I Hate His Ex Girlfriend's Pictures In My Closet!!!

My boyfriend and I met last 2007, after a couple of months we decided to move in together.  And one day I was cleaning our closet, I've found a box full of pictures and cds. well, i was just curious what are those pictures. omg! he got all his ex's pictures and he put in an album with date and captions. and there's one more thing he kept all the movie stubs, all the movies that they watched together.  i didn't tell him about what i've found. i just want to know if he will do the same thing for me. but he did not!!! he never invited me to watch movie, he prefer to stay home and watch movie in his blue ray player. what else!!! he doesn't keep any picture of ours. i wanna let it go, i just wanna forget it coz anyway it's his past but it's killing me!!! so i told him about it, and you know what he said, "you're so nosey!!!! you don't have the right to check my stuff!!!" what the ****!!! we share one closet, what am i gonna do!!!  i'm just asking. And there's another one, he got his ex picture in his myspace!!! it's insane!!! but until now i'm still with him, and i keep asking myself why????

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

That sounds tough. How long did they date for? Is it possible that she made those CD's? Is it possible he/she made them when they were together? I found some pictures after dating my love after about a year and a half. She had recently emailed him an old picture of herself and it was on his computer and he had accessed it the morning before. Yeah I was snooping. It sucks when you find stuff thats for sure. She was wearing a see through pink outfit. It sucked. We got in a huge fight about that for sure..He denied its existence at first until I pointed it out to him.<br />
Its hard to get over this stuff really. But the more you focus on it the harder it is and the more jealous you turn.