only feeds him breakfast. That is literally IT. Luckily, he at least supports me hating when the dog is in the kitchen begging or even looking at us while we eat constantly. The fiance has taught him to stop that, thank goodness.

The night before the dog tore up the comforter, I cuddled him soooo much and I talked sweet to him saying 'you are such a good boy!' and I played rope with him for hours even though his huge claws and jumping up behavioral issue scratches me pretty bad. I try to be understanding.

My fiance has certainly improved, such as agreeing he needs to step up and be more active in the dog's discipline (I don't say 'my dog' or 'his dog' cause I really don't like the concept of 'owning' an animal) agreeing he shouldn't sleep in the bed (I suffer from insomnia and the dog barks when a caterpillar farts outside if you get what I mean) He also itches *constantly* no matter what we've tried. Went to the vets so much and no fix. He is quite a pain but again I don't hate him because at least my fiance is trying to work on his attachment issues to reach a compromise. He has been better about showing me more affection than the dog. During today's argument I threatened to leave. He still would not admit his rewarding the dog for bad behavior was wrong but I could tell he felt bad about what he said. I could tell by his body language and tone of voice that something did click even though he may not want to admit that he has put this dog in such a high regard for too long and that losing me is a very real possibility when I deal with enough, pardon me, crap all the time. If a dog is causing a fight and ruling my life, I will get sick of it and leave, if necessary. If I leave and he doesn't try to get me back then awesome, he'll have his precious dog and I'll have a new person to grow with eventually :)

Point is: I knew what I was getting into. It's been rocky but there has been improvement, even if it is minor. So I will also say this: if your man/woman will not work with you at all (assuming you are being reasonable too and not simply too demanding) on this dog issue then you need to find someone else. It's a long process getting someone to care more or care less when it comes to animals but it can be done. You BOTH have to be willing. If not, then that's ok then, go your separate ways and eventually move on from this experience taking it as a lesson as to what you want as a person and what you want in a partner. This does not have to be your life. You should not need to beg a man/woman for more affection over any animal no matter what. There is a reason, not to be cruel, why they are not capable like humans are. Take a look at the image of a dog's brain for example and think about how they can't speak a language other than utterances of barks and whines. We are above them yes but we are below them when we let them rule every aspect of our lives. If someone likes an animal simply because they can't criticize, nag, or talk back then what does that say about that human's character, hmm?

Anyway, so I've gotten a few things that I want so it's made it easier. I did not get all that I wanted, no. If I did, he would have been trained from the beginning. He was here first yes but *turns on a megaphone* I'm a human who can give birth to his human children. Therefore, I am more important. :) So, I put a gate up on the chair for at least 8 hours of every day. That way, he does not get to think it is his chair. When I want to sit in a chair, that gate is moved back and I sit as long as I want to after a day of chores and homework...the dog is going to lay on the ground. And it's not cause I'm the Queen of Sheba, ok, it's because I am a human who knows proper discipline.

Flame away any "dogs are better than human' people. :P

This is not a safe environment for your son. It is unfortunate that he cannot see this as well. He does sound a wee bit 'psycho' as you put it. If your son, who likes dogs now, already states that he will never own one when he moves out then this is impacting him tremendously. You only have one son that is irreplaceable. Your b/f has stated that he would end a relationship because of the dog. I suggest that you do the same. This is very unhealthy. Take care.

OMFG. I googled the EXACT same problem, found your article and read it. VERBATIM to my situation. I am engaged to my boyfriend. I had 'outside' dogs growing up, but NEVER inside dogs.

I moved in with my boyfriend, 3 states away from my home. He has 5 dogs. ALL INSIDE DOGS, and they are treated like royalty. It's sickening and I need a place to vent. We have fought over these dogs. The stench is enough to gag. I too have to vacuum every day. There's so much god damn hair in this place I have to change the bag each day I vacuum. They help themselves to the couches, cars, beds...anywhere they want. "These are like my kids - if you don't like them than you leave" is what I get. So frustrating.

