If Magic Would Exist....

I love my boyfriend, and he really loves me, but  I can't stand his ex girlfriend.
And the problem is, she's really not a bad person, anything but even!
She's always nice to me but I really don't like her. My boyfriend is still good friends with her, they used to be friends before they dated so they just went back to being friends. Although she's a nice person, and she has no feelings for my boyfriend anymore (neither does he for her btw), I just don't want her in my life. I've really tried accepting it but I just can't. I'll always view her as the girl he once loved sooo much.
If only I could make her disappear....
I guess I can't, nor do I have the right to demand that, 'cause they're not doing anything wrong.
I just don't want her anywhere near me.
angeduparadis angeduparadis
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

There's nothng 2 worry but also be alert girl!