She Needs Help...

Ok so my boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months now. He is in the Air force and we have been best friends for five years. His crazy ex really ****** me off. First thing that happened is when my boyfriend broke up with her she thought it was fake... Like he was joking.... But she still went off and slept with another guy a week later. Next thing two months later when my Bf and I went public on Fb she called him saying she was going to KILL HERSELF if he didn't go back to her........ He didn't. But we did have to take our relationship off of FB. So she kept posting about My BF and how much she loves him bla bla bla she is still doing that with her boyfriend before him who passed away and I feel bad about that part it is always hard when someone you are close with passes. Well his friend who are like my brother got fed up with her posting about my BF so they posted the overly attached girlfriend picture on something she posted on his wall. Everyone but her thought is was sooooo funny..... Till the next day when we all found out she tried to actually kill herself over one picture she was in the hospital for 72 hours. I have been bullied and that was nothing she is unstable! So when my Bf came home for 12 days I stayed at his house for like all but 3 days because he was at his best friends house those days. She texted him one of those nights saying that she loves him and the past is the past and he need to give her another chance for the 100th time.... Then she told him at 1AM that she couldn't wait another hour to see him. She asked if he was home because she was coming over.... He told her no and that they were not getting back together all of his friends think she is going to kill him or some crazy thing. She kept texting him and he wouldn't text back. She has not texted him in two weeks and she made a new fb because her mom took away the other one and is not friends with him or his friends. I feel like she is never going to stop. But I should be happy because I am with him not her and she doesn't have a chance with him. He is not coming home for another year so I hope she is done with her crazy by then. All of his friends are calling any crazy girl her name now and making a joke of the situation. I love him and he loves me she should just go away.

kellyj93 kellyj93
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013