I moved my bed in our room and said NO DOGS.... but I catch him sneaking them into bed EVERY CHANCE HE GETS. SO DISGUSTING. The have tons of hair and they stink.

They are so co-dependent on him its disgusting. They follow him around all day long waiting for attention. They have ripped up my socks, bras, underware...but not his. They sleep all around our bed. Sickening. I've never hated animals. I hate these ones and they way he handles them. They have more rights than humans. They are not disciplined. They do not listen. They are fed each meal at the table with him, where he shares his whole plate with them all...so they come begging from me and stand RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and STARE AT ME the whole time. A total appetite ruiner.

He gets so angry when I try to establish boundaries and rules with them it causes breakups. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? We lost 3 of the 5 due to an illness - all within a month. He was having anxiety attacks, suffering from depression, and literal sobbing spells for the last 3 weeks. He wont get out of bed, he wont go to work, he wont eat. He just bawls and say's he is suicidal.


Wow. Sad that 3 died. Helps to eliminate one problem (too many dogs) but creates another one (trainwreck b/f). He seems quite unable to cope with life and in my opinion will end up putting you in the same position. You need to evaluate this situation thinking about yourself and only yourself. He seems to have lost touch with reality when it comes to dogs and it is negatively impacting his life and more importantly, your life. Do you think he will ever change? Be honest. Hoping he will change is not the same. My advice would be to cut the ties here and move on.

I am going through the exact same thing right now. my boyfriend and i are about to move in together and i just don't know if i can handle the dog situation. He has two 85-90 pound dogs. Growing up i had a cat and eventually we got rid of her because she was too stinky. My boyfriend has these two dogs that i have learned to love but let me tell you i don't love sleeping with them. waking up with dog hair in your mouth or going up your nose. the dogs tracking dirt on to the bed, waking up at 3 am because the dogs heard a car. the dogs then getting excited about the car and jumping all over you, scratching your face and legs. i wake up multiple times a night when i stay over there and i just watch my boyfriend sleep like a baby while these dogs are going nuts. i also love when I'm cold and trying to pull the blackout out from under a dog, or when you can't move your feet because you have two huge dogs on either side. on top of all that my boyfriend has to sleep with the tv on. i don't do tv. so now he has special head phones and i have an eye mask which during the day just collects more dog hair.
i haven't moved in with him yet but I'm sure hoping i can get use to it. my grandma hates dogs and her husband has two big dogs too. i said " grandma how do you put up with the dogs in the bed?" she said " baby, you just gotta learn to deal with it."

Trust me, when you move in; we're gonna see a lot more of you here.
You think its bad now? Wait till you move in!

If you feel he is worth it, then she is right. But if you are questioning things and haven't moved in yet then I would tell you to be very cautious!! Test things. What are some of the things that drive you crazy the most? Go to him with your list and request a compromise. For example, the dogs can still sleep in the room but not in your bed. Or that your b/f does the daily vacuuming and cleand up majority of the dog messes. If he compromises then you may have a chance. If not, I would strongly reconsider not moving in together. And give some serious thought as to what your future looks like.

I agree with 'Get Some Therapy' but then again I don't. It is one thing to feel victimized and trapped by a badly behaving dog, and it's another to wish it dead, that's true. I always thought I was a dog person, until I realized that I am probably only a small dog person. And I really do love animals; except when they are my fiance's dog. I can't help it... I sometimes do have a tiny wish he would run away. One time he did escape from my dad when he was watching the dog at his house in the country, and the dog did run away for about six hours... and I did have a tiny feeling of relief. Then I got out there and I went looking for the dog, found him and took him home. But this dog really depresses me. I know he can't help it. I really blame my fiance for adopting a large breed dog and keeping it in an apartment. This dog is just way too big for a one-bedroom apartment, and really? A boxer/rhodesian mix? Not an apartment breed. It's 70 lbs of energy that restlessly paces the apartment, which is a minor annoyance to me; I am constantly distracted by his pacing, and maybe this is my fiance's fault too for not taking him out for runs and burning all of his energy, but I don't know what to do about that, I'm not about to take that dog for runs... and I know the dog can't help slopping in his water bowl and drooling all over the apartment; I know he can't help shedding his hair all over the place; and I even know that he can't help peeing a little bit in the carpet EVERY TIME I go to put the leash on and take him out, because he's a very excitable skiddish scared dog (frankly, he acts more like a little girl than my tiny 18 lb. cocker spaniel mix) and believe me, I try my absolute HARDEST not to get mad at him because he's such a freaking baby and I know getting really mad will just make it worse; and because he's all skiddish (apparently he's been that way since he was a puppy, when he was adopted from the shelter) he barks at every single guy we pass on our walks around the apartment complex, which is very embarrassing because he's a big intimidating dog and I'm sure my neighbors don't appreciate being howled at by this animal, and maybe even that's not his fault because he was traumatized as a puppy ............ but at the end of the day he is NOT my dog. I did not make the decision to adopt this dog, my fiance did. I always thought it was really dumb to let a dog dictate who you would marry or who you would live with; I mean, after all, it's only a dog. You'd think it'd be an easy choice, right? But when the dog makes your life absolutely miserable, what are you supposed to do? I understand the women that make their man choose. I haven't done that yet, and I doubt I will, but sometimes I look around and see all of the spots where I've had to lay down paper towel to soak up pee spots, or I see the flood of drool surrounding his water bowl on the wood floors in the kitchen, and I literally sit down and cry a little. This forum is a place for people to vent, so let them.

After reading the main post and a lot of the responses, I have to say that a lot of you sound like you have some issues of your own but you're projecting them on to the dog.

Your biggest complaint is that you have to vacuum everyday and the dog drools? The dog makes some noises at night "chewing on it's toenails?" This is your epic burden to bear? A little extra house work? Kids make way more mess than dogs, but you are consumed with hate for the animal?

I vacuum everyday. Not because of my dog, but because I have cream colored carpet and my boyfriend never takes off his shoes in the house. I don't wish he would die. You know what else? He talks in his sleep which sometimes keeps me awake. Again, not wishing he would die. He doesn't drool, but he does have a habit of leaving moisture on the toilet seat, so I keep some wet wipes next to the toilet and I do a quick wipe-down when it happens. I really don't think it's a killing offense.

My boyfriend also smells more than my dog does. Dogs shouldn't stink unless they have a medical issue (e.g. gum disease, ear infection, diabetes, UTI, improper diet, or impacted anal glands.) They should have a very mild smell that you can barely detect unless you are very close to them. Dogs having sensitive skin is not some kind of passive aggressive jab at you; a vet will tell you a dog should only be bathed once every two weeks. Mine is bathed less than that and I can't smell him unless my face is in his fur. This is coming from a person so sensitive to smells that I get scent induced migraines.

Trust me, if your dog is not sick, it's you who are the problem. You've developed your dislike for the dog so intensely that you are imagining that it stinks. Next time you walk the dog, ask somebody who stops to pet him whether they think he smells. Get an independent opinion.

Some of the other issues here are really flabbergasting because they come from a lack of understanding about dogs and a lack of TRAINING. You should all read a dog training book from an accredited behavioral scientist. I recommend How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves by Dr. Sophia Yin. A lot of you keep saying "it's only a dog" but you blame the dog as you would a human being. The dog craps or chews on the carpet and you become irate at it. You think hitting the dog would teach it a lesson, but you don't understand the first thing about why it happened in the first place.

Dogs are not people. They live in the moment and can't predict the future very well unless traumatized or reinforced over a long period of time. Their moods are congruent, which means they can't pretend to behave one way when they feel another. They cannot deceive you or "get revenge" on you. If a dog has separation anxiety, he will chew up things. If a dog needs to go to the bathroom, he will only wait as long as he is comfortable, and then he will go wherever he is. Both of these situations are your fault, as the human. You know when your dog has anxiety and if you don't work to train the anxiety away then it will keep happening. Dogs eliminating inappropriate is down to you not being there to let the dog out when he needs to go. Every aspect of the dog's life is under your control. A failing on the dog's part is a failing on your part.

Dogs in many ways are like disabled children. They will never grow up and achieve independence. Imagine if you were that child and you were blamed for things like soiling yourself because no one was around to help you to the toilet. Boredom has to be managed too, because while you have television, the internet, books, and an infinite number of people to socialize with everyday, the dog has none. Imagine being isolated day after day, left outside to do nothing except be by yourself. Dogs evolved alongside humans to be around humans. Studies show that they read facial expressions right from the time they're puppies. They understand rudimentary gestures like pointing even without training. Dogs are not wolves, they can't be separated from us, because we bred them for domestication over 100,000 years ago.

I think some of you need to realize that whatever struggles you are having with the dog, they are very minor compared to your response. Life is full of irritations and annoying responsibilities. Do you blow up at the guy who gets your coffee order wrong? Or the co-worker who constantly undermines your opinions? Or maybe you don't and you just save it all up for the dog because it can't talk back. You have an anger management problem and control problem. You need to look inside yourselves and find the real reason why you're so upset and figure out how to cope.

Awesome comment. Right on.

i tend to disagree. my bf is obsessive about his dog not realizing that he is actually being abusive having a large dog inside.. she constantly is tryin to get out.. dogs are dogs. someone treating an animal beter than the human they claim to love has serious issues

Wtf is wrong with you lot? Fantasising about dogs bein run over by cars? You suck *****! I hope your partners dump u ASAP!! Dogs have a way of reading people's true colours and are excellent judges of character .. Maybe there's a reason they don't like you ... Trust me your bf is better off with his dog ... You soulless bunch of evil morherfuckers!

