I Can't Stand Them!

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 years now from elementary school all through high school and now through to college. We've had a strong relationship despite all our ups and downs. But now we've hit a rocky bump in the road that we can't ignore or overcome. Throughout the 5 years of our relationships his family has been nothing but negative. His mom hates my guts because she thinks I'm bad news because I'm asian and they're arabs and apparently they look down on asian girls. She feels that he should be with an arab girl because asian girls are all "maids or nurses". She feels that an arab girl will benefit him more despite the fact I've done nothing but good for her son and not to mention got into a law program that I will be starting in September. Also it's not like his mother and father are doctors or lawyers. His father works as a manager at Shell gas station and his mother is on disability at home but before that she worked as a travel agent. The thing is he used to get in a lot of trouble in his younger days and I was the one who sort of guided towards the right path. But don't get me wrong he's no saint now he still has his flaws but he grew up. But at this point she still hates me and speaks to me rudely as if I was under her social status. My boyfriend has ALWAYS defended but he can only argue with her so much. In the beginning he would fight with her all the time because she yelled at me and kicked me out of her house whenever I came over to see him. So over the years I grew up and realized she has no right to talk to me like that! She isn't my mother after all! And after all the rude attitude from his family I finally had enough and decided to fight fire with fire and started to treat them the way they treated me. His mother is constantly rings off my phone whenever we're together and constantly yells about me being over at their place. But more recently his older brother came home for the summer from being abroad and has taken the same perspective as their mother. So since he's been back he's just been trying to get in between me and my boyfriend. He constantly calls my phone every 5 minutes whenever were out spending time together. I finally took my best friend's advice and decided to block his family's calls. They weren't happy. They called my house phone screaming and yelling at me. His brother called all our (my boyfriend and I) friends to tell them "what a ***** I am." I can't stand them anymore. I mean I was always polite and well mannered even when they were rude to me when I was in high school but now it's just BULLSHIT. So there's no reason to say I'm a ***** when I tried to be nice. Now we're basically caught in a war and the prize is my boyfriend. I don't know what to do. I feel like if they keep hating on me they'll brainwash my boyfriend. I hate the fact it has to be like this with his family but I don't know what else to do. I can only handle so much rude and negative comments. My boyfriend understands completely why I feel this hostility towards his family. He tells me not to worry about it all the time. He tells me that he loves me and it won't matter if they don't ever like or accept me. Oh and I forgot to mention that his mother told him if he ever marries me, because we are very serious, it's written in her will that he will not inherit a cent if we we're together in the future. I mean that's extreme? Is it not? I mean it's not like I cheat on him or beat him or anything. I always try to do what's best for him and me. I'm a good person who just happened not the be the same race and happened to be a girl your son really loves. I mean sometimes I think she's angry because her son is always with my family and almost seems like he's not part of theirs anymore. Which isn't the case my family just welcomes him and his just kick me out. I need advice. I need help. I love him and he really loves me the only thing is his family and I hate each other.
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:-( How are things now?