Childhood Boyfriend started out as a small crush in ninth grade. Before I knew it, I had fallen in love with my best friend that I've known since second grade. I was contemplating about telling him my feelings, but I'm rather shy and I don't show my emotions very well. So when he got a girlfriend in tenth grade, I felt like I had just died. The weird part was that he asked me what he should do before he decided to ask this girl out. Being the supportive friend, I told him that he should do what he felt was best. I regretted that answer at the time. So he and (I'm just going to call her Shelli) Shelli started going out. At first, I thought this was for the best. I thought this was a sign that I should just give up on him. But no. As the year went by, I realized that was out of the question. Love had hit me BAD. I tried becoming friends with Shelli. But I knew deep down I couldn't stand her at all. When I accidentally caught them kissing, my heart leapt in my throat. I cried very hard that night. Eleventh grade came and so did prom. I wished I could have gone to prom with my crush. But of course he was going with Shelli. I don't blame him for that. She was his girlfriend, after all. But I couldn't help wishing she'd just disappear. When senior year rolled around, me, my crush, and my younger sister got into a car accident. A lot of stuff happened, which quickly led to breaking it off with Shelli. I was so happy!! I wrote him a letter, confessing my feelings for him. At first, he didn't know how to react. So, when college came around (and still no response from him) I decided to write another letter. This time, he reciprocated my feelings and now we're really happy together. But I still can't help hating Shelli. She still contacts him and stuff, and that really ****** me off. I'm sorry, but I still wish she'd just that bad? My boyfriend thinks she's really crazy, too. I have to agree. She's the one that broke up with him, and after their breakup, she was still trying to talk to him like nothing ever happened. In my mind, I wish I could rub in her face that he's MY boyfriend now. But I'm not really that kind of person. But, it would make me feel better seeing the look on her face...:)
Anonenigma1 Anonenigma1
May 16, 2012