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Hey :).Well Im dating this new guy and hes really nice and funny also very hot,we are together happily and hang out often.Everything's perfect except his ex girl friend.Which I cant stand,shes not only my boy friends ex shes his best friend ex too.They got in a fight because of her,which to tell you the truth makes me VERY VERY jelious.In my eyes she's soo pretty and perfect;her hairs exactly how I want it her bodys so skinny and tight.The thing that really bugs me is that when Im hanging out with my boyfriend and his friend they talk about her,it literlly drives me insane I dont want to think or even hear her name.The other night we were hanging out and low and behold is her best friend and my boyfriends friend yelled to him hey dont say anything,then she looked at me and say I wont.So automaticly I think to myslef what are they talking about..does my boyfriend still have a thing for his ex? I cant help but get and be jelous.I mean ask anyone everyone would say I am no person who has been labed "jeliousy type".So I look at my boyfriend and hes walking off talking on the phone.I really dont think my boyfriend would cheat on me,but maby theres more to him I need to know about.Am I wrong for automaticly questioning my boyfriend..I over analyze so much;I hate it.Well my boyfriends ex and her friend hate me and talk about me because Im going out with him.And to be completly honest I LOVE IT :))).Another thing that makes me doubt him is he deletes his messages and when hes texting he holds his phone close to him so I cant read anything..I dont know,maby it's personal stuff between him and a friend but what am I supposed to think.I really hate being jelious.It sets my mind crazy.I just really need all the advice and/or stories on how to cope with my jeliousy and doubts about my boyfriends ex.Thank you (:

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Tall to him if he loves u or wants to make this work he will let it be and ignore her

I was having similar problems until i took the the...ok lets call it a horn...shall we? said ur number is changed, she doesnt get it...or you wont be getting "IT" either!!! so far all is well, sometimes you just gotta stand up and be counted, cattle prods & bull whips are optional!

Brianna baby you need to ditch him.<br />
I will not allow any man of mine to be friends with his ex. although its possible, the past is the past and should be left at that, if you are going out with a man, you should stop seeing other men, if a guy is happy with a girl, he should stop spending time with other girls.<br />
<br />
Honey it breaks my heart as i have been through this as well.<br />
You may be happy, and it may hurt you, but you will find someone that deserves you. someone that doesnt need anyone else. <br />
<br />
The only condition he should hide his phone from you, is if he is planing a holiday, or surprise birthday present for you.<br />
<br />
If you are inlove, and he with you, your lives should be so intertwined he should know pretty much everything about you - and vise versa.<br />
<br />
under no circumstances, should he hang out with a girl without you.<br />
If it bothers you that much make friends with her.<br />
<br />
Like, really good friends with her. not only will it **** everyone else off, but<br />
If your man was cheatin, or doin the dirty, then it will make him soo pissed off, but if he's all good with it, even over a long period of time, then you got no problems - and , your friends with her!<br />
<br />
remember, they ARE ex's for a reason.<br />
<br />
<br />
My currentl bf is BEST friends with this gorgeous girl - and has been for over 20 years now.<br />
-i hate it as well, but je swears nothing has EVR happened (in 20 years!? i dont think so)<br />
but theres not much i can do (except stop him from seeing her!) :) :)

I would tell him that is rude to text in front of you and not tell you who he's talking to.

open this topic to him...

open this topic to him.......

You are in no way wrong for thinking this. Jelousy always happens in relationships, and if you are doubting please be careful. Guys are pro at manipulating girls and stuff so be very careful wit that. thing is though he might not be doing anything, so this is the hard part, instead of thinking up all these possiblesolutions to what your hubby might be doing behind your back...confront him. thats the only way youll be sure about things. dont come on too strong and dont shower him with acusations. have a little talk. i send you my blessings, and how i said before please be careful. (: