She's Crazy Seriously

Ok so me and my boyfriend been together for less than a year but we moved very fast not that we wanted too its just do happened that way n we love each other a lot we are together everyday not because we have to be but because we want to be, we went to school together since the 4th grade we were friends or anything but we knew of each other and when we were 23 we went on a date but lost contact a lil after that but last spring we got in touch and started dating and fell head over heals he has told me I mean more to him than any other girl he has ever been with not that he didn't love any of then but our love is something special and a lot of people see it too, how much of a different man he is with me... The problem is he has this woman he dated for three years about 4 or 5 years ago he had 2 girlfriends after her even tho he tried to remain friends with her She would try and break up his relationships and use his family to get info on him... She visits the family and they even admitted to me she always finds a way to talk about him she even tried to turn his sister against me Which didn't work after that tho I decided to contact her and I told her kindly as I could to please move on and how that wasn't right to try n turn his family against me she denied it said she doesn't want him and just tried to defamate his character and tell me things about him that I already knew from talks with him as far as him cheating and lieing etc which he already told me she was his college girlfriend smh so she pretended to respect what I was saying just to write him a email which we deleted because he doesnt wanna talk to her, he even changed his number and she has asked around for it, the last straw came when she called us job pretending to be someone else to try and talk to him, once she got him on the phone she asked him to meet her for drinks or lunch so they can talk, he was pissed n hung up on her and called me so I got her number from someone n called her asking her why did she call him, she said that's between me and him, so I told her he don't want u or to talk to u n she hung up the phone on me, so I texted her telling her to leave him alone and she kept trying to tell me that he is a cheat blah blah n what makes me think im so special that he won't cheat on me n she had to get closure which she said she had in the email we deleted, n she don't want him but everyone tells me she cries that she wants to talk to him she misses him so I know she's lieing.... I told her he is my man so she is not his issue she is our issue so I'm gonna deal with her n she just comes back with irreLevent bs that is from there past, telling me I have him on a leash but the thing is everything he does he wanted to do and anyone knows u can't make a man stay if he don't want too... I just don't get how she can justify finding out where he works calling and pretending to be someone else just to talk to him when he don't wanna talk to her.... She's such a lier but it's redicilous
Tiger3030 Tiger3030
May 10, 2012