I really enjoyed reading these blogs. I thought it was just me. I am in my forties, have 4 children and a 2 yr old so Im no lacking for attention. When me and my mate moved in I had a small dachshund mix who is very, very intelligent. At times I would say he's smarter than my children. I don't believe in reincarnation but if you saw how he behaved you would think he was a human before. We didn't train him, he trained us. He walks on the side walk, uses the restroom behind bushed, out of sight, and instead of growls or barks he makes this "wtf" tisk with his mouth. He can bark when he wants to get your attention but I think he thinks it's beneath him to make such an outburst. He has the ability to put people at ease who are afraid of dogs and when he's around other dogs he performs the doggie hello's as if he is a perfect gentleman. I love "my" dog. When my mate and I moved in he was the apple of everyone's eye. Her 26 yr old nephew bought a Schnauzer for its looks and looks alone. He did very little research and tired of him when he met a new boyfriend. My mate seemed to have thought that since "my" dog was very well behaved that this "thing" would be also. Her nephew kept him in a kennel for 8-10 hrs while he worked so imagine how tight this Schnauzer would be when he came home. It was scary. We went to visit one day and my mate told her nephew it was wrong to keep him in a cage like that all day. Well, this was just what the nephew needed or wanted to hear. He said he couldn't care for the Schnauzer and my idiot of a mate agreed to take "it". At first the "thing" was just happy to be out of the cage so he explored everything. My dog just looked at "it" as if it was an alien and didn't want to even go near "it". My mate let "it" do anything "it" wanted. The neighbors knew it's name before ever laying eyes on "it" because she would always have to call "it's" name over and over and over again. I hated to be seen walking with them. Imagine a calm, sophisticated, smart Brian McKnight or Prince next to a ghetto, loud, rude, obnoxious DMX, Andrew Dice Clay, or what ever loud idiot you can imagine. "It" is such an idiot it didn't even know how to bark. "It" would just make these loud weird barbel and gruntal sounds. I went from being embarrassed to irritated to just p***ed off because for some reason she thought it was "cute". She never told "it" to stop or even tried to distract "it". She just let "it" do what "it" wanted to do. When ever people, maintance workers or family would come over "it" would jump on them as if "it" had never seen people before. Even if they went out and came right back in. She would sound like an irritating broken record telling "it" to either sit down or stop, which "it" never did. My poor dog was being tormented by this brute. "it" acted like it had just came out of a cave and didn't understand or care to listen. "It" does have a distinct look and most people who see "it" admire how "it" looks and this seem to make "its" behavior worse. I decided that it wasn't cute and that "it" was not going to play me for stupid. I gave my dog to my extended family to protect him and give him some peace and went to work on "it". I would walk him with my favorite stick and when ever "it" started into "its" belligerent "yo, yo, I'm an idiot" or DMX routine I would wack "it" back into reality. It only took 1 day. I realized then "it" played dumb when "it" wanted to and knew when "it" could get away with it. My mate just said well he's a dog, why are you trying to act like he's a human. I responded, "it" knows what an a** whoppin is and thats enough for me. Now "it" walks around the house as if Im going to kill "it" so that is further evidence that "it" knows what "it" is doing. "It" is under her feet 24/7 and when ever I call for her, "it" comes and stares at me as if to say what do you want with her. At first it didnt bother me but now when ever I talk to her "it" really goes out of "its" way to get her attention to the point she has to constantly say either down or stop. I tell her "it" is being an attention ***** but she dont see it that way. When she's at work "it" sits in a corner and dozes all day because I ignore "it" will all of my being but when she comes home "it" acts as if i've been beatin"it" all day. I HATE this thing with a passion. I cant wait for it to die but I know there are maybe 5-7 yrs in "it" left. I have accidentally let him loose only to have "it" come back with her being worried about "it" and yet she walks him without the leash often. I would hate for a well behaved dog to get her but I cant wait for "it" to run up on the wrong person. Then the police or animal control will get involved and she would have no choice but to get rid of "it". I wish "it" would get hit by a car all the time, but "it" wont go near cars unless "it" sees a human. I wouldn't say Im jealous, its just that if Im not going to let my children make a fool of me Im damn not going to let this thing make a fool of me. I am now trying to get more hours and stack up my account so that with in the next 2-3 months I will be able to move out. I don't want her to get rid of "it" because if she do then she will resent me. she has already said that I hate everything she loves. Thats not true. I just hate that she didn't or won't teach "it" boundaries. Ive even fed "it" chocolate because "it" loves human food. The vet has told her not to feed "it" human food but since shes rockin 350-375 she cant hep but to gorge "it" to. Since "it" almost had pancreatitis Im now feeding "it" human food. One can always hope.


You are a trash human, seriously.

My husband has 2 japanese akitas that I have endured over the last 5 years - noise, dirt, smell, restricted social life, huge vets bills are some of the things we have argued about over the years. The dogs are never bathed & smell really disgusting so now live outside in kennels. After a year in full time education husband has got a job 200 miles away & works away during the week. For the last 6 months the foul animals have been in boarding kennels during the week, which suits me fine as I don’t have to listen to their whining when I get up on a working day.

The only time they are actually in the house is when they are brought from the back yard through the house to be walked twice a day at weekends. This is enough to shed handfuls of white hair, drag mud & dog poo across the floors & stain the walls & rugs & making the house stink (lots of plug in air fresheners required), hubby never closes the downstairs doors when they in the house even for this brief time, so they eat the cats food, **** on the floors (sometimes on my clothes too) & roll on the rugs downstairs. I hoover the house, clean the rugs & wash the floors on a Sunday evening (for approx. 2 hours) when they have gone & then the house is clean & smells fresh all week.

After 6 months in a roomshare & after a few stern words from a good friend of mine (who is a professional dog walker) hubby has decided he wants his darling dogs with him & has rented a house so he can have them with him during the week as well as weekends. This week he is buying them outside kennels (£350 each) and having a fence erected (£500) to stop them escaping. His new house is carpeted throughout (our home has wooden floors downstairs & a couple of rugs).

