She Put Him In Jail...

My boyfriends ***** of an ex girlfriend put him in Jail. She decided to force her self onto him one day when she was working at a diner he used to go to. This was roughly a year and a half ago, way before me and him were together. that one time weakness got her pregnant and she's underaged but he tried to make it work for there babies sake. She was obsessive and controling and pretty much used him for money. he tried his best to deal with her and took her abuse till the day his son was born. 18 days after he was born, She broke up with him because she wanted to sleep around. He was devestated and i was the only one he could turn too. A few weeks later, one late night at my house i took a leap and kissed him. It was amazing and i knew i was falling for him. 5 months later, he propesed and we were planning our wedding together. Then one night, we were getting ready for bed when the police stormed in and arreseted him for the "rape" of his ex. i was so shocked because she and her mom had said they would never go after him, but because he moved on from her she did the unthinkable. Everyday i have to live with out him because of her selfishness and Also i just recently found out i'm pregnant with twins. she not only took my love but my childrens father two. That ***** deserves nothing from him and will never ever meet MY children. I am stayin strong for him and also the babies. 

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Yeah i'm doing my best, The babies are healthy and i hear from him regularly so Hopefully He'll be home soon. And yeah she really is.

im sorry to hear about that but i hope your doing good and keep up your faith<br />
and she really sounds like a ***** that really sucks.