She's Gone But I Still Hate Her.

Basically, my current boyfriend is very funny if ex's are brought up in conversation. He can't take that I have ex's and experiences and goes stiff if I have ever mentioned anything. He also can't bear to say anything about his own ex's. I find this odd as in the past this kind of thing has always been very open in my relationships. as I went to school and further education with many of my previous ex's if I say tell a story about a friend they might be involved, I have been editing them out of stories though even if they are a minor part.
I also know very little about any of his previous relationships and it sort of hurts me a little, I'm not a jealous person at all and have never been jealous of a boyfriends ex.
A few months into our relationship I found out one of his 'ex's' had been contacting him telling him she still loved him, he never replied and deleted everything she ever sent him but it upset me a lot that he kept it from me. We had a discussion about it and he told me it made him sick if I ever mentioned any of my ex's, and especially this one guy who was actually one of my best friends and I didn't really have anything with. During this discussion he made an off comment that he thought it was funny she studied english literature like me. His ex also happens to be polish, if I have ever mentioned anything bad about anybody polish he immediately defends them and I have even purposefully made untrue comments and have noticed he gets really defensive.
Now, I always feels like he goes out of his way to make it known that other girls like him/liked him. He points them out if he sees them and mentioned the other day he thought it was weird how all the girls that like/have liked him all look similar. I found this comment hurtful and am so angry still about this particular ex, he told me she didn't have facebook when (I know it was wrong to look) I know she has. I dunno, I just feel like I am constantly compared to other girls and this particular ex. I know he loves me more than anything but I can't help being angry about it all.
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Aug 7, 2012