I’ll be interested to see how his new landlord reacts to the stench of dog in the house, the matted dog hair in corners & the faeces on the back lawn – hubby says they are only outside at home because of me & in this new house they will be kept inside more!!!... hmmm, really?...I wonder if he knows that this will involve a lot of work to keep the mess & smell down?...

He works very long hours so is away from the house for 12hrs, sometimes more, every day. So I’ll also be interested to see how his new neighbours react to the constant barking & whining (I have an ultrasonic device in our back yard which prevents them barking) & he has lived here a long time so our current neighbours moved in after the dogs were here. Tenants have less rights than home owners in UK law & can easily have their tenancies revoked for this type of noise nuisance.

I love my husband but just cannot understand why he insists on keeping these disgusting, stinky, foul expensive animals. His lifestyle (long working hours) is not conducive to dog ownership & I don’t think the dogs have a good life either. The female has separation anxiety, she chews her front leg constantly until it is infected & bleeding & howls constantly if she can see him through the windows.

I’ll keep you updated on progress - I suspect his new neighbours may not react well to having their peace disturbed & his new landlord may not like the stench of dog in his property. My hope is that he may come to realise, eventually, that they are a huge stinky inconvenience, especially when he's the only person cleaning up after them.....

I love my boyfriend More than anything in this world, But I can somewhat relate to what you're going through. Unfortunately the dog has been around way before he's even met me, So I intend to feel a bit "Out of place" When I try to correct the dog from it's wrong doings. I can feel like there is tension between my boyfriend and I, I think he get's upset with me because I can't "Love the dog" the way that he wants. I feel alone in this situation, because really I don't want nothing to do with the dog. The dog is sooo used to pretty much doing what it wants, no one disciplined it, when I first came to live, it was to the point where the dog would actually jump on the couch, and be (an) inch away from you while you're eating, and sitting your food on the End table, Oh god no- don't do that here, One Millisecond it's there, the next It's gone like Magic. I finally had courage to ask if the dog can stay in the bedroom while we eat, He agreed. So now, If the dog can't get out, What does he do? He ****** on the floor like to get his revenge or something. I'm sorry, but if it was my dog, I would of rubbed his nose in it keyword (IN IT), smacked his ***, and threw him outside. I don't hate the dog, The dog annoys me, I want to get closer to the dog, and bond with the dog, but I feel like there is something deep down that is holding me back from making it possible. But My boyfriend and I are different when it comes to animals. He spoils, and I'm very blunt with them. When I have children I'd act the same way, I was raised Old school, and I was raised in a very strict home, If I did something wrong and something out of line, I got my *** whooped. Simple as that. Thats why most of the kids today act the way they do, parents will not discipline them the way that they need to be disciplined, goes for the dogs as well. I Love dogs, But I'm not into the whole, "Dog jumps on me, Dog sleeps on my face at night, Dog ****** on the floor because he's mad, etc. Isn't my style. However my boyfriends the opposite. How can you come to agreements?

OK. A rule for all of these men: CAVING IN TO WHATEVER A DOG WANTS BY GIVING IT WHATEVER ITS MAKING NOISE FOR = TELLING THE DOG IT SHOULD MAKE NOISE TO GET WHAT IT WANTS. It's enabling. It's TEACHING the dog to do the bad behavior. You aren't supposed to reward bad behavior. So doing what they want so that they will stop making the noise? THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO.

That being said: My boyfriend's dog is getting older...I'm super excited because it means she will finally die in the next couple years or so hopefully and then NO MORE DOGS. I'm going to feel so bad for him, but this is a death that needs to happen.

What is the deal with animals that are supposed to be a nice "part of life" becoming the ENTIRE LIFE? Are these people sick? Were they not hugged enough as children?

I wish mine was going away in April. Consider yourself lucky